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Friday, June 17, 2022

Smackdown Update

Mr McMahon Reminds us WWE is Forever

Mr McMahon has been in hot water with the WWE’s board of directors. Reportedly, he paid a former WWE paralegal 3 million of his own funds to not speak of their relationship. The relationship was sexual, McMahon is still married, and was having an affair. The relationship was consensual, but there are many things to be investigated. Such as the former employee got a 100 thousand dollar promotion during the affair.

McMahon has stepped down as CEO and Chairman this morning. Interim CEO and Chairwoman is non-other than Stephanie McMahon. She recently went on leave to be with family. However, she is back, and Mr McMahon will still head creative for the shows.

McMahon arrived to the ring tonight with the WWE Universe excited to see him. He called it a privilege to be in front of the WWE Universe. He reminded them of the WWE tagline and how important it is. “Then, Now, Forever. Together” Then he welcomed them to Smackdown and dropped the mic.

Perhaps signalling that everything will be okay with the company.

Riddle Goes Down Memory Lane

Riddle came out right after McMahon. He has a title match against Roman Reigns tonight. Before that match, he says he wants to go down memory lane with Reigns. He showed a video package of this rivalry between him and the Bloodline. He then spoke about Randy Orton and wished him best of luck for his upcoming surgery. Riddle also dedicated his title match to Orton. He then walked off with Orton’s music playing.

Madcap Moss Vs Happy Corbin (The Last Laugh Match)

This is simply a regular match. The loser though will be laughed out of the arena. It also seems to be the end of this rivalry.  Madcap started off strong, took down Corbin with a flying shoulder tackle. Corbin was able to gain some control and put Madcap into a submission hold. Madcap out of the hold gained momentum. Landed a shoulder tackle, spear in the corner, and a fall away slam. Corbin got Madcap out of the ring and knocked him over the barricade into the timekeepers area. After commercial, Madcap was on the top rope and Corbin was in his face. Madcap landed a sunset flip. Corbin countered with a deep six. Madcap crushed Corbin with the punchline and another to win.

After the match, Madcap took a microphone and laughed into at Corbin.

When Madcap left, Corbin picked up a mic. He took that mic and got in the face of Pat McAfee. He claims McAfee is always talking trash about him on commentary. Which, this is very true. Corbin threatened McAfee if he does not stop, he will get hurt. McAfee picked up a mic and started bum ass Corbin chants. He then got the WWE Universe to laugh Corbin out of the arena.

Winner Madcap Moss via Pinfall

The New Day Vs Jinder Mahal & Shanky

Shanky continued to dance behind Jinder in their entrance. He is not supposed to, but he does it anyway. Kofi and Xavier double-teamed Jinder to knock him flat on his face. Shanky in the match dropped Kofi with a huge clothesline and a huge slap to the chest. Shanky was in control, but that changed when Xavier started to play the trombone on the apron. Shanky started to dance and not pay attention. Jinder tagged himself in and Kofi pinned him off the distractions.

After the match, Shanky continued to dance. Jinder wanted nothing to do with the dancing and was upset with Shanky.

Winner The New Day via Pinfall

Drew McIntyre & Sheamus get a MITB Answer

Last week, McIntyre faced Sheamus in a MITB qualifying match. The match ended in a double disqualification. Official Adam Pearce did not make any decisions last week. Tonight, Pearce will tell us what happens with these two men when it comes to the MITB match. Sheamus went out to the ring alone. He told Ridge Holland and Butch to stay backstage. Butch was trying to run out like a savage animal.  Pearce was talking about the statistics of the MITB briefcase, and McIntyre interrupted him. Saying no one cares and they just want answers. Sheamus says he deserves to be in the match because he has cashed in before, while McIntyre has been cashed in on.  Pearce said Sheamus is in the match, and Sheamus was filled with excitement. He then began insulting McIntyre and a brawl brook out. Pearce tried to separate them and then announce McIntyre is also in the match.

Drew McIntyre and Sheamus will both be in the MITB ladder match. The other person in the match at the moment is Seth Rollins from Raw.

Raquel Rodriguez Vs Shayna Baszler (MITB Qualifying Match)

Shayna says she is going to rip her apart and rip the MITB opportunity away from her. Lacy Evans was on commentary. Raquel got Shayna on her back and attempted a pinfall very fast. Raquel dropped Shayna again, this time with a huge, big boot to the face. Shayna was targeting Raquel’s knee. The knee, which is already not 100 percent. Shayna tried to put Raquel into a sleeper, but Raquel slammed her on the turnbuckle. Raquel ended the match with her chingona bomb.

Winner Raquel Rodriguez via Pinfall (ENTERS MITB Match)

Max Dupri Declines to Enter the Ring

Dupri was supposed to be in the ring, but he was backstage with Adam Pearce. He was going to show his clients off to the world. He was upset the lighting was not to his standards, so no models for the WWE Universe tonight.

Riddle Vs Roman Reigns (Accompanied by The Usos & Paul Heyman) (Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Match)

If Riddle loses, he will never have a title match against Roman again. If Roman loses, Riddle will hold all the gold! This match started 25 minutes before the end of the hour. Riddle started fast and furious, jumping on and assaulting Roman. Roman countered and hit Riddle with a huge uppercut. After a commercial break, Roman was on top of Riddle, pummelling him with elbows to the face. Riddle off the top rope hit a second floating bro and attempted a pinfall. Roman kicked out right before 3! Roman choke slammed Riddle and tried a pinfall attempt himself. After another commercial break, Riddle was flat on the mat and Roman was standing tall. Roman tried a superman punch, but Riddle reversed with a knee to his face. Riddle then tossed Roman onto the announce table. Riddle looked to hit an RKO, but Roman blocked it and dropped Riddle with a superman punch! Riddle was able to finally crush Roman with an RKO, but Roman kicked out of a pin. Roman ended the match with a spear in the middle of the ring.

The Bloodline was clapping and cheering on Roman after that win. It also seems Riddle will never get another chance. Roman took the mic after the match and said there is no one left to fight.

Brock Lesnar RETURNED! Many people suggested this would happen as lots of the main event stars are injured. Roman stared down Brock and told the Bloodline to leave him alone in the ring. The two men were face to face. Brock tricked Roman into a handshake, which turned into an F-5! He then dropped the Usos, and was the only one left standing.

Winner Roman Reigns via Pinfall


My Choice for The Smacking Down Moment: Brock Lesnar Drops the Bloodline!