Day 1 of the Quarterfinals: David takes down Goliath

Stefan Luciani
FiredUp Network Sports Writer


Friday, December 9, 2022

The Brazilians were sent home after a tough fought battle with the Croatians ended in a loss on penalties.

DOHA – Everyone knows the story of David and Goliath.


Even if you don't, everyone is relatively familiar with how it ends. The Big guys doesn’t always win. 


And on Friday in Qatar, David was taken down. 


The odds-on favourites to win the World Cup are officially out. 


The Brazillians fell at the hands of a mighty Croatian team who, despite their age, is proving they’re just as feisty as they were this time four years ago. 


This one was stuck at a deadlock through 90 minutes forcing the contest into extra time where it appeared the Brazillians would escape the close call. Neymar Jr. netted one in stoppage time in the first half of extra time. The bench absolutely exploded with pure elation running across the faces of fans and players alike. But it was emotion that was quickly taken by the Croatians. With just three remaining minutes on their World Cup hopes, Bruno Petkovic gave the Croatians a reason to celebrate. And this meant that for the second straight day of contests, we were headed to penalties. 


This is where the Croatians shined.


All five penalty takers for Croatia found the back of the net, including 2018 Ballon D’Or winner Luka Modric. It was exactly what they needed to send home the squad with more World Cup trophies than the rest of the teams left combined.


If penalties on one side weren't enough, there were plenty more to go around. The Argentinians had themselves quite the battle with the Netherlands with that one tied 2-2 as the extra time came to an end. This time around it was the favourites who were able to secure the victory with Argentina scoring four of their five penalties, one by superstar Lionel Messi who is still looking for his first World Cup. they would send home the Dutch as they’ll meet Croatia in the semis.