AEW Detonated 09/01/21

Mark Freitas
FiredUp Network Sports Writer


Wednesday, September 1, 2021

It's Wednesday you know what that means, AEW Dynamite is live from the Now Arena in Chicago Illinois for their 100th episode.


Santana & Ortiz vs. FTR


This match began to an exciting start the crowd was invested. Both teams fought back and forth. FTR got in control and slowed the pace down Wheeler and Hardwood took their time beating up Ortiz. As Hardwood continued his attack, Cash Wheeler removed the padding from the turnbuckle. FTR tried to use the unpadded turnbuckle to their advantage, but the referee stopped them and a moment later Ortiz tagged in Santana.


Santana entered the match and was on fire he hit Hardwood with the three amigos and a frog splash. Santana and Ortiz double-teamed Hardwood with unique tag team moves. FTR got their advantage back and the crowd chanted “this is awesome”. Once again both teams went back and forth again, Cash Wheeler hit Ortiz with Gorey Bomb. On the top rope, Ortiz got hit with a superplex, right after that FTR connected with the Big Rig on him, but Santana broke the pin.


Santana and Ortiz used more amazing combinations on Cash Wheeler and picked up the win.


Winner: Santana & Ortiz


Danny Garcia and 2.0 are backstage Matt Lee says Darby Allin shouldn’t look past Daniel Garcia. Jeff Parker says he is excited to take Allin/Punk away from everybody. Daniel Garcia says he’s going to hurt Allin and take away the chance for his match to take place at All Out.


Cm Punk in-ring promo


Cm Punk comes to the ring and the crowd was loud for their hometown hero. Punk says he is nervous and scared for Sunday. The crowd chants “you still got it”. Punk says he has a promise for the crowd, but he gets jumped by 2.0 and Daniel Garcia. Punk gets beat down but Darby Allin and Sting save Punk. Punk, Sting and Darby hit 2.0 and Daniel Garcia with a Scorpion Death Drop, Coffin Drop and GTS.


Punk and Darby come face-to-face. Sting grabs the mic and he says he has always wanted to share the ring with Cm Punk. Sting puts over both Darby and Punk. He says he won’t accompany Darby this Sunday. Sting says he knows Darby is ready, and he’s going to face Punk one-on-one. Sting finishes the promo by saying when Allin and Punk go at it, it is going to be showtime for sure.


MJF sits down with Tony Schiavone 


Tony says he is uncomfortable interviewing MJF. MJF list offs Jericho’s nicknames. He says Jericho has consistently evolved to stay on top in the wrestling world to become the greatest of all time. He says Chris is in the Mount Rushmore of pro wrestling. MJF says he will take his place. When a man like Jericho loses the spotlight, he’ll do just about anything to get it back, and that’s why at All Out, he’ll have the distinct honour and privilege of ending one of the

greatest runs in the history of professional wrestling. MJF concludes the promo by saying this Sunday the music dies for Jericho.


Orange Cassidy vs. Jack Evans


Jack Evans is already in the ring. When Cassidy enters the ring Matt Hardy attacks Cassidy and gets ejected from the match. The Bell rings and Evans is in control for a bit before Cassidy gets rolling. Both men fight on the top rope, but the show goes to a commercial break. The match ended during the commercial break as Cassidy won the match with a small package. After the match, Matt Hardy runs back down and attacks Cassidy. Best Friends come out and make the save, but are outnumbered as the rest of the Hardy Family Office beat them up until Jurassic Express comes to their aid.


Winner: Orange Cassidy


Jim Ross in-ring interview with Chris Jericho


Jim Ross is in the ring to interview Chris Jericho. Jericho gets a loud ovation from the Chicago crowd. Jericho says he started his journey 22 years ago in Chicago. Jericho cut a great promo, he says he doesn’t want this journey to end and that he wants more. Jericho says if the journey ends in Chicago he’ll go to the commentary desk to do his best full-time. Jericho thanks, everyone. He ends the promo by saying MJF will have to be the best he has ever been.


Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Brian Cage


Brian Cage attacked Hobbs during his entrance, Cage throws Hobbs around the barricade before going into the ring. Hobbs gets in control for a few minutes. Cage fights back and hits a flat liner. Cage catches Hobbs with a superkick and an exploder. Cage connects with a German suplex. Hobbs and Cage fight back and forth exchanging momentum swings. Cage hits a superplex. Following a distraction from Hook, Ricky Starks enters the frame and hits Cage with the FTW Title, Hobbs capitalizes and hits an Emerald Flowison to win the match.


Winner: Powerhouse Hobbs


The Factory is in the ring and QT Marshall calls out Paul Wight. Wight comes to the ring and The Factory attacks Wight. Paul Wight takes out everyone and stands tall in the ring while The Gun Club comes out to the ring and evens the odds. Billy Gunn brought a chair to the ring, Gunn would surprise the crowd and hit Wight with the chair. The Gunn Club left the ring and The Factory re-entered the ring. QT Marshall hit Wight with the Diamond Cutter.


Britt Baker is interviewed backstage with Rebel and Jamie Hayter. Britt says Rebel can win the battle royale and the championship won’t go anywhere. She turns her focus to Kris Statlander. Baker says a big free agent just signed a multi-year deal with AEW and that is her. Baker says she spoke to Tony Khan and this Friday Statlander will be in a handicap match against Hayter and Rebel.


Tay Conti vs. Penelope Ford with The Bunny


Conti attacks The Bunny and Ford before the match hitting them with a crossbody. The match officially begins Conti gets in control for a bit she climbs to the top rope but Ford hits her off. Ford caught Conti with a shoulder to the gut. Conti got up and hit a crossbody, after that she followed up with multiple moves. Ford fights back and locks in a submission, but Conti rolls through and puts Ford in a calf submission but Ford makes it to the ropes. Penelope stands up but gets hit with three pump kicks. Ford responds with an offence of her own and hits a gut buster. The crowd was into the match and chanted “this is awesome”. The Bunny tried to provide a distraction, but it did not work, The Bunny and Ford hit heads. Conti won the match with a roll-up. After the bell Ford and The Bunny attacked Conti. Anna Jay returned and saved her. It was announced that Jay will be a part of the Women’s Casino Battle Royale


Winner: Tay Conti


Backstage Thunder Rosa gets interviewed but gets interrupted by Jade Cargill, Vickie Guerrero and Nyla Rose. Rosa talks trash and gets beat-up by both ladies it looked like Rose and Cargill were about to fight nothing came out of it as Mark Sterling told both ladies to wait for Sunday.


Lucha Bro & Jurassic Express vs. The Elite 


Luchasaurus and Doc Gallows start the match, both guys slug it out. Luchasaurus hits Gallows with a suplex. Gallows tags in Nick Jackson while Rey Fenix comes in the match. Fenix, Penta, Nick, and Matt Jackson come face-to-face and talk trash. The Good Brothers attack the Lucha Bros from behind and chaos ensues. The heels are in control as the show goes to a commercial break.


When the show returned Rey Fenix was fighting off both Jackson brothers. Fenix hit Nick with a Death Valley driver. Penta would fly in and hit a dive. Luchasaurus and Karl Anderson were tagged in. Luchasaurus was in control he took down Anderson. More chaos ensued as bodies were flying everywhere. Rey Fenix would counter the BTE Trigger and hit both of The Young Bucks with cutters. 


Moments later The Young Bucks hit Rey Fenix with the Meltzer Driver to win the match. 

Winner: The Elite 


After the bell Kenny Omega came to the ring and got on the mic, he ordered The Elite to attack everyone in the ring. Gallows and Anderson hit Luchasaurus with Magic Killer through a table. Christian Cage tried to come out and help but he got attacked. Omega calls for Don Callis to lower the steel cage that was above the ring. Callis had the keys to the control room. Omega and The Bucks attacked the Lucha Bros and Christian with kendo sticks. Dante Martin, Frankie Kazarian, Jungle Boy, and Marco Stunt tried to get in the cage but were unable to. Penta and Fenix were handcuffed to the cage. Kenny would finish Christian off hitting the BTE Trigger. The Elite stands tall in the ring as the show goes off the air.