Toronto FC midfielder Mark-Anthony Kaye Addresses Megaphone Incident

Giancarlo Aulino
FiredUp Network Sports Writer


Sunday, May 14, 2023

Toronto FC dropped their second straight match as they were shut out 2-0 on the road against CF Montreal, who had also eliminated them in the quarter-final of the Canadian Championship earlier this week. 

The animosity between the two rival clubs was on full display following the end of the match as players from both sides needed to be separated following a war of words that fortunately didn't escalate further. 

Toronto midfielder Mark-Anthony spoke to the media following the 2-0 loss and addressed a number of topics including the back-to-back losses to Montreal, moving to center-back as a result of the injury riddled lineup, and the incident that transpired between himself and a TFC supporter following Tuesday's loss to CF Montreal at BMO Field. 

Kaye was asked what lead to the argument exactly happened that led to the supporter throwing a megaphone, which was captured on video and circulated on social media. He clarified that there were no racial slurs and explained what happened, saying:

"It was just a heightened situation of emotions. I know how important our fans are to us. I know how dearly they are invested into this club and the success of the club, and really being, you know, the heartbeat of who we are as a team." 


"They feel our disappointment just as much as we do and we have to respect them for that", said Kaye. He then added, "we are all human and we understand that we're all trying to work towards the same goal. Sometimes I think when things aren't going well, we feel like we are not on the same team but we definitely are." 

The Canadian midfielder continued by reassuring that the one incident isn't a true reflection of the TFC fanbase as a whole and remains hopeful that it won't be an incident that is repeated in the future. 

Kaye reiterated that the club has the utmost respect for the supporters and hopes they treated with that same level of respect, saying:

"From a player standpoint, I just want to say we respect the fans wholeheartedly and we just expect to see the same respect back so we can bring the club back to where the club belongs." 


It will be another quick turnaround for Toronto FC as they host the New York Red Bulls at BMO Field on Wednesday night. 


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