Mark Freitas
FiredUp Network Sports Writer


Tuesday, September 14, 2021

NXT 2.0 begins with a promo package for tonight’s fatal-four-way. All four competitors cut a promo about the opportunity they have tonight. During LA Knight’s promo, he is interrupted by Bron Breakker son of Rick Steiner. Breakker says he wants to prove himself and he gets a match with Knight.


Bron Breakker vs. LA Knight


LA Knight wastes no time getting on offence, but his momentum is stopped as Bron Breakker takes Knight down with a clothesline. Breakker shows off his wrestling skills and takes Knight down. Knight fights back, he takes Breakker down with a neck breaker. Breakker shows off his quickness and speed, he hits two shoulder tackles followed by a belly-to-belly suplex. Breakker would hit a power slam to pick up a surprising win in his NXT 2.0 debut.


Winner: Bron Breakker


Backstage we see superstars congratulating Breakker on his victory.


Imperium vs. Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen


Fabian Aichner and Brooks Jensen start the match, Aichner catches Jensen with a hard right hand. Jensen fights back and shows off his strength, he tags in Josh Briggs who takes Aichner down. Marcel Barthel is tagged in, but Briggs manhandles him. Barthel fights back on the big man and hits him with chops and kicks. Fabian Aichner is tagged in, he and Barthel hit Briggs with a two for one. Imperium’s momentums would be stopped as Brooks Jensen was on fire, but Imperium battled back and following a distraction Aichner hit Jensen with a hip toss from the top rope to win the match.


Winner: Imperium


Hit Row cuts a promo backstage hyping up B-Fab as she will make her in-ring debut tonight.


B-Fab with Hit Row vs. Katrina Cortez 


The bell rings and B-Fab gets in control early on Katrina Cortez taking her down with a leg sweep. B-Fab was dominant in her debut she hit Cortez with a hard kick to the chest and finisher her off with a neck breaker for an impressive win.


After the match, B-Fab was about to cut a promo on Legado Del Fantasma but they interrupted her. Elektra Lopez and B-Fab exchanged words. B-Fab challenged Lopez to a match but Santos Escobar stopped Lopez from going to the ring ending the segment.


Winner: B-Fab


Cameron Grimes, Odyssey Jones and Johnny Gargano are backstage talking when Austin Theory makes his return. Theory says he wasn’t going to miss the wedding. He says you can’t have a wedding without a priest. Damian Priest shows up. Gargano says that he isn’t a real priest. Priest agrees and takes shots. Austin and Johnny hug.


Carmelo Hayes in-ring promo


Carmelo Hayes is in the ring to make an announcement. Hayes says he has a target on his back and that no one will catch him off guard again. Hayes introduces his manager Trick. Trick says he is proud of Hayes, but he has a bone to pick with him. Trick says Carmelo shouldn’t be humble after everything they went through going up. Hayes agrees to everything.

Duke Hudson heads to the ring for his match, he gets in Hayes's face and says he got lucky during the NXT Breakout tournament. Hudson brushes by Trick’s and Hayes. Trick tells Hayes this stops today, and he beats up Hudson, Hayes joins in and both guys lay him out.


Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter vs. Jacy Jayne & Gigi Dolin 


Gigi Dolin and Kayden Carter start the match, Carter ducks under Dolin’s clothesline and hits Jacy Jayne off the apron. Carter turns back her focus to Dolin and remains on the attack. Catanzaro and Carter are in control, but the match ends quickly as Mandy Rose causes a disqualification. Rose shows off her new brunette hair colour. Sarray runs to the ring and makes the save, Dolin, Jayne and Rose are on the outside of the ring as they stare at Carter, Catanzaro and Sarray. 


Winner: Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter


During the tag match, we saw Kyle O’Reilly warming up for the fatal-four-way match later tonight, Ridge Holland and Pete Dunne attacked him.


Kacy Catanzaro, Kayden Carter and Sarray vs. Jacy Jayne Mandy Rose & Gigi Dolin 


A six-woman tag team match was made during the break. The team of Sarray, Carter and Catanzaro were in control. Mandy Rose was tagged in, and she showed off her vicious side. Jayne, Dolin, and Rose all tagged in and out beating up Catanzaro. Rose power slammed Kacy and put her in a submission. Catanzaro fought back and tagged in Kayden Carter. 


Carter answered Rose with a kick to the face. Chaos would ensue as bodies were flying everywhere. Rose and Sarray exchanged words and fought, Rose slammed Sarray to the mat, but she wasn’t the legal woman. Kayden Carter and Mandy Rose had a back-and-forth fight, Rose hit Carter with a flying knee and won the match.


Winner: Jacy Jayne Mandy Rose & Gigi Dolin 


William Regal says that Kyle O’Reilly will be unable to compete in the fatal four-way match and he is replaced by Von Wagner. Wagner saved Kyle from Pete Dunne and Ridge Holland’s attack. Wagner will be making his NXT debut.


Ridge Holland vs. Drake Maverick


Holland is dominant from the get-go of the match, not allowing Maverick to get any offence. Holland hit Maverick with a headbutt, he finished him off with his finisher Northern Grit.


Winner: Ridge Holland


Tommaso Ciampa is interviewed backstage, he says tonight is about the NXT Championship and that it’s been 908 days since he has been champion and he will get his redemption.


We get a video package of a new wrestler named Tony D’Angelo who will be coming to NXT.


The Creed Brothers vs. Dan Jarmon & Trevor Skelly


Brutus Creed starts the match and brutally attacks his opponent. The Creed Brothers have another dominant showing and win the match. There wasn’t anything to talk about as it was a squash match. After the bell, Malcolm Bivens gets on the mic introduces the newest member to Diamond Mine, she is Ivy Nile. Kushida interrupts and says he is ready for Roderick Strong. Bivens says that the match will take place next week for the Cruiserweight Championship.


Winner: The Creed Brothers


Tommaso Ciampa vs. Pete Dunne vs. LA Knight vs. Von Wager – NXT Championship


The main event match starts all four men collide. LA Knight has a good showing early taking down all three men. Von Wagner gets in some offence, but Pete Dunne stomps on his arm. Ciampa and Dunne have a face-off they exchange punches, moments later Von Wager comes in and takes them out and you can hear boos as Wagner got back in control.


On the outside of the ring, LA Knight threw Von Wagner into the steel steps. Knight was in control for a bit before Ciampa got rolling. Ciampa hit a Willow’s Bell on LA Knight, but Pete Dunne pulled Knight to the outside and broke the pin. Ciampa would take out all three men with a dive to the outside.


Back in the ring, Dunne and Ciampa went at it, Dunne hit a Bitter End but the pin was broken. LA Knight would be busted open from Ciampa’s dive. Ciampa and Dunne had a great sequence of exchanging moves with each other, Dunne climbed to the top rope, but Knight hit a superplex. Ciampa would throw Von Wagner to the floor and hit LA Knight with the Fairytale Ending to win the NXT Championship, Ciampa got goldy back.


Winner: Tommaso Ciampa


Indi Hartwell & Dexter Lumis wedding



Some NXT superstars are in ringside for the wedding. Dexter Lumis is in the ring as he waits for Indi Hartwell to come down to the aisle. The wedding begins, the priest asks who is giving away Indi and Gargano says he’s doing it. The priest asks for the rings, Gargano asks Austin, he says that they’re in a ring silly. Ikemen Jiro has the rings. The priest asks if anyone objects from the two from getting married half the guests raise their hands, Lumis opens his tuxedo jacket with a hatchet inside and all the hands go down.


The vows are next, and Hartwell goes first and talks about how people misunderstand Lumis, but he is a caring guy. There was some comedic relief during this segment, and it was funny. Lumis goes next a gives a thumbs up. The priest is confused and criticizes Lumis, Dexter chokes the priest out and Beth Phoenix steps in. Phoenix asks for the rings, and Beth asks Indi if she takes Lumis to be her husband and she says I do. Lumis is asked next but is silent, she takes that as a yes, but Lumis puts his hand over her mic and says I do. 


Phoenix pronounces them husband and wife, they kiss and Lumis sweeps Hartwell off her feet. We go backstage to Ciampa watching the wedding on a TV. Bron Breakker comes up to Ciampa both men congratulate each other on their wins tonight and shake hands they stare at each other, and the show goes off the air.


Tonight’s show was lacklustre and I felt that it was rushed.