Gunther Vs Shinsuke Main Event Title Match

Zach Bouvier
FiredUp Network Sports Writer


Saturday, August 13, 2022

Smackdown Update

Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah advance! Drew McIntyre teams with Madcap Moss against the Usos. Hit Row is back! Shayna Baszler is becoming a killer. Gunther and Shinsuke Nakamura end the show with a huge showdown!

Raquel Rodriguez & Aliyah Vs Xia Li & Shotzi (Round 1)

This is another first round match for the WWE Women’s Tag Titles tournament. On Raw, we saw one team advance and the same will happen tonight.

Shotzi started against the giant Raquel. Shotzi rolled up Raquel but was using the ropes for leverage and the referee saw it. Raquel tagged in Aliyah and picked her up and tossed her onto Xia. That toss allowed Aliyah to land a crossbody. Shotzi and Xia were isolating Aliyah, and keeping her away from her corner. Xia tried to suplex Aliyah, but she reversed into a neck breaker.

Off hot tags Raquel and Shotzi ran into this match. Raquel had all the momentum. Fall away slam after slam. Then was able to land the spinning elbow slam. She wanted to do more damage, but Xia distracted her. Xia and Shotzi were able to take control and had Raquel in position for a double Russian leg sweep. Aliyah joined the fray and was able to spear! Yes spear, Shotzi off her feet. That allowed for Raquel to get out of the position and hit Xia with a Tejana Bomb.

Winners Raquel Rodriguez & Aliyah via Pinfall (ADVANCE)

Drew McIntyre Ready for Clash at the Castle

Drew began by talking about Karrion Kross’s attack from last week. He says he understands the attack since he has been waiting to return. The only problem is he attacked Drew McIntyre for his return. Drew says he will send him to the hospital or the graveyard.

As for Roman Reigns, Drew is ready for him. He says he can defeat him no problem. Roman defeated Brock Lesnar with the help of the Bloodline. Drew reminded Roman that he beat Brock at WrestleMania alone!

Scarlett, Kross’s angel of doom interrupted. The arena was black and white for her entrance and when she got to the ring the Usos jumped Drew. Scarlett couldn’t even get in the ring. Drew fought back but was dropped with a superkick and a 1D.

The Usos told Scarlett who was on the apron that Roman will put Kross down. Scarlett said Kross has the same message for Roman.

Later in the show Drew caught the Usos backstage and beat them up.

Ivar Vs Kofi Kingston

The Raiders were coming out first and together. Kofi did not let them even get down the ramp. He attacked them with a kendo stick. He was destroying them until they used their shields. The Raiders were able to crush Kofi. Ivar jumped off the barricade to break Kofi in half.


Hit Row (Accompanied by B-Fab) Vs Random Locals

HIT ROW IS BACK! They were drafted to Smackdown near the end of 2021 but were all released only weeks later. Now they are back under the Triple H era. Top Dolla the 330-pound giant was destroying these locals. Adonis followed in the destruction and tagged back in Top Dolla. Top Dolla carried both locals and slammed them both down. Then a double team with the heavy hitter.

After the match B-Fab asked if we missed them. She said they are Hit Row the OG3.

Winners Hit Row via Pinfall

Contract Signing: Shayna Baszler & Liv Morgan

A suspended Ronda Rousey was actually the first woman out there. She came through the WWE Universe and had a duffle bag. She had all the money she was fined in that bag and dumped it on the table. She was about to leave, but security came out. So she was about to attack security but stopped. Her friend Shayna came out while she was on her way out. Shayna told her she can’t be doing things like that again. Ronda reminded Shayna she used to be a killer.

Shayna signed the contract and then told Liv to come out and do the same. She also said at Clash at the Castle she will tear her apart limb to limb. Liv is still in an arm brace after being injured at SummerSlam. Liv arrived and said she won’t be beat by her. Also called her a bootleg Ronda Rousey. Liv signed the contract! Shayna upset tried to break Liv’s already injured arm.  Liv ended up reversing a move and sent Shayna through the table with a bulldog. But the damage was already done to her arm.

The Usos Vs Drew McIntyre & Madcap Moss

Drew started this match alone and did a good job. He was dominating the team. Tossing them around outside the ring but back in the ring the Usos gained control. They were tagging in and out picking him apart in their corner.

Madcap Moss came out and levelled the playing field. The Usos were no longer in control. After a commercial break the tag action was officially tag action. Madcap was taking on Jey. Off of hot tags Drew had all the momentum against Jimmy. Drew was about to destroy Jimmy, but Sami Zayn stood in his way. Drew hit Jimmy with a Glasgow Kiss, Jimmy hit him with a superkick! Drew ended it all with a claymore kick.

Winners Drew McIntyre & Madcap Moss via Pinfall

Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Gunther (Accompanied by Ludwig Kaiser) (Intercontinental Championship Match)

Shinsuke earned this match after beating Ludwig on multiple occasions. Gunther tried to chop Shinsuke in the corner but Shinsuke turned it around. It was Shinsuke who was able to chop down Gunther with kicks. Gunther dropped Shinsuke with a big boot and then with some massive uppercuts and a chop. He then put Shinsuke in a Boston Crab hold. Shinsuke rolled Gunther into an armbar, but Gunther quickly broke out of it.

Gunther from the top rope tried to land a splash. After landing on Shinsuke it was Shinsuke who turned it into a triangle submission. Gunther picked up Shinsuke while in the hold and managed to suplex him! Shinsuke caught Gunther with a knee to the face and went for a pin. Shinsuke then went for a Kinshasa but was caught by a huge clothesline. WWE Universe was chanting this is awesome. Gunther was able to retain with a huge powerbomb.

Winner Gunther via Pinfall (RETAINS)

My Choice for The Smacking Down Moment: Intercontinental Championship Showdown!