Bayley IYO SKY and Dakota Kai Were All Over RAW

Zach Bouvier
FiredUp Network Sports Writer


Monday, August 1, 2022

Raw Rewind

Raw was commercial free for the first hour. Bayley, IYO and Dakota were heard tonight. Becky is no longer heel. Ciampa will face Bobby Lashley next week! Edge promises to end Judgment Day. The Usos defeat the Mysterios to retain their Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships. 

Becky Lynch is No Longer Heel

Becky started the show. On Saturday she lost against Bianca Belair and showed her respect after the match. She also stayed by her side when Bayley made her return! Bayley arrived with Dakota Kai, and IYO SKY (FKA: Io Shirai)

Becky says she remembers who she is after SummerSlam. She is no longer attached to the fancy clothes and all the other toxic traits she had last week. Becky is injured at the moment due to SummerSlam where she separated her shoulder. This is her new comeback story she says, and it starts now. She also gave credit to Bianca for helping her become the best she could be throughout the year.

Bianca came out and called Becky the Man. Becky told Bianca to hold it down, and she will see her soon. When Becky left the ring, Bianca stayed and says she respects Becky.

Bayley is still Dirty

While Bianca was in the ring, Becky was attacked backstage. An already injured Becky was beat down by IYO, Bayley and Dakota. Bayley was beating on her with a chair.

In an interview later in the show Bayley said the attack was not about Becky or Bianca but about the trio.

AJ Styles Vs The Miz Vs Mustafa Ali

These three men will compete, and the winner will face whoever wins another triple threat match later on today. The other match will see Dolph Ziggler, Chad Gable and Ciampa face off. When we have two winners they will face off for a number one contenders spot for the United States Championship.

The Miz went straight for the outside of the ring. He dragged AJ out and Ali jumped over the ropes to crush the Miz. The Miz back in the ring was destroying AJ and Ali. He planted Ali with a DDT, and gave AJ some IT kicks. AJ had the Miz in a hold and Ali was able to land a neck breaker on AJ to put both men flat on the mat. Ali from the inside of the ring flew out the ring to hit AJ with a tornado DDT. The Miz was able to get the Skull Crushing Finale on Ali, but he kicked out of a pin attempt at 2.

Ali landed a 450 on the Miz and popped up into AJ’s arms for AJ to hit a Styles Clash. The Styles Clash made Ali crush the Miz again and AJ pinned Ali.

Winner AJ Styles via Pinfall

Seth Rollins is Celebrating

Rollins was in a good mood. He called tonight a night of celebration. The reason for celebration is he no longer has to see Riddle. Riddle is injured and was injured even more when he showed up at SummerSlam when he wasn’t supposed to be there. Rollins was about to talk about the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship when the Street Profits interrupted.

Rollins didn’t let them say anything and told them to leave. Dawkins promised to have one of them beat the crap out of Rollins. So they did Rock Paper Scissors to decide who will face him. Montez tricked Dawkins and ran in the ring with a referee.

Seth Rollins Vs Montez Ford

This was an impromptu match. Montez superkicked Rollins and almost got a 3 count. Rollins tried a pedigree on the outside but Montez reversed. Rollins back in the ring was fired up and targeted Montez’s ribs. However, from the top rope Montez hit a crossbody, and as always with lots of height. Then these men exchanged blows. Rollins went for a stomp but Montez moved out of the way. Montez was able to land a tornado DDT from the second rope. Rollins got his foot on the rope to stop a pinfall. Off a bucklebomb Rollins crushed Montez with a falcon arrow.  Montez tried a flog splash but was stopped by Rollins’s knees. Rollins finally got a stomp to win.

Rollins tried to get a stomp in after the match, but Dawkins came out to save his partner.

Winner Seth Rollins via Pinfall

Alexa Bliss Vs Asuka

No one was in control to start this one. Asuka may be the best striker, but Alexa was proving herself as well with her own strikes. Asuka hit Alexa with a knee and went up high.

Bayley, IYO and Dakota came out and attacked both women. The match ended because of the attacks. Bianca came out to scare them away. Bianca asked for a match against one of them. IYO looked to accept the challenge.


Chad Gable Vs Dolph Ziggler Vs Ciampa

Gable came out talking lots of trash and that he will win and beat AJ later on. Ziggler dropped Ciampa and Gable rolled up Ziggler. Ciampa was SHUUSHHing Gable, I don’t think it is wise to start a Shuushing contest. Ziggler planted Gable with a famouser. Gable later was able to put Ziggler in an ankle lock, but Ciampa broke it up. Ciampa crushed Ziggler from the top rope and went for a pin. Gable broke it up with a flying headbutt. Gable tried to suplex Ciampa and Ziggler hit a Zigzag on both men.

Ciampa knocked Ziggler out the ring with a knee and hit a knee on Gable in the ring. After the knee he landed a fairytale ending to win.

Winner Ciampa via Pinfall

Edge Will End Judgment Day

Edge came out tonight as the Edge that was before the Judgment Day. He did admit he was acting as an asshole while being in Judgment Day. Although he does say it was a group to give Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley some advice and momentum. He did not see them coming when they attacked him. He says it is time to kill what he created, he is going to end Judgment Day.

IYO SKY Vs Bianca Belair

Before this match backstage Bayley said everyone is talking about them. They came here to shake up the women’s division and make it better. Bayley thinks it has been on a downhill spiral since she has been gone.

Bianca came out ready for this match. After all she asked for it. She wasted no time ramming IYO into the turnbuckle. From the apron IYO flattened Bianca with a moonsault. In the ring IYO had Bianca in a submission hold. Bianca got back into this match and was getting fired up. She went up top but was distracted by Bayley and Dakota. IYO sent Bianca off the top with a snap hurricanrana. IYO went for a cradle pin and Bianca turned it into a suplex.

Outside the ring Bianca sent IYO into the barricade. She tried to get her back into the ring but Bayley and Dakota were blocking her path. Asuka and Alexa came out to even the odds. After a commercial break it seemed Bianca got the action back into the ring. She hit a standing moonsault, but it was not enough. Asuka and Alexa were cheering on Bianca, while Bayley grabbed Bianca’s legs for a distraction. IYO tried to pin with her legs on the ropes and Asuka stopped that. Now everyone started to brawl trio versus trio.

WWE officials had to come out and break up all 6 women. It took a lot of officials.


AJ Styles Vs Ciampa (Accompanied by The Miz) (United States Championship Contender’s Match)

Booker T joined commentary for this match. Booker thinks Ciampa could have a breakout moment if he wins tonight. Ciampa sent AJ shoulder first into the ring post. The Miz was screaming into AJ’s face. Back on his feet AJ started a slug fest. Then a phenomenal forearm on the outside of the ring. After a commercial, it was all AJ. Ciampa took his knee pad off, so he could hit a hard running knee. AJ got out of the way. He hit a suplex into the turnbuckle! AJ tried a phenomenal forearm but was struck by a knee to the face. AJ hit a Styles clash and went for a pin. The Miz put Ciampa’s foot on the rope and the referee stopped the count. AJ went after the Miz, but Ciampa was there to attack AJ. In the ring Ciampa hit a fairytale ending to win!

The United States Championship match will be next week on Raw.

Winner Ciampa via Pinfall (EARNED a United States Championship Match)

The Mysterios Vs The Usos (Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship Match)

Rey started this match fast and furious. After a commercial break Rey was not looking so hot against Jimmy. The Usos were keeping Rey isolated and away from his son and tag team partner. Jey in this continued the method to keep Rey alone. Rey finally got to Dominik and got a hot tag. Dominik was full of momentum and dropped both Usos. Tried to pin Jimmy after a neck breaker. Rey back in it was fired up and carried his son's momentum. However, attempting a springboard move he was superkicked right in the face. Dominik landed a huge frog splash and tried to win this but Jey broke it up. Jimmy tried to get a superplex on Dominik, but Dom pushed him off the apron. Dom had Jimmy in perfect position to hit a 619 but Jey tagged himself in. Dominik was caught by a 1D to lose the match.

After the match Judgment Day ambushed the Mysterios. Rhea was on Dom and Finn and Priest were on Rey. Edge came out and knocked out all of Judgment Day. Edge tried to spear Finn but accidentally speared Dominik who was pushed into his way.

Winners The Usos via Pinfall (RETAIN)

My Choice for RAW-est Moment of The Night: Bayley, IYO and Dakota are in every Woman’s spot tonight.