Apollo Crews is Back to NXT

Zach Bouvier
FiredUp Network Sports Writer


Tuesday, June 7, 2022

NXT Playback

Women’s NXT Breakout Winner Crowned! Santos Escobar is not happy working for The Don of NXT. Josh Briggs beats Von Wagner. Apollo Crews is back. Alba Fyre burns through Tatum Paxley. Solo Sikoa fights against Carmelo Hayes and Grayson Waller.

The “A” Champ Starts the Show

Carmelo Hayes came out with Trick Williams. They were saying everything is back to normal and right in the world. The NXT Universe was booing the two men. Melo did give some props to Cameron Grimes, saying it was a great fight on Saturday. Melo then started roasting the crowd. Saying none of them could ever be him.

Solo Sikoa came out. The crowd was happy to see him. He says he has next for the championship. He agreed to that with Grimes, the former champion. Williams says that agreement is no longer valid.

Grayson Waller interrupted. He called out Solo, for trying to get an opportunity by just wanting one. He says he did not earn the title match. Solo asked if he wanted to fight and attacked Melo and Williams. After that, he went after Waller, but Williams and Melo jumped him with Waller. It was three on one.

Legado Del Fantasma Works for Tony D’Angelo

Del Toro was driving around the Don, and Santos was opening the car door. The Don of NXT then told Santos to change out of a suit because he has a match later.

Josh Briggs (Accompanied by Brooks Jensen & Fallon Henley) Vs Von Wagner (Accompanied by Mr Stone & Sofia Cromwell)

These men do not like each other. The fists were flying before the referee could ring the bell. Wagner was in control. He even went out of the ring and hit Jensen’s injured arm, which is in a cast. After that, Henley distracted the referee and Jensen got revenge by giving Briggs his cast! With a distracted official, Briggs wacked Wagner in the face with the cast. He followed that with a massive clothesline to win.

Winner Josh Briggs via Pinfall

Nathan Frazer Vs Santos Escobar (Accompanied by D’Angelo Family)

Tony D’Angelo ordered Santos to compete in this match. Frazer was not intimidated by the family or Santos. D’Angelo was on commentary for this one. Santos was angry and stared at D’Angelo while fighting Frazer.  Frazer was able to embarrass Santos in front of his new boss. D’Angelo was coaching Santos while he tried to compete, even telling him to get rid of some moves. Santos tried to get the win with a backbreaker, but Frazer kicked out. He even put Frazer in a Boston Crab, but Frazer got the bottom rope! Santos was shouting at D’Angelo. Frazer knocked Santos to the mat and landed a standing shooting star press. Santos kicked Frazer out of the ring with a superkick. Santos was then given a crowbar, but he decided not to use it. Frazer off the distraction got the win.

Winner Nathan Frazer via Pinfall

Bron Breakker Looks for his N(e)XT Challenger

Breakker admitted the fight at NXT In Your House was a battle. However, he knew Joe Gacy was never going to win the NXT Championship. He is now looking for a new challenger.

Apollo Crews came out. He is back on NXT! He is still no longer speaking with a Nigerian accent, and in regular street clothes. No longer the Nigerian Prince. The NXT Universe showered him with “Welcome Back” chants. Apollo says he is here to stay for as long as he wants. He says he will see the champion down the road.

Tiffany Stratton Vs Roxanne Perez (NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament Finals)

The winner will be the Breakout star. Tiffany started off dirty, pulling on Perez’s hair. The NXT Universe was split for who they wanted to win. Tiffany, as much as she is a barbie girl, she can put up a fight. She was targeting Perez’s fingers and arm. She was looking to injure Perez. Perez was not going to tap. Perez went to the top rope looking to fly high, but Tiffany sent her out the ring. She hit her arm on the apron while falling. Perez was holding onto her shoulder in agony. Perez finally gaining some momentum. She went through the middle rope and out the ring to take out Tiffany. Tiffany power bombed Perez straight into a cover, but Perez kicked out at two! Tiffany off the top rope missed her target and Perez hit the pop rocks to win.

Perez now has a guaranteed championship match of her choice. NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose came out to congratulate her. She told her to enjoy the moment because it is all down hill going forward. She says Perez has no chance if she challenges Rose, she will fail. Rose went after Cora Jade who was celebrating her friend and Perez punched her in the face. It was then two on three until Indi Hartwell came out to help.

Winner Roxanne Perez via Pinfall (NXT Women’s Breakout Winner)

Pretty Deadly Vs Andre Chase (Handicap Match)

Chase’s partner was taken out backstage and now had to fight alone. Bodhi Hayward did not come out for this match. Chase went after both men at the start of this match, but his momentum did not last long. Wilson and Prince were all over Chase. Hayward tried to crawl to the ring but could not make it. Chase was able to gain momentum and perform the Chase U stomps pm Wilson. Unfortunately, Wilson and Prince double-teamed him, and Prince got the pin.

Winner Pretty Deadly via Pinfall

Alba Fyre Vs Tatum Paxley

Paxley called out Alba during NXT In Your House, and she got her match tonight. Paxley was looking good and got a few near falls. Alba was also looking great. She was laying some heavy chops on Paxley. Alba then go to the top rope and hit a swanton bomb to win.

After the match, they shook hands. The action was not done for Alba, though, because Lash Legend hit her with a big boot on the ramp.

Winner Alba Fyre via Pinfall

Solo Sikoa & Apollo Crews Vs Grayson Waller & Carmelo Hayes (Accompanied by Trick Williams)

This match was supposed to be a handicap match for Solo. He was able to find a partner in a returning Apollo. Solo started against Waller. Solo was dominating against him, but the tables turned when Apollo got in. Waller and Melo were able to isolate Apollo and beat on him. Solo got back in and brought the fire back to his team. Solo was crushing Melo literally in the corner! Waller saved him when Solo tried to crush him again. Melo then flattened Solo with a flying clothesline. Waller and Melo were playing dirty by holding Solo down and beating on him. Waller hit a leaping elbow, and Melo tried one too, but Solo rolled out of the way. Waller had Solo in a submission hold, but Solo got to the ropes. NXT Universe chanted "Waller Sucks”. Waller accidentally sent Melo off the apron and Apollo tagged in. He landed 3 suplexes on Waller. He followed that with a standing moonsault. Apollo won off a powerbomb on Waller.

Winners Solo Sikoa & Apollo Crews via Pinfall


My choice for N(e)XT Star Moment: Roxanne Perez is the Breakout Winner