SmackDown Update 09/17/21

Mark Freitas
FiredUp Network Sports Writer


Friday, September 17, 2021

Tonight’s SmackDown comes from Knoxville Tennessee at the University of Tennessee.


SmackDown starts with a recap of what happened last week in the Edge vs. Seth Rollins match. Michael Cole introduces the viewers to the show and Roman Reigns music hits. Roman, The Usos and Paul Heyman come to the ring. Reigns gets on the mic, he asks the Knoxville, Tennessee crowd to acknowledge him and the crowd boos him. Roman asks Paul Heyman to educate the crowd about acknowledging him. Heyman talks and says Roman isn’t scared of a beast or demon. Heyman says Brock Lesnar fears Roman Reigns, he adds that he saw fear in Brock’s eyes before he gets interrupted by the new WWE Champion Big E.


Big E gets a loud ovation and a “you deserve it” chant. Reigns and Big E come face to face, Roman raises his title in the air but then Finn Balor comes to the ring and the show goes to a commercial break. During the break, Adam Pearce made a tag team match between Finn Balor and Big E vs. The Usos.


The Usos vs. Finn Balor & Big E 


The match starts with Balor and Big E in control of both Jimmy and Jey Uso. Big E placed Jey on the apron and hit him with a splash. The momentum shifted and The Usos began to beat up Big E in the corner, they double-teamed Big E and hit a double suplex. Jimmy and Jeu continued to tag in and out slowing down Big E. In the corner, Jimmy Uso went for a splash, but Big E moved out of the way and made the tag to Finn Balor who was on roll for a minute before Jey Uso tagged himself in and took Balor to the outside where he threw him against the barricade and Jimmy hit him with a dive and the show went to a break.


The Usos remained in control before Finn fought back and tagged in Big E while Jimmy Uso tagged in Jey. Both guys fought back and forth, Jimmy tried to run back in the ring, but he got taken out with a splash. Jey came back in the ring, he hit Big E with a superkick. Jimmy Uso was tagged back in, but Finn Balor came into the ring, where Both Balor and Big E took down The Usos. Balor hit Jey with a Coupe De Grace while Big E hit the Big Ending on Jimmy Uso to win the match.


Winner: Big E & Finn Balor


We go backstage to Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman in Reigns' dressing room. Roman asks Heyman if there is anything he needs to tell him. Heyman says he is telling the truth and that Lesnar fears Roman. Roman asks Paul if Lesnar will show up at Extreme Rules, Heyman says no. Reigns is paying Heyman to know in advance.


Rick Boogs vs. Robert Roode


This match was a back-and-forth battle in the early going before Boogs started to fight back. I was surprised Boogs made quick work of Robert Roode and hit the pump handle to pick up another win. After the bell, as Boogs and Nakamura were celebrating, they got attacked by Commander Azeez and Apollo Crews. Crews got on the mic, and he demanded a rematch against Shinsuke.


Winner: Rick Boogs


Kevin Owens was scheduled to face Happy Corbin but during his entrance, Happy Corbin ambushed him from behind. Corbin threw Owens into the LED panel on the side of the ring, he finished Owens off by choke slamming Owens on the apron and we didn’t get the match.


Before the Seth Rollins promo, we see Paul Heyman walking backstage. Kayla Braxton scares him and gets an interview. Heyman says that Kayla has no sources, and he says that she is intellectual like him. He walks away and runs into Big E. He praises Big E and says he is deserving to be WWE Champion because he wasn’t going to beat Roman Reigns. Big E says he’ll know when he faces Reigns at Survivor Series in November. Big E goes to walk away but gets attacked by The Usos. It would be announced that on RAW the New Day will face The Bloodline.


Seth Rollins heads to the ring, as he will give answers about his actions on what he did to Edge last week. Rollins says he had one of the greatest matches of his career with Edge last week. He adds that the incident was scary, and he heard a crunch or pop when he stomped Edge, he compared it to stomping on a cockroach. Rollins asks for a video package to be played from the match.


Rollins understands that it was difficult to watch and says asks the crowd what they thought was going to happen. Rollins says he didn’t have a moment to enjoy the win. Rollins asks the crowd if he went too far, and they cheered. Rollins says Edge went too far and he blames the WWE fans. Rollins tells the crowd he isn’t done with Edge, and he knows that Edge is watching at home. Rollins asks Edge if he is capable to get back into the ring after the look of fear he had in his eyes being put in the ambulance. Rollins felt sorry for what he did and that eats him alive. Rollins adds that he isn’t done with Edge yet until he gets one more match with Edge to finish him off.


Becky Lynch is interviewed backstage, she says Bianca had a lot of momentum before she came face to face with her. Lynch says tonight is Bianca’s night and that she will check out Belair’s homecoming as she has never been to one.


Carmella & Zelina Vega vs. Toni Storm & Liv Morgan


Toni Storm and Zelina Vega start the match with Vega getting the upper hand early. Both ladies make tags, Carmella and Liv Morgan are tagged in Morgan hits Mella with a backstabber and kicks her into the corner, Carmella goes face first in the turnbuckle. Carmella rolls to the outside screaming holding her nose. The match ends in a count-out. Liv Morgan gets on the mic and says she isn’t sorry about breaking her nose and challenges Carmella to a match at Extreme Rules.


Winner: Liv Morgan & Toni Storm


The Street Profits are backstage, and they hype up Knoxville, but they are hungry for tag team gold.


Backstage in the trainer’s room, Carmella’s nose is fine and she agrees to the match with Liv at Extreme Rules.


Backstage Finn Balor talks about his family and The Demon. Balor says The Demon summons him and at Extreme Rules, Roman Reigns will see the face of The Demon and the new Universal Champion. Balor transforms into The Demon and the promo ends.


Dominik Mysterio vs. Sami Zayn


Rey Mysterio joins Pat McAfee and Michael Cole on commentary. The bell rings and Zayn gets the advantage earlier. Dominik fights back for a second but gets kicked in the face. Dominik counters Zayn’s attack and hits him with a dropkick sending Zayn to the floor, he follows up with a crossbody dive to the outside. Back in the ring, both guys showed momentum swings with Dominik getting the upper hand. Dominik hits Sami with a 619, he goes for the frog splash, but Zayn gets his knees up and gets Dominik in a roll-up pin to win the match.


Winner: Sami Zayn


Bianca Belair’s Homecoming


Kane makes his return since he is the mayor of Knoxville; Tennessee and he introduces Belair to the ring for her homecoming. Kane asks Belair how does it feel to be home? Belair loves it and it feels great. Belair says she will take back the SmackDown Women’s Championship against Becky. Kane says they will celebrate Bianca when she wins the title back. Kane gives Bianca a gift and it is the key to the city. Belair sings the Knoxville, Tennessee song with the crowd. 


Becky Lynch interrupts and comes to the ring, Becky, and Bianca exchange words. Bianca says Becky doesn’t belong to be here. Becky says tonight is Belair’s night and she offers her a handshake. Belair shakes her hand and doesn’t let go when Lynch tries to walk away. Belair tries to hit the KOD, but Becky counters and hits the manhandle slam. Becky stands on the stage holding her title in the air as Belair slowly gets up in the ring and the show goes off the air.



I thought tonight’s SmackDown was a poor follow-up from last week’s show.