Argonauts Comeback for 34-20 Victory Over Tabbies

Andrew Dixon
FiredUp Network Sports Writer


Saturday, August 6, 2022

The Argonauts stumbled out of the gate early on, but they would continue to fight and push to overtake the Tabbies in a CFL East showdown in Toronto.


In the early portion of the first quarter the Ti-Cats took advantage of an early Toronto two and out, driving down the field to get on the board first with a 28-yard field goal. They weren’t content to sit with this lead though. Hamilton forced another quick punt from Toronto and then picked up the first major of the game. Running back Don Jackson scored on a nine yard reception to increase the Tiger Cat lead to 10-0 after the extra point. 


As the second quarter began, the Double Blue still failed to get on the board and Hamilton extended their lead. The fourth play of the second was yet another 28-yard made field goal by kicker Seth Small. 


Following this kick, the Boatmen got their offense together a bit and drove down the field, letting Boris Bede knock through a 44-yard make to cut into the lead and prevent a Ti-Cat shutout. A Michael Domegala single on a 52-yard punt and 30-yard Bede field goal would leave the Argonauts trailing Hamilton 14-6 entering the half. 


Despite the number of scoring plays, Toronto was well within striking distance of the Tabbies. 


This distance would expand early in the second half though. Small would make a 22-yard kick to get to 17-6. 


Just three plays later, the Boatmen struck back. To set up the first Argonaut touchdown of the evening, McLeod Bethel-Thompson found Cam Phillips for a 49-yard pick up and then Andrew Harris picked up nine yards. 13-yards later Cam Phillips was in the endzone with Toronto’s first major and Andrew Harris was receiving a two point conversion to cut the lead down to just three points.


Domagala would concede a safety with just under two minutes remaining in the third to close out the quarter’s scoring.


In a fortuitous turn of events, the Boatmen would claw back and take the lead just minutes into the fourth. These events didn’t begin fortuitous though, as Boris Bede missed a 44-yard field goal wide left for a single instead of three. The defence came through with a two and out following this rouge and the special teams unit got to work. Trevor Hoyte blocked the Tiger Cat’s punt with Benoit Marion recovering the ball for a special teams score. Bede’s ensuing convert would give Toronto a 24-17 lead with 12:32 remaining. 


Hamilton wouldn’t score on their next drive, but a Toronto two and out would give them the ball back with good field position. The Tiger Cats would challenge for a 38-yard gain via pass interference to set up a 17-yard Small field goal a few plays later. 


Nursing their lead, the Argos would attempt to retain possession and milk the clock. They would do a decent job of this, taking about three and a half minutes off the game clock as they moved the ball down the field, capping the drive off with a 18-yard Boris Bede field goal make. 


Dane Evans and company were ready to do their best to drive down the field and tie up the score once again, but that wouldn’t come to fruition. Defensive back Chris Edwards would end all hopes of a Hamilton victory as he jumped a route on 3rd and 10 for a pick six, cutting to the right side of the field to avoid being caught from behind. Toronto’s 34-20 lead would prove to be the game’s final score. 


To seal this, the Argos would need to get one final stop and would do so in just four plays resulting in a turnover on downs. A few more Toronto plays would kill the clock for the Argos and result in the win. 


McLeod Bethel-Thompson’s 17/27 passing led to 230 yards and a passing major to lead the Argonauts passing attack, finding Cam Phillips for 4/85/1. Andrew Harris led the way on the ground at 14/47/0. 


Dane Evans outpaced McLeod Bethel-Thompson in passing yardage with 302 yards, a major, and the game ending interception. The Tabbies leading rusher, Don Jackson, also had 47 yards, but did so on 10 carries. Steven Dunbar was targeted a monstrous 13 times, coming down with seven receptions for 71 yards. 


These two teams will play again, this time in Hamilton, on August 12th at 7:30pm eastern time.