Brock Lesnar Destroys Theory

Zach Bouvier
FiredUp Network Sports Writer


Friday, July 22, 2022

Smackdown Update

Vince McMahon retired! Liv Morgan & Ronda Rousey face to face. Happy Corbin attacks Pat McAfee again. Drew McIntyre’s sword will be banned next week on Smackdown. Brock Lesnar destroys Theory.

Vince McMahon has RETIRED!!!!

Stephanie McMahon started the show. She welcomed us all to Friday Night Smackdown! She announced her father’s retirement on TV and was emotionally about it. She asked the WWE Universe to thank her father with, “Thank You, Vince!” chants.

Vince recently stepped down as Chairman and CEO following sexual allegations from past WWE staff. Today, however, he announced his retirement on Twitter with a simple and to the point tweet. He will no longer be a part of the WWE at age 77. He has been in charge since 1982 when he bought the company from his father. That means no more creative from Vince, whether you like his scripts or not. End of an era.

Street Profits Deliver a Message Before SummerSlam

The Street Profits were talking about their SummerSlam match until Theory interrupted.

Theory told them no one cares about their SummerSlam when he is going to be there. He plans on winning against Bobby Lashley for the United States Championship, and cashing in on Roman Reigns or Brock Lesnar.

The Usos came out, since Theory can not keep Roman’s name out of his mouth. Theory entered the ring and was now between the Usos and the Street Profits. Montez went to strike Theory but hit Jey Uso. A brawl broke loose, and Theory joined the Usos to attack the Profits. Madcap Moss came out to join the Profits. They were able to come out on top.

Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Ludwig Kaiser (Accompanied by Gunther)

Shinsuke has defeated Ludwig already and looks to do it again. Ludwig started this match with Shinsuke in the corner with rapid fire shots. Shinsuke was able to fire back with a foot right to his face. Ludwig, after being barked at by Gunther, was back in it with a suplex and another. Now on the outside of the ring, Ludwig was tossing Shinsuke into the steel steps. Back in the ring, Shinsuke landed a knee from the second rope and sent him out again. Shinsuke sent him back in the ring and Gunther got in Shinsuke’s face. Gunther continued distractions when Shinsuke was in the ring. He then punched Shinsuke in the face when the referee was not looking, and Ludwig got the win.

After the match, Gunther chopped Ludwig in the chest, as he does so often.

Winner Ludwig Kaiser via Pinfall

Ronda Rousey & Liv Morgan Face to Face

Ronda said she is going to beat Liv at SummerSlam because she is Ronda, and she is Liv. Ronda says she needs to shake her hand after she loses. Liv says she will win because she is better than Ronda, and she wants it more than her. When she wins, she will shake Ronda’s hand.

Pat McAfee Attacked by Happy Corbin

Michael Cole was talking with McAfee about the previous segment, and McAfee was attacked. The attack was out of nowhere, and Corbin went backstage after it. McAfee got up and chased Corbin. The men had to be separated by officials.

After being separated, McAfee entered the ring with a microphone. He had something to say to Bumass Corbin. At SummerSlam there won’t be any sneak attacks and McAfee will kick Corbin in the head to put him out for good.

The Viking Raiders Vs Jinder Mahal & Shanky

The New Day was on commentary for this match. They have had a feud with the Viking Raiders for some weeks now.

Erik started fast with a clothesline on Jinder almost taking his head off. Ivar in the match was beating on Jinder in the corner. Jinder was then being tossed around ringside. He was then thrown on to the New Day! The Viking Raiders won by a countout.

Winners The Viking Raiders via Count Out

The Brawling Brutes Ban Angela

Sheamus wants Angela, Drew McIntyre’s sword, to be banned. Since two weeks ago, Sheamus was closed to being attacked with the sword.

Drew came out with his sword. The Brutes had to keep Butch away from Drew. He kept acting like a dog. Ridge Holland took Butch out of the ring and Drew put Angela away. Drew is upset that Sheamus keeps backing out of the WWE Undisputed Universal title contender’s match. He wanted the match to happen tonight. Sheamus said he will get the match, just not tonight. It will be next week on Smackdown, and Angela is banned. The match will be an Irish Donnybrook match. (NO DQ, NO Rules) They will be provided with shillelaghs. Sheamus had one in hand tonight, and Drew cut it in half with Angela.

Raquel Rodriguez Vs Sonya Deville

Sonya continues to question Adam Pearce’s authority. Since she keeps doing that, Pearce gave her a match tonight against Raquel.

Raquel brought it to Raquel fast with her power and strength. Sonya countered with her viciousness. She played dirty and aggressive. With a big knee to Raquel’s face, Sonya attempted a pin. Later, Raquel tried to pin Sonya, but she managed to grab the bottom rope and the official saw it. Off the chingona bomb, she was able to get the pin.

Winner Raquel Rodriguez via Pinfall

Aliyah Vs Lacy Evans

Evans has been leaving her matches before they can begin for weeks now. This is attempt number 3, will we see her compete tonight. Off to a bad start, she went straight to the microphone. She demanded respect, but didn’t give any to the WWE Universe. No one can walk in her shoes. Aliyah got in her face trying to start the match. Evans kept talking and then hit Aliyah with a cheap shot.


The Usos & Theory Vs The Street Profits & Madcap Moss

Jimmy started against Dawkins. Dawkins tried to roll up Jimmy in the first 3 seconds of the match! The Profits and Madcap managed to get Jimmy and the others off the aprons and out of the ring. Back from a commercial, Madcap had Jey in a headlock. Theory in this had Madcap in the corner and was hammering away. Dawkins was tagged back in and took down Jey. Montez tagged himself in and landed a crossbody on Jey. Montez tried to take everyone out but was out numbered. Back in the ring, Jimmy had Madcap on the mat and tried to tag in Theory. Theory avoided the tag and walked away. The Usos stopped him from leaving and tagged him in and knocked him out. The Profits stopped the Usos from leaving. Theory went back into the ring and dropped Madcap with a neck breaker. Madcap used his speed to tackle Theory. He tried another move and Theory smashed him with the MITB briefcase.

Brock Lesnar came out and stared down Theory. Everyone thought Brock Lesnar walked out tonight because of Vince’s retirement. He may have walked out, but he came back! He walked around the ring like a shark stalking his lunch. Brock went after Theory and crushed him with an F5 and beat the hell out of Theory with the briefcase!

Winners The Street Profits & Madcap Moss via Disqualification

My Choice for The Smacking Down Moment: Brock Lesnar Destroys Theory!