20 Years of Rey Mysterio

Zach Bouvier
FiredUp Network Sports Writer


Monday, July 25, 2022

Raw Rewind

The Miz flattens Logan Paul. Drew McIntyre teams up with Bobby Lashley. 20-year anniversary of Rey Mysterio. First ever ImPaulsive TV. Dolph Ziggler competes on RAW. Bianca Belair and Becky Lynch brawl.  The Bloodline versus Riddle and The Street Profits.

Miz & Logan Paul Brawl

Before the show could air on TV these two were already brawling in the ring. WWE officials had to get these two separated. It was Logan who called out the Miz.

Head of the Table is on Raw

Roman Reigns came out with the rest of the Bloodline and Paul Heyman. This is his first time on Raw since some time. On Saturday he will face Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam.

Roman asked for his acknowledgement from Madison Square Garden then passed the microphone to Heyman. Heyman’s microphone kept cutting his audio. On Sunday will be 700 days for Roman as the champion. Heyman mentioned Lesnar and all the times he has ruined people’s runs and now Lesnar wants to end Roman’s title run. However, Heyman says Lesnar will not win this Saturday and no longer be associated with the Tribal Chief.

Theory’s music hit. He came out with his own microphone and briefcase. He says he was forgotten in all this SummerSlam planning. He will cash in on whoever wins and take the title from them. Theory stayed on the outside of the ring. Roman asked if he is going to enter the ring and acknowledge him. Theory did enter the ring. Roman reminded Theory that his “Daddy” Mr McMahon is no longer here. The Bloodline was leaving the ring when Jey bumped into Theory. Theory got pissed by that and began hitting Jey with the briefcase. Roman stopped Jey from retaliating and left Theory alone in the ring.

Theory Vs Drew McIntyre

After a commercial break Theory stayed out for his own promo. Theory was about to speak when Drew McIntyre came out. He had his sword Angela with him.

When the match started Drew quickly dropped Theory with a clothesline. Theory had Drew in the corner and only landed two chops. Drew reversed it and landed rapid fire rights on Theory in the corner. Then a future shock DDT in the center of the ring. Theory rolled out of the way of danger. Drew tossed Theory around the outside and onto the announce table. Following a commercial Theory tried to win by count out multiple times. Getting Drew out of the ring and have him stay out by slamming him into the steel steps. In the ring these men were slugging it out, toe to toe. Off a spinebuster Drew tried to pin and win.  No luck then looked for the Claymore kick when the Brawling Brutes interfered.

The match ended in disqualification. Bobby Lashley ran out to help Drew fend off the Brutes.

Winner Drew McIntyre via Disqualification

Theory & Sheamus Vs Bobby Lashley & Drew McIntyre

This match was made official during a break by Adam Pearce. The rest of the Brawling Brutes were watching ringside. Theory knocked down Drew and tagged in Sheamus. Sheamus got Drew in the corner and stomped away. Lashley in this was destroying Sheamus with spears and suplexes. Lashley went to spear Theory through a barricade when Sheamus intercepted and caught him with a knee to the face. While Drew was taking out Butch and Ridge Holland. Those two men were ejected from ringside. Lashley was being played with by Theory and Sheamus, until Lashley hit Sheamus with a spinebuster. Drew and Theory were both tagged in off of hot tags. Lashley tagged himself back in and tried to pin Theory. Sheamus from the top rope landed a knee to break up the pin. Theory called for an A-Town Down, and had Lashley on his shoulders. Before he could land the move he noticed Dolph Ziggler at ringside. Lashley capitalized off the distraction and made Theory tap with the Hurtlock.

After the match Theory was superkicked at the top of the ramp by the Usos.

Winners Bobby Lashley & Drew McIntyre

20-Year Anniversary for Rey Msyterio

Some clips were shown from his career and some words from WWE Superstars past and present (AJ Styles, JBL, Batista, Randy Orton, Dominik Mysterio, Kurt Angle and more).

Earlier in the night footage was shown of Rey arriving with his family.

Rey came out with his son and tag partner, Dominik. The Mysterio family was celebrating backstage while Dom and Rey entered the ring.

Rey started his career at 14 years old but never imagined working for WWE! He says he broke the blueprint of what a superstar is supposed to look like. He mentioned his world championship win at WrestleMania 22. He thanked a few people who have been in his career, Batista, Kurt Angle, Edge, Eddie Guerrero, and more. He spoke kindly about Eddie, and how he misses him and knows Eddie is always watching. Rey of course thanked the WWE Universe for the love and support of the last 20 years. He also thanked his wife and daughter. He also knows that Dominik will carry the Mysterio name when Rey retires.

The Judgment Day entered through the WWE Universe. Finn Balor from one side and Damian Priest from another.

The Mysterios Vs Judgment Day

Hopefully the Mysterios win on this important night. Finn started on Dominik and kept asking Rey if he was watching. Rey dropped Damian off the apron and flattened Finn in the middle of the ring. Rey was beating on Finn who was against the turnbuckle and paid homage to Eddie. Dominik back in crushed Finn with a crossbody. Followed that with a dropkick and a suicide dive onto Damian, but Damian caught him. Dominik flattened Finn with a sling blade neck breaker. Rey and Damian entered off hot tags. Rey was in control. Rey had Damian in position for a 619, but Finn tagged himself in and saved Damian. Damian gave a chair to Finn and distracted the referee. Finn pretended he was hit by the chair, but the referee was now distracted by Dominik. Rey now had the chair and hit Finn with it and pretended he was hit by Finn. The referee got mad at Finn and Rey sent him in position for a 619. Then Damian in the same position. The Mysterios landed a double 619 and Rey hit aa frog splash on Finn to win.

The Mysterio family continued to celebrate backstage. Rey’s daughter Aliyah gave him his original WCW outfit as a gift. Rhea Ripley crashed the party and face shoved Aliyah. She then pulled on Dom’s hair and dragged him out of the party room. Rey tried to stop her and was jumped by Damian and Finn. Damian powerbombed Rey through a table.

Later in the show Rey was with medical personnel. Damian appeared and Dom went after him, but Rhea Ripley attacked Rey from behind.

Winners The Mysterios via Pinfall

The EST of WWE in NYC

Before Bianca Belair could speak tonight she was interrupted by Becky Lynch. Becky got the first word. Bianca kept cutting Becky off and Becky attacked Bianca. These women started to brawl. Becky pulled Bianca out of the ring by her braid. They then stumbled onto and over the announce table. Officials have been working hard tonight and now tried to separate these two.

Alexa Bliss Vs Doudrop (Accompanied by Nikki ASH)

Nikki seemed to be on the wrong side and was in Alexa’s corner. She was trying to snatch Alexa’s feet. She then snatched Lily and Doudrop took advantage. She tried to pin Alexa quickly. Doudrop then put Alexa in a headlock, and tried another pin. Alexa started to gain some momentum and had Doudrop on her knees. She landed multiple kicks to Doudrop’s body. Alexa went up high and Nikki sent her off the top rope. Doudrop was then carrying Alexa, and she reversed it into a DDT to win.

Winner Alexa Bliss via Pinfall

ImPaulsive TV

Logan Paul’s first edition of his own Raw talkshow. He was dressed in a suit for his. Logan for some reason plugged a boxing match his brother Jake is having next week at MSG. The WWE Universe booed the news because who likes Jake? Logan invited the Miz out to the ring again, as he did earlier. This time the Miz did not come out. Instead, Maryse came out. She warned Logan to keep certain things out of his mouth including the Miz’s balls. Maryse also mentioned the size of the Miz’s balls by measurement. Logan said who measures their balls.

The Miz came out to say he measures his balls. He did also say he taught Logan everything, and he is going to get 2 time grand slam champion Miz at SummerSlam. Ciampa tried to jump Logan, but Logan fought back. He then turned his attention to the Miz. The two on one advantage was too much for Logan. A skull crushing finale ended it all.

AJ Styles & Dolph Ziggler Vs Alpha Academy

This match was made backstage. AJ and Ziggler were talking about what Ziggler has been doing to Theory. AJ appreciates teaching the young superstar some lessons. Chad Gable and Otis did not appreciate the veterans judging the younger star and challenged them to a match.

With a phenomenal forearm AJ dropped Gable on the outside of the ring. After a commercial Alpha Academy were all over AJ. Ziggler was back handed by Otis to drop him to the mat. Gable then sent Ziggler across the ring. Gable went to the top rope but Ziggler moved out the way and landed a superkick. Then a superkick for Otis. A zigzag on Gable ended the match.

Winners AJ Styles & Dolph Ziggler via Pinfall

The Bloodline Vs Riddle & The Street Profits

Jimmy and Angelo Dawkins started the action. Dawkins dropped Jimmy then Montez came in and did the same. Jimmy trapped Montez in the corner and had help from his brother Jey. The Usos invited Roman into the ring to get his hands on the action. Roman tagged in! He beat on Riddle against the turnbuckle. Roman tried to pin Riddle but he kicked out. Jey back in dropped Riddle with an uppercut. Montez used his quickness to get the Bloodline off the apron and put Jey on his back. Roman had to tag in to destroy Montez himself. Montez’s face was bloodied. Roman targeted his face again with a drive by on the apron. Off a distraction Montez was able to flatten Roman. Riddle tried to pay tribute to Randy Orton with a hanging DDT, but it was stopped. Roman superman punched Riddle, and Montez broke up a pinfall. Riddle finally got the hanging DDT on Roman then went for an RKO. Roman reversed the RKO and speared Riddle to win.

Seth Rollins came out before the show could end, to see a flattened Riddle in the ring. Rollins sent him face first out of the ring. Then a stomp and another on the steel steps.

Winners The Bloodline via Pinfall

My Choice for RAW-est Moment of The Night: Montez Ford’s Nose is Busted Open