Dexter Lumis Returns

Zach Bouvier
FiredUp Network Sports Writer


Monday, August 8, 2022

Raw Rewind

Kevin Owens Injured Ezekiel. Bobby Lashley and Ciampa put on a great match! IYO SKY and Dakota Kai move up in the tournament. Dominik abandons Rey Mysterio. Dolph Ziggler is the king of Superkicks. AJ Styles wins a no DQ Match. Dexter Lumis back and arrested?

The Bayley Squad Starts Raw

That is not actually the name of this faction. They are still nameless, but Bayley is the leader. The Role model is still on her mission to change things in the women’s division. She thinks the WWE Universe deserves a division that is hungry for more.

Bayley is even upset for her partners, IYO SKY and Dakota Kai. She believes these women were never used properly and have been waiting to be used. Dakota and IYO are joining the women’s tag team tournament.

Asuka, Alexa Bliss and Bianca Belair came out to interrupt this complaining fest. Alexa said they will not be winning the Women’s tag team title tournament. Bianca said it could be 3 on 3 right now. Bayley said 3 on 3 can happen at Clash at the Castle. Bianca did not want to wait, and a brawl broke loose. The brawl rolled out to the WWE Universe and officials came to stop it.

Seth Rollins Vs Angelo Dawkins (Accompanied Montez Ford)

Last week Seth Rollins tried to injure Ford. Dawkins wants revenge tonight. Rollins tried to hit a stomp very quickly in this match. His stomp can take anyone out. Rollins tried to hit Ford, and Ford entered the ring with a chair. The referee ejected Ford from ringside. Rollins was happy to see it.

Dawkins sent Rollins to ringside with a clothesline. Then dived over the ropes to take Rollins to the ground. Dawkins moved out the way of a stomp and flattened Rollins with a pop-up powerbomb. Avoided another stomp but was stuck in a pedigree.

Rollins after the match finally got that stomp on Dawkins. Ford came out to help his partner, but Rollins fled the scene.

Winner Seth Rollins via Pinfall

Kevin Owens Vs Ezekiel

Owens came out upset as he still hates Ezekiel! Running up the steps he ended up tripping. But in the ring he trampled Ezekiel. Then sent him outside and powerbombed him on the apron. The referee checked on Ezekiel and called for medics.

Owens stayed in the ring laughing and smiling. Commentary called for a commercial break.


Finn Balor (Accompanied by Damian Priest) Vs Rey Mysterio

Judgment Day spoke as they do before every match. Balor is not afraid of Rey or Edge who can’t get on the same page. As well Dominik Mysterio left them both in anger earlier in the show. Tonight Balor wants to show Rey he is danger. Priest challenged Edge in his hometown of Toronto in 2 weeks on Raw!

Balor started off fast in this one. Chopped Rey in the corner. Rey off a sunset flip tried to pin and win but no luck. Now both on the top rope Balor was looking for a superplex. Instead, Rey knocked him face-first into the turnbuckle and off the ropes. Rey kicked Balor into the referee and Priest knocked Rey off the apron. Getting away with it because the referee was not looking. Edge came out to get Priest away from ringside.

Back in this Rey looked to hit a 619 but Balor got out of the way. Rey tried again, but Rhea Ripley was at the top of the ramp with a battered Dominik. Balor dropped Rey and landed a coup de grâce to win.

Winner Finn Balor via Pinfall

IYO Sky & Dakota Kai (Accompanied by Bayley) Vs Dana Brooke & Tamina (First Round Match)

Dana started against Kai. The both landed rights on each other, but Dana managed to tag in Tamina. Tamina stared down Kai and took her down with a suplex. Dana back in from the top rope laid out Kai and SKY who were out of the ring. In the ring after a commercial break SKY and Kai were double-teaming Dana. Isolating her from her partner.

WWE Universe was chanting “Bayley Sucks!” Tamina legal was destroying SKY. This is a Tamina we have always needed. She is naturally a big scary woman. Off a Samoan drop she pinned SKY, but Kai broke it up. Kai dropped Tamina with a huge boot and SKY off the top rope landed a moonsault to win.

Winners IYO SKY & Dakota Kai via Pinfall (Move to Next Round)

Ciampa (Accompanied by The Miz) Vs Bobby Lashley (United States Championship Match)

Ciampa was trained by famous United States Champion, Harley Race. Race passed away 3 years and a week to the day and Ciampa is dedicating the match to him. Bobby looked ready for this.

Ciampa was quick to attack, but Bobby dropped him with a shoulder. Then a suplex and some punches against the turnbuckle. Ciampa was able to get out of the way of damage and chop down at Bobby’s legs. Bobby back up was firing up for a spear but Ciampa rolled out the ring. Bobby followed him out and put Ciampa on his shoulders. The Miz tried to stop him from doing anything else, but Bobby just tossed Ciampa onto the Miz.

After a commercial break Ciampa had Bobby in a chin lock submission hold. Bobby got out and exploded on Ciampa. These men then engage in a striking contest. Ciampa turned it into a spike DDT and a cover. Bobby kicked out of the pin. Bobby speared to win but The Miz put Ciampa’s foot on the ropes. The referee stopped the count. AJ Styles came out and took The Miz out.

Ciampa off all the chaos tried to roll up Bobby. Ciampa also took the padding off a turnbuckle. The Miz and AJ ran through the ring and the referee was yelling at them. Ciampa used the distraction and sent Bobby into the exposed turnbuckle. Ciampa covered Bobby but did not win! Then Ciampa landed the Willows Bell but still can’t capture the victory. Now Ciampa tried one for trick with a running knee, but Bobby turned it into a Hurtlock to win.

Winner Bobby Lashley via Submission (RETAINS)

Omos (Accompanied by MVP) VS TWO Locals (Handicap Match)

This is not a handicap match but a squash match. Omos was just destroying these men.

Winner Omos via Pinfall

Chad Gable (Accompanied by Otis) Vs Dolph Ziggler

These men are both known for their amateur wrestling backgrounds. They were showing that off with trying to do a take-down on the other. Gable was able to hit a suplex. Gable then started to target the left knee of Ziggler. Ziggler finally in this match landed a DDT.  However, Gable followed that with an ankle lock. Gable is looking great in this match. Ziggler ended things with one Superkick.

Winner Dolph Ziggler via Pinfall

AJ Styles Vs The Miz (NO DQ Match)

AJ went straight for a ground and pound. Then took apart the announce table. The Miz fought back and sent AJ into the steel steps. Then tried to look under the ring for more weapons. AJ knocked the Miz out of the way and looked for his own weapon. He took too long to grab a table and the Miz sent him into the barricade. The Miz beat on AJ with a kendo stick in the center of the ring. Back on the announce table AJ was trying to put the Miz through it when the Miz tossed him off and over the barricade. In the ring both men were laid out in their own corners and a kendo stick was in the middle of the ring. Both men dived for the stick but AJ got it. AJ hit the Miz in his massive balls.

AJ landed a phenomenal forearm and went for a pin. Ciampa pulled the referee out of the ring. AJ put Ciampa through a table that was set up ringside earlier. The Miz planted AJ with a skull crushing finale. The Miz followed that with chops with a kendo stick. It was AJ though who was able to end it with a Styles Clash.

After the match someone was being arrested in the WWE Universe it was Dexter Lumis!

Winner AJ Styles via Pinfall

My Choice for RAW-est Moment of The Night: Bobby Lashley Vs Ciampa