It is just a coincidence that since Lowry has returned, Toronto has lost three games in a row?

Veronica Harris
FiredUp Network Sports Writer


Monday, December 9, 2019

He may be the leader of the team but this pattern doesn’t look good for Toronto! Toronto is now 15-7, one game behind the 76ers.

Everybody was excited when Lowry came back from injury last week but I don’t think they are anymore. Even though Lowry put up good numbers in the past three games, the team still isn’t winning. Lowry and Tobias Harris (PHI) were tied for a game high 26 pts and 6 reb.

Philly’s largest lead of the game was 21 pts and they had four players in double digits. 


Toronto did lead in the first. Nick Nurse picks up a technical foul after he thinks there should have been a foul on Horford after he blocks Siakam. Ben Simmons would get the layup and bring the 76ers with under two minutes to play in the 1st quarter. Although Toronto led the whole first frame, Philly would come back and lead all three remaining quarters (quite drastically in fact).


Do you remember when these two teams last played one another in Toronto and the Raps held Embiid to 0 pts. Well, this time it was Marc Gasol’s turn. Gasol contributed 0 pts, 4 reb and 3 ast. This isn’t surprising as Gasol is only averaging 6.1 ppg. Embiid on the other hand had 10 pts,6 ast and 8 reb.


VanVleet left the game with a right knee contusion and it doesn’t look good as he wouldn’t return. So VanVleet is out and Lowry has a curse. Can Toronto turn this around and still have a winning season? 


Fun Fact: VanVleet runs more than any other player in the league.


Toronto heads to Chicago Monday night with tip off at 8:00pm and then the Clippers on Wednesday. Yes, the Clippers so get your tissues out and your seats reserved at your favourite bar because it will be a good one.


Philadelphia 110-104 Toronto