Mark Freitas
FiredUp Network Sports Writer


Tuesday, August 31, 2021

NXT is live from the Capital Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida.


Mandy Rose with Gigi Dollin & Jacy Jayne vs. Sarray


The first match of the night is women’s division action. Both ladies fight back and forth in the early going of the match. Sarray connects with a fishermen's suplex followed by a roundhouse kick. Sarray goes to the top rope for a crossbody, but Rose moves out of the way and gets on the offence. Rose hits Sarray with a suplex, she locks her in a submission. Sarray tries to fight back, but Rose grabs Sarray and hits a fallaway slam.


Sarray puts Mandy in submission, and she breaks it by putting her thumb in Sarray’s eye. Both ladies exchange punches. Sarray comes back with a fury of right hands. Rose slaps Sarray and this angers her. Sarray hits a dropkick knocking her down. Sarray charges at Mandy and hits another dropkick knocking Rose to the floor. Gigi Dollin and Jacy Jayne call for a towel and place it over Mandy’s face. The match ends in a count-out and Sarray wins.


Winner: Sarray


Kyle O’Reilly vs. Duke Hudson


Kyle O’Reilly tries to get on the attack early, but Hudson drops him with a punch. O’Reilly’s ribs were tapped up. Hudson manhandled O’Reilly into the corner and attacked his midsection. Kyle begins to answer back with a striking offence, but Hudson picks up O’Reilly and hits him with a gutbuster as he is in control going to the commercial break.


Hudson remains in control; he catches Kyle with a nasty elbow to the head. O’Reilly fights back a chops Hudson down. O’Reilly lands in kicks and puts Hudson in a Guillotine submission. The hold is broken, and Hudson lands a belly-to-belly suplex.


O’Reilly hits two dragon screws taking Hudson down, he climbs to the top rope and hits a knee to the leg that he was targeting on Hudson. O’Reilly wins the match after making Duke tap with the heel hook submission.


Ilja Dragunov Promo


The new NXT UK Champion Ilja Dragunov limps to the ring he gets on the mic. The crowd chants “You deserve it”. Dragunov says he has felt alive. Dragunov says the ring general has fallen, long live the czar.


Kay Lee Ray has a sit-down interview and says she choose the best moment to come to NXT. She says she is on the black and gold brand full-time. Kay Lee Ray says she is capable of anything she wants and that she dominated NXT UK, now she will dominate the USA.


Carmelo Hayes is interviewed backstage, talks about all the opportunities he has. He gets interrupted by Elektra Lopez and Legado Del Fantasma. Santos Escobar tells Hayes to stay out of his business with the North American Championship. He gives him a warning and threatens Hayes.


Grayson Waller & Drake Maverick vs. Imperium 


Fabian Aichner and Grayson Waller start the match, Aichner dominates early and tags in Marcel Barthel. Waller and Barthel exchange fast-paced moves. Barthel catches Waller with kicks. Waller gets an opening and tags in Drake Maverick while Barthel tags in Aicher. Maverick and Aicher fight back and forth, but Waller tags himself in. Waller gets hit with a kick while Barthel takes out Maverick. Imperium wins the match after Waller got hit with the Imperium Bomb.


Winner: Imperium


Pete Dunne and his crew are backstage to cut a promo. Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan want an answer from MSK. While Pete Dunne calls out Ciampa for running his mouth and says he needs to prove it in his match against Ridge Holland. Holland says he and Thatcher can tell each other how motivated they are when they’re recovering together.


Gigi Dollin and Jacy Jayne attacked Sarray in her dressing room.


Johnny Gargano with In-Dex vs. LA Knight


LA Knight gets the advantage early. Knight punches Johnny around, but Johnny fights back and hits a hurricanrana followed by a dropkick. Gargano backs Knight in the corner and connects with chops to the chest. Johnny hyperextends Knight’s elbow. Knight stops Gargano’s attack with an elbow.


Johnny throws Knight to the floor and hits a dive. Back in the ring Knight drops Johnny and hits a suplex, he follows up with a knee and a slingshot shoulder tackle as the show goes to commercial.


Johnny and Knight fight back and forth, but Knight stays in control after hitting a neck breaker. Knight tries to go for a knee, but Gargano moves out of the way and gets his momentum back. Johnny hits a swinging DDT. Gargano keeps the pressure on and hits a slingshot spear. 


Moments later another good back and forth battle ensues. Knight gets punched off the apron after going for one final beat, but Dexter Lumis catches Johnny. Johnny isn’t pleased. Knight goes to attack Johnny, but he sides steps him and came face to face with Lumis. 


Gargano hits Knight with a kick. The match goes back in the ring, Lumis puts his hand out and it looks like he and Johnny are about to lock hands, but this distracted Johnny and Knight hit the BFT to win the match.


Winner: LA Knight


MSK heads to William Regal’s office wanting to give Oney Lorcan and Danny Birch a shot at their Tag Team Championships. MSK says they want a proper match with them. Regal makes the match official for next week.


Mei Ying competes in her first match next week.



Jessi Kamea with Robert Stone & Franky Monet vs. Raquel Gonzalez


This match was a non-title match. The bell rings and both ladies tie up, Gonzalez fights through and puts Kamea in the corner, Kamea tries to go for a kick but gets hit with a sidewalk slam and an elbow. Kamea fights back and targets Raquel's leg. Gonzalez rolls through Kamea’s kick and gets back on the offence, she turns Jessi inside with a clothesline and hits her one-arm powerbomb to win the match.


After the match, Gonzalez and Monet have a stare-down.


Winner: Raquel Gonzalez


Ember Moon is interviewed backstage and takes offence to Kay Lee Ray’s comments and challenges her to a match next week.


Samoa Joe sit-down interview


Wade Barrett interviews Samoa Joe. Joe says he is in NXT to terrorize and dominate his opponents, but he is there to reestablish certain expectations as to what it means to be NXT Champion and that is to represent the black and gold brand. He talks about the way he did it leading up to his match at NXT Takeover. He wonders who from the NXT roster is going to step up and come after him.


Roderick Strong with Diamond Mine vs. Ikemen Jiro


Roderick Strong isn’t messing around and gets on the jump early. Jiro fights back and makes Strong roll to the floor. On the outside Strong hits Jiro with a hip toss into the steel steps. Back in the ring Strong beats down Jiro. Jiro battles back for a second, but Strong stays on the offence. Jiro side steps Strong and builds momentum. Jiro connects with moonsault but Strong kicks out of the pin. Strong counters Jiro’s attack with a knee and hits two suplexes into a backbreaker that would help him win the match. Strong says he is coming for Kushida.


Winner: Roderick Strong




In a backstage interview Io Shirai, Zoey Stark, Kacy Catanzaro, and Kayden Carter discuss their match next week. Kacy and Kayden say they’re a real team and they’re going to beat the champions. Zoey talks Io’s what Io has done in NXT and says she’d take a bullet for her. Shirai says to everybody she doesn’t them, but since Stark is on her team, they are going to win.


Cameron Grimes is interviewed backstage, but he gets interrupted by the Grizzled Young Veterans. GYV trash Grimes for being the Million Dollar Champion. Grimes grabs the replica Million Dollar Championship that GYV brought Grimes grabs it and says it is a little heavy and drops it on the foot of Zack Gibson.



Tommaso Ciampa vs. Ridge Holland with Pete Dunne, Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch


Holland attacks Ciampa early hitting a belly-to-belly. Ciampa fights back and hits Holland with a knee to the face. The fight goes to the outside of the ring and Ciampa inflects more damage to Holland. Following a distraction by Birch and Lorcan, Ridge Holland plants Ciampa to the mat as the show goes to its last commercial.


Holland and Ciampa fight back and forth. Holland locks Ciampa in a submission. Holland punches Ciampa’s lower back, this fires him up and he begins to fight back. Ciampa catches Holland with multiple clotheslines. Ridge shows off his power and breaks the fairytale ending, hitting an Alabama Slam. The landing was nasty for Ciampa as he is known for his bad neck.


Once again both men trade punches and get into a slugfest. Ciampa’s tee’s off and he takes Holland down. Ciampa hits an airway crash, but Holland kicks out. Holland catches Ciampa with a headbutt sending him to the outside. Holland slams Ciampa into the barricade. Both guys fight on the apron and exchange shots once again. Ciampa connects with a flurry of knees and hits Willow’s Bell to win the match.


Winner: Tommaso Ciampa


After the bell, Pete Dunne attacks Ciampa. MSK comes out down to the ring and fights Birch and Lorcan. MSK saves Ciampa, they chase off Dunne and Holland. MSK and Ciampa stand in the ring as the heels back off up the stage and the show comes to an end.