Grounding: The Cure

Tafarah James
FiredUp Network Sports Writer


Sunday, October 17, 2021

The last story I have written was about space now I want to take you back to earth. I want to talk about a topic that not everyone knows about. A technique that has been long forgotten about. Grounding. When was the last time that you took off your socks and shoes and walked on the ground? You might be thinking "Well I'm doing it right now. In my house." Technically grounding is when you have direct physical contact of the human body with the surface of the Earth. Our bodies need to be connected to the Earth without our shoes and socks. Why? Our bodies are electric. The nervous system is just one example that uses electricity to function. I'm not talking about the electricity that comes from the sky when there is a thunderstorm. This electricity is different, and it evolves science. Let's talk about it. Electricity powers the nervous system and sends signals throughout the body and to the brain giving us the ability to move, think and feel. Now, what does this have to do with grounding you may ask?

The Earth is a natural way to get electrons through the body, just by simply placing your feet on the ground let the earthwork it's magic. Ever wondered why you feel good when you take your feet and put them in the sand when you go to the beach? It's because the earth produces "healing Electrons" and runs freely from your feet to your head. The grounding technique will only work if a person not wearing shoes.

When living in either a house or apartment a person's body won't have a balance of the negative and positive charges. It will always be positive. This can cause havoc on a person's immune system because of the high trace amount of positive electrical charge. According to Health impact news, there is an invisible electromagnetic field that we surround ourselves with. In our homes, there are power cord outlets and electric wires behind the walls. Did you know that your cellular and cordless phones, computers, tablets, and other technologies hold a positive charge? So technically we are surrounded by positive energy. This is not good, as too much of one thing is not good for the body. There should be a balance of both positive energy and negative energy (Electrons and Protons)

Believe it or not lack of electrons and cause inflammation in the body which is a fighting technique that is used by the immune system when there are infections, injuries, or toxins. This is a way for the body to heal itself. The immune system gets affected easily if there is an unbalance in the body. Not only does it affect the immune system, but it also clumps the blood, causing an increase in clotting in the blood if an individual doesn't ground often. If the person grounds regularly it thins the blood. This helps hugely as this decreases the chances of individuals getting cardiovascular disease (heart-related). Within a few minutes of grounding the blood cells in the body begin to absorb the earth healing electrons. This causes the blood to flow more freely and decrease blood pressure. Water is also a great way to get natural electrons, especially saltwater. Swimming, dangling your feet, are all the best ways to get connected to the Earth. The sidewalk doesn't have the same effects as when you were to walk on wet grass. Now if you don't have access to damp earth. Over the years people have invented grounding mats sheets and patches that you can buy, and you can ground in the luxury of your home. Sitting, laying down, standing. It doesn't matter, as long as it's in contact with your skin. Earth is our unlimited supply of electrons, we as humans need to see the potential of taking a little bit of time out of our busy day just to walk and feel the ground beneath our feet.

                                                                 Photo credits: Google Images