Can the Chiefs make it 8 years in a row against the Broncos

Gerald Bentley
FiredUp Network Sports Writer


Saturday, October 28, 2023

Back on the top for Kansas City

It's been a long time since the Denver Broncos have beaten the Kansas City Chiefs.  So long ago it's been almost 3,000 days since the Broncos won 31 to 24 on September 17th, 2015. It's been so long ago and seems so far away that Kyle Ren and Rey from Star Wars hadn't debuted yet, the first can of White Claw hadn't opened yet, you couldn't scroll on Tik Tok and there wasn't a Disney + to stream yet. It's been that long and the Broncos seem further away from winning than ever.

After the Chiefs won on Thursday night Football two games ago while struggling in the Red Zone they proceeded to have the best offensive showing of the year against the LA Chargers led by Patrick Mahomes throwing for over 300 yards in the first half for the first time in the NFL since Drew Brees did it in 2015 against the Giants. A Broncos team that has been in disarray for two years since the Russell Wilson trade. 

While some say that the Broncos are due and that one team can't keep beating the other one. The odds are against them. The  Broncos are due. Well I just don't see it coming. While the Chiefs are adding pieces like Mercole Hardman, the Broncos are moving on from players like free agent signing Frank Clark. There is just nowhere to go this season for the Broncos except deeper into a rebuild that is going to be held back by the massive contract that Wilson dragged to Denver with him.

Someday the Broncos will win against the Chiefs, just not this Sunday.