AEW Dynamite Recap: September 28, 2022

Martina Barnett
FiredUp Network Sports Writer


Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Moxley defeats Robinson, Saraya Speaks, Jericho defeats Bandido

AEW Dynamite was live from Philadelphia this week. The purple suit-clad Jericho Appreciation Society came out first to kick off the show.  A purple carpet and pizzas on a table with Luigi Primo awaited them in the ring for a celebration of Chris Jericho winning the Ring of Honor Championship last week. 


Jericho unveiled a gift for fellow ROH Champ Daniel Garcia, which turned out to be a purple bucket hat. Garcia said that he had something to get off his chest, but Jericho stopped him, warning him to think twice about whatever he was going to say. 


As it becomes increasingly obvious that Garcia will be leaving (or getting kicked out of) the JAS, it's also being teased that Garcia may join the Blackpool Combat Club instead.  Bryan Danielson came out to add fuel to this fire, making efforts to lure Garcia away from the JAS.


The first match of the night: Bryan Danielson defeats Daddy Magic Matt Menard


Fired-up Philly native and fellow BCC member Wheeler Yuta came out next, emphatically challenging MJF to a real match.  MJF responded with his usual scathing, crowd-insulting promo and saying that he's not getting into the ring until next week. 


Next match: Jon Moxley defeats Juice Robinson.  


Juice Robinson is a long-time rival of Moxley’s, declaring in the video package preceding the match, “I’ve hated this guy for 10 years!”.  Robinson previously beat Moxley and is a former IWGP champion in New Japan Pro Wrestling.


Predictably, Moxley won this match but was immediately confronted by Hangman Page and MJF following the match.  Wheeler Yuta snuck up behind MJF who was seated in the skybox mocking the match the entire time, in what’s become a weekly ritual to remind Moxley that “He’s fighting to lose” and MJF can cash in his Casino chip at will.


Yuta’s attack on MJF continued until broken up by security.  It’s become evident that MJF will have to defeat Yuta before he can get his hands on Mox.


Next up, we finally heard from Saraya who debuted last week on Rampage.  She emphatically announced herself to be the revolution and that this is her house.  Saraya also mentioned that “It’s so nice to have a boss that actually listens to me for once”. She then called out the faces of the Women’s division, but only a handful of ladies came out, including Women’s Champion Toni Storm, Athena, Willow Nightingale, Madison Rayne, and Skye Blue.


To be fair, Hurricane Ian, currently careening through Florida and impeding travel for many wrestlers and talent, is likely why more of the women’s locker room did not respond to Saraya’s call out.


Right on cue, heels Dr. Britt Baker, Serena Deeb, Jamie Hayter, and Penelope Ford came out to verbally spar with Saraya and the other ladies.


Next Match: Toni Storm defeats Serena Deeb 


Ricky Starks defeats Eli Isom in an extremely brief squash match


The Main Event: Jericho defeats Bandido to retain the Ring of Honor Championship. 


This was a hard-fought match, featuring Jericho beating Bandido with the Liontamer by submission. 


After the match, Jericho declared that he was going to beat everyone that’s ever held the ROH Championship, and he immediately challenged Bryan Danielson to match for the title on October 12th.