Cora Jade Turns Heel

Zach Bouvier
FiredUp Network Sports Writer


Tuesday, July 12, 2022

NXT Playback

Roxanne Perez fights through an injury. Giovanni Vinci beats Apollo Crews. JD McDonagh faces Cameron Grimes next week. Solo Sokia and Von Wagner end in double count out. Cora Jade turns heel!

Giovanni Vinci Vs Apollo Crews

Vinci is upset that he was not on the list of competitors Apollo wished to face. These men started to have a chop off! Outside the ring, Vinci was in control, he had Apollo against the barricade and went off on him. In the ring, Vinci went for a springboard dropkick, but Apollo landed a dropkick of his own! Vinci stopped another kick coming his way and crushed Apollo with a clothesline. The referee had to check on Apollo after that hit. Vinci stole a fan's phone and threw it in the ring. The referee picked up the phone and got it out of the way. While the referee was distracted, Xyon Quinn slugged Apollo on the outside the ring. Xyon rolled Apollo into the ring, and Vinci flattened Apollo with a huge powerbomb.

Winner Giovanni Vinci via Pinfall

Cameron Grimes Address the NXT Universe

Grimes lost last week at NXT Great American Bash against Bron Breakker. He is still not the NXT champion and has some things to say tonight. He says he has no excuse for losing last week. The NXT Universe chanted, “You got robbed” and did not agree with them.

JD McDonagh decided to come out as well. After Breakker won last week, this man attacked the champion. He told Grimes to wrap up the pity party and go cry in the back. Grimes said he is not the Irish ace, but an “Irish asshole”. JD hit Grimes with a headbutt and rolled out the ring.

Match made official for next week.

Tatum Paxley Vs Kayden Carter

Paxley started this match in control, but Carter was able to take over. Carter has lots of anger in aggression in her. Carter kicked Paxley out of the ring. Ivy Nile came out and helped her get back to her feet. In the ring, Carter put Paxley in a submission hold. Paxley made it to the bottom rope. Paxley was able to get a surprise roll up on Carter.

Winner Tatum Paxley via Pinfall

Sanga Vs Duke Hudson

Duke is not happy that Sanga cannonballed on him in a pool. So this match was made official. Duke was ripping at Sanga’s chest hair. Anything is possible in NXT 2.0. Sanga had Duke on the mat and dropped an elbow on him.  It was a chokeslam that ended it all.

Winner Sanga via Pinfall

Solo Sikoa Vs Von Wagner (Accompanied by Mr Stone & Sofia Cromwell)

Before the match could start, Solo went after Wagner while he was making his way to the ring. They got themselves into the ring and the bell rang. The NXT Universe was split between these two men. These started off back and forth, we hold after hold on eachother. Solo finally had some momentum and shoulder tackled Wagner. After a commercial break, Wagner had Solo in a headlock. Then dropped Solo with a big boot. These men then started to exchange blows until Solo landed an uppercut. Outside of the ring, Wagner sent Solo face first on the announce table. They started to brawl and were counted out. Officials tried to break them up.

This action continued to backstage. Then it was in the parking lot. Officials continued to try and stop it. Sofia calmed down Wagner, but Stone enraged Solo. Solo threw Stone into a trash container.

Double Count Out

Indi Hartwell Vs Lash Legend

Lash thinks she is the best in NXT. Indi needs to find herself in the single’s division.  She knocked Lash out of the ring with a right hand! In the ring, Lash was tossing Indi around. Indi tried to get a roll up pin but no success. Lash had Indi on the top rope but was distracted by Alba Fyre who made an appearance. Indi crushed Lash with a spinebuster and was able to pin.

Alba then appeared on the apron after the match with her red bat. Lash rolled out of the ring and Alba followed her with her bat.

Winner Indi Hartwell via Pinfall

Stacks & Tony D’Angelo (Accompanied by Joaquin Wilde & Cruz Del Toro) Vs Malik Blade & Edris Enofe

Stacks started against Edris. Edris dropped Stacks with a huge dropkick. Blade came in and tried to cover Stacks.  Tony in this was stomping away on Edris. He then drove several fists into his gut.  On the outside of the ring, Tony sent Edris into the steel steps. He then put Blade away in the ring for the win.

Wilde and Cruz attacked Blade and Edris after the match. An order given to them by Tony.

Winners Stacks & Tony D’Angelo via Pinfall

Roxanne Perez Down

The show started with Roxanne Perez in the parking lot laying down injured.

Later on, during a backstage interview, Cora Jade said it had Toxic Attraction written all over it. Roxanne is supposed to face Mandy Rose for the NXT Women’s Title tonight. She may not be able to compete.

Footage was then shown with Roxanne in the medical room, surrounded by medical personnel.

Toxic Attraction in an interview seemed very happy about what happened to Roxanne. They also did not admit to anything, but rather deny it.

Mandy Rose (Accompanied by Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne) Vs Roxanne Perez (Accompanied by Cora Jade) (NXT Women’s Title Match)

Rose said Roxanne was not woman enough to face her. They waited all night for her.

Cora Jade came out and offered to take Roxanne’s place. Jade said she would win the title instead.

Roxanne came out wrapped up, and got in the ring. The bell rang and she tried to jump Rose. Rose was targeting her wrapped midsection. Outside the ring, Rose rammed her into the apron. Roxanne was crying in pain. After a commercial break, Rose continued to focus on the ribs of Roxanne. Roxanne got back to her feet and started to show some fire. She planted Rose with a Russian leg sweep. She then hit Rose with a poprocks outside the ring. She got her back in the ring and the referee was distracted by Jacy. Roxanne’s tag team title partner hit her in the back with the title!

 Yep, it was Cora who attacked Roxanne earlier in the show and during this match. Rose capitalized on the attack and got the win.

Cora after the match got in Roxanne’s face, calling her selfish. Since they are tag titleholders, but Roxanne also wanted the singles title. She then started to beat on Roxanne with her skateboard.

Winner Mandy Rose via Pinfall (RETAINS)

My choice for N(e)XT Star Moment: Cora Jade Backstabs Roxanne Perez