AEW Chaos 09/17/21

Mark Freitas
FiredUp Network Sports Writer


Friday, September 17, 2021

It’s Friday you know what that means, AEW Rampage comes from the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.


The Lucha Brothers (C) vs. The Butcher & The Blade – AEW Tag Team Championships


The Lucha Bros are in control early, but Butcher and Blade use tag team offence tagging down Penta and Rey Fenix. Penta comes in the ring and hits both men with sling blades. Both Butcher and Blade are on the outside, Rey and Penta hit them with dives. Back in the ring, The Butcher attacks Penta down slowly, he then tags in The Blade who continues the attack, both guys tag in and out beating up Penta.


Penta fights back and hits both guys with superkicks followed by a monkey flip on Blade. Fenix gets tagged in and fights off both guys. Fenix hits a German Suplex. Fenix and Penta hit the double stomp spike piledriver on The Blade. The Butcher stops the pinfall and gets back on the offence. The action is coming fast-paced as Butcher and Blade team up on Penta. The Blade ties Penta up by his mask in the corner while they attack Rey Fenix.


Penta takes his mask off and covers his face he hits The Blade with a superkick while Penta rolls up The Butcher to win the match and retain their championships.


Winner: The Lucha Brothers


After the match, the Hardy Family Office attacked the Lucha Bros until Santana and Ortiz saved them.


We get a video package between Kenny Omega and Bryan Danielson building up their match for next week’s Grand Slam show.


The Bunny with Penelope Ford vs. Anna Jay with Tay Conti


Both ladies waste no time, and The Bunny goes right after Anna Jay as she comes down the ramp, they exchange punches and Jay hits a suplex on the floor. They go into the ring where the match officially begins. Jay is in control in the early going. The Bunny rolls to the outside where she targets Jay’s shoulder and hits her with a superkick. The Bunny throws Anna around as the show goes to a commercial.


Back in the ring, The Bunny keeps attack Anna’s shoulder but Jay fights back. Penelope Ford tried to distract Jay, but Tay Conti stopped her. Jay rolled up The Bunny to score the win. After the match Penelope and The Bunny attacked both ladies Ford knocked out Jay and Conti with brass knuckles.


Winner: Anna Jay


In the ring, Tony Schiavone interviews Matt Hardy. Hardy is upset about Hardy Family Office losing twice tonight. He says Penelope Ford will face Tay Conti next week, as well as Hardy Family Office will face The Lucha Bros, Santana, and Ortiz. A fan dressed as Orange Cassidy gets Hardy’s attention. Hardy attacks him, he and Jack Evans shaved the fan's head until Orange Cassidy walks down to the ring and stops him.


Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D & Ruby Soho in-ring interview


Tony Schiavone interviews both Britt Baker and Ruby Soho in the ring. Britt welcomes Soho for some TV time. Baker says Soho is still trying to figure out who she is. Baker says everyone knows who she is. Soho responds and says people know who Baker is as she shoves it down the crowd’s throat. Soho says she knows who she is. The crowd chants for Soho and Baker. Soho burns Baker and refers to her banging someone in the back. Baker responds and says Soho isn’t a runaway as she was fired. Soho says that was the best thing to happen as it brought her to AEW. Soho tells Baker her head is up Tony Khan’s butt and next week she won’t be called AEW Women’s World Champion. Baker tries to cheap-shot Soho but fails, Soho stands in the ring hold the Women’s Championship.


Fuego Del Sol vs. Miro (C) – TNT Championship



Fuego uses his quickness on Miro and hits him with a hurricanrana. Miro stomps Fuego’s attack and slams him. Miro’s momentum would be stopped as Fuego catches Miro with a kick. Fuego goes for a dive, but Miro swats him in midair. Fuego fights back and hits two double stomps followed by a kick. Fuego goes for a flying DDT, but Miro stops him and starts beating him down badly. Miro kicks Fuego twice one in the face and one in the head. Miro picked up the win, retaining his title and remaining undefeated. Miro took Fuego’s keys to his new car and shoved it in Fuego’s mouth and put him in the Game Over submission. Sammy Guevara saved his friend and fought off Miro. Sammy picked up Miro’s championship signalling he wants a shot at the title. Guevara stands on the top rope celebrating and the show ends.