AEW Detonated 10/06/21

Mark Freitas
FiredUp Network Sports Writer


Thursday, October 7, 2021

It’s Wednesday night and you know what that means AEW Dynamite is live from the Liacouras Center in Philadelphia, PA. 


The Elite vs. Bryan Danielson, Jurassic Express & Christian Cage


Jungle Boy and Nick Jackson start the match, both guys show off their speed and Jungle Boy gets the upper hand. Adam Cole is tagged in and he beats up Jungle Boy in the corner, but Jungle Boy fights back and tags in and out with Christian Cage. Cage chokes Cole on the rope and hits him with a right hand. Cage puts Cole in the corner and starts punching him. Matt Jackson tries to charge at Cage but he gets hit with a reverse DDT. Cole is still the legal man. Cage tags Jungle Boy back in but his momentum is slowed down. Kenny Omega enters the match, and he attacks Jungle Boy’s arm. Omega tags in Nick Jackson who tags in his brother Matt but they both get beat up by Jungle Boy. Bryan Danielson is tagged in next and he lays kicks to the chest of Matt Jackson. Bryan tags in Luchasaurus, who enters the match to a loud ovation. 


The match gets out of hand as Cage, Danielson, Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus take turns attacking Matt. Chaos ensues with everyone on the out and Brandon Cutler attack Christian Cage, The Young Bucks take advantage and hit the IndieTaker on Cage on the floor. The match goes to a four-on-three with Cage taken out of the match. Back in the ring, Jungle gets attacked by everyone from The Elite. 


Jungle plants both Nick and Matt Jackson with a double DDT. Bryan Danielson gets the hot tag. Danielson and Kenny Omega face off in the ring and exchange punches. Danielson gets the advantage and hits a running dropkick in the corner followed by more kicks and a hurricanrana. Danielson hits Kenny with a diving headbutt.


Bryan gets Kenny in a submission, but Nick Jackson broke the hold with a senton. Luchasaurus comes into the match and knocks every one of The Elite in the corner with hip attacks. The big man hit Adam Cole with a Chokeslam onto Kenny. Both guys rolled to the outside and Luchasaurus hit them with a moonsault. Chaos ensued on the outside as everyone hit diving moves. Back in the ring, Luchasaurus hit Adam Cole with another Chokeslam into a moonsault. The crowd chanted “this is awesome”.


With Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus down, Bryan Danielson was on fire until he got hit with a triple Superkick. Jungle Boy was still the legal man and The Elite hit him with a four-way BTE Trigger to win the match.


Winner: The Elite 


CM Punk in-promo


CM Punk comes to the ring, to a roaring ovation. Punk gets on the mic and asks the crowd if they are tired of chanting his name. Punk says that he ate, slept and breathed wrestling in Philadelphia. Punk says he is glad he is back. Punk tells the crowd that he will wrestle for them tonight or buy cheesesteaks, Punk says he will wrestle, and the crowd can buy cheesesteaks. Punk calls out Daniel Garcia for a match this Friday on AEW Rampage. Punk’s music plays and he leaves the ring. Tony Khan makes the match official.


Bobby Fish vs. Sammy Guevara (C) – TNT Championship


The bell rings and Guevara gets the advantage early and takes Bobby Fish down. Fish stops Sammy’s attack and hits him with a senton. Both men exchange body shots with Fish taking Sammy down with an elbow. Guevara regains offence and hits a knee, but Fish isn’t fazed and hits Sammy with a backdrop suplex. Guevara counters Fish and hits him with a Spanish Fly. Guevara goes to the top rope for a 630 Senton, but Bobby counters and connects with a Falcon Arrow from the top rope. Fish keeps up the attack and hits an exploder in the corner. Guevara countered Fish’s kick and picked him up and hit him with the GTA to win the match retain his title.


Winner: Sammy Guevara


Dan Lambert and his crew attacked Guevara after the match. Fuego Del Sol tried to come to help Sammy but he got beat up. Chris Jericho and Jake Hager ran to the ring, Jericho went right at Junior Dos Santos and took him out of the ring, and Hager fought off his man. Dan Lambert tried to talk, but the crowd sang Judas. Lambert says Men of the Year and Junior Dos Santos challenges Inner Circle to a six-man tag match next week. Jericho accepts the match.


Big announcement from Tony Khan


Tony Schiavone is in the ring with referee Aubrey Edwards for a special announcement. The announcement is that there is a new champion, and it is called the TBS Championship that will be a part of the Women’s Division.


Darby Allin vs. Nick Comoroto 


Darby Allin wastes no time and attacks Nick Comoroto before the bell. The match begins with Darby having all the momentum. Comoroto and Darby fight back and forth. Darby hits Nick Comoroto with a Stunner and follows up with the Coffin Drop to win this short match.


Winner: Darby Allin


After the match, QT Marshall hit Sting with a Diamond Cutter, but Sting got up and hit QT with the Scorpion Death Drop.


Dante Martin cuts a promo in the ring saying he will fight anyone in the AEW locker room. The lights go out and Malaki Black is behind Martin. Black spits mist and Martin’s face and hits the Black Mass kick. Black gets on the mic and accepts Martin’s challenge.


Hikaru Shida vs. Serena Deeb


This match was exciting as both ladies put on a good match. Serena attacked the knee of Shida and hit her with a swinging neck breaker. Shida fought back and hit a flying knee. Both fought back and forth. Shida hit Deeb with a sit-down dominator. Shida kept the attack up but Deeb kept kicking out of the pins. Serena racked Shida’s eyes and hit the Detox. Deeb put the Serenity Lock on and made Shida tap out. 


Winner: Serena Deeb


After the bell, Deeb took Shida’s 50th win trophy that was given to Shida before the match and hit her with it.


Darby Allin will face MJF next week on Dynamite. Darby would be beaten down by The Pinnacle wearing ski masks in the parking garage. We find out later the match won’t take place next week.


Casino Ladder Match


Orange Cassidy and Pac start the match. Both guys lock up and Pac takes Cassidy to the mat. Pac hits Cassidy with a backbreaker. Pac grabs a ladder and brings it into the ring, with Cassidy playing mind games. Andrade El Idolo is the third entry in the match. Andrade tries to bring a giant ladder in the ring, but Pac wastes no time and hits him with a dropkick. Pac and Andrade fight on top of a ladder in the ring, Andrade hits Pac with a Sunset Powerbomb from the top of the ladder.


Cassidy gets on a roll and takes down both guys. Matt Hardy comes in the match next and hits Cassidy with a side effect. Hardy grabs a ladder and his Pac and Andrade. Lance Archer joined the match during the commercial break and was in control until the fifth competitor Jon Moxley entered the match, he and Archer fought in the crowd. In the ring, Lance Archer was hit with an Orange Punch. Moxley took out Archer and Cassidy. The final superstar to enter the match was a returning “Hangman” Adam Page who came out to an amazing pop.


Page and Moxley collided in the ring and Hangman took out everyone that was moving except Pac who hit Page with a chair. Pac brings a table into the ring and sets it up. Pac places Hangman on the table, he goes for a Black Arrow from the ladder, but Andrade stops him. Pac hits Idolo to the floor landing on a ladder. Page climbed the ladder and hit Pac with a Dead Eye from the top of the ladder to the table. Page got up and Moxley hit him with a Paradigm Shift.


On the outside, Matt Hardy hit Orange Cassidy with Leg Drop from a ladder onto another table. Back in the ring, Page hit Archer with a Buck Shot. Page and Jon Moxley fought on top of the ladder. Page punched Moxley off and grabbed the poker chip. Hangman will have a title match against Kenny Omega in the future


Winner: “Hangman” Adam Page


Hangman celebrates in the ring as the show comes to an end.