AEW Chaos 10/08/21

Mark Freitas
FiredUp Network Sports Writer


Saturday, October 9, 2021

It’s Friday night and you know what that means AEW Rampage is live from the Liacouras Center in Philadelphia, PA.


CM Punk vs. Daniel Garcia with 2point0


The bell rings and the crowd chants for CM Punk. Both men lock up and Punk uses his strength on Garcia and takes him to the mat early. Punk hits Garcia with a shoulder tackle. Punk keeps the momentum up and he hits two scoops’ slams. Garcia fights back and starts stomping on Punk in the corner. Following a distraction from 2point0 Garcia targets Punk’s knee. Garcia charges at Punk to hit a dropkick, but Punk moves out of the way. Punk catches Garcia with a knee strike. Both guys fight back and forth, Punk knocks Garcia down with a roundhouse kick. The momentum shifts again, and Garcia gets Punk in a Sharpshooter. Punk kicks and throws Garcia into both members of 2point0. Garcia rolls to the floor and Punk takes out Garcia and 2point0 with a crossbody. Back in the ring, Punk hits a springboard clothesline followed by a piledriver. Punk makes Garcia tap out with the Anaconda Vice to win the match.


Winner: CM Punk


The Lucha Bros (C) vs. The Acclaimed – AEW Tag Team Championships


The Acclaimed attacked The Lucha Bros before the match as they were on the apron from their entrance. The match began and The Lucha Bros fought back on both guys hitting them with kicks. Anthony Bowens hit Rey Fenix with the boom box on the outside. Back in the ring, The Acclaimed were in control. Rey Fenix showed off his quickness on both Max Caster and Anthony Bowens. Fenix hit Bowens with a Cutter. Fenix would hit another Cutter but on both men. Penta and Fenix hit Bowens with a double Package Piledriver to retain their championships.


Jade Cargill vs. Skye Blue


This match was a quick one as Jade Cargill picked up the victory. After the match, Cargill continued her beatdown on Blue until Thunder Rosa came to the ring to save Blue.


Winner: Jade Cargill


Ricky Starks (C) vs. Brian Cage – FTW Championship Philadelphia Street Fight


Cage wasted no time attacking Starks. Cage hit Ricky in the back with a chair. On the outside of the ring, Cage threw Starks around into the barricade, Cage grabbed weapons from under the ring. Starks would hit Cage in the midsection with a pool cue and he followed up with a DDT. Starks kept up his offence and hit Brian with a leg drop. Cage rocked Ricky with a superkick and hit him with a trash can. Cage went for the Drill Claw, but Hook and Powerhouse Hobbs ran out to the ring, but Cage fought them off. Starks took advantage and hit a spear. Starks went for another Spear, but Cage moved out of the way and Starks hit face-first into a chair causing him to be busted open. Eventually, the numbers game caught up to Cage and Starks hit his finisher to pick up the win.


Winner: Ricky Starks


Team Taz celebrated on the stage and the show went off the air.