HIAC: Cody's Rode Through Hell

Zach Bouvier
FiredUp Network Sports Writer


Sunday, June 5, 2022

Hell in a Cell Recap

Hell of a show! Women’s triple threat was the B-EST of the night. Bobby Lashley conquered the odds. Judgment Day gives the final verdict! Madcap was MAD! Theory is still the future. Cody Rhodes Goes Through Hell to Win!

Becky Lynch Vs Asuka Vs Bianca Belair (Raw Women's Championship Match)

When the bell rang, Becky went after both women. That resulted in both women fighting back and sending her out of the ring. Asuka and Bianca began to go head-to-head. Bianca had the strength and Asuka had the quickness. Becky attacked Asuka outside the ring, but inside Bianca sent Becky flying off the top rope. Bianca tried the KOD on Asuka, but she escaped it. Bianca followed it with a powerbomb on to the top turnbuckle. Becky sent Asuka into the turnbuckle and out of the ring again. Bianca was hanging off the middle rope and Becky crushed her with a leg drop from the top rope! She then hit Bianca with a becksploder suplex. Asuka crushed Becky with a massive Hip Attack! These women were all over each other. Anyone’s match. Bianca tried to pin both women at the same time in the center of the ring. She then sent Asuka out of the ring and targeted Becky. Asuka got back in the ring fast to give both women the double knees. Then hitting them both with the hip attack. Becky flattened Bianca with the man handle slam and a pin attempt. Asuka broke that up. Asuka and Becky were in roll ups after roll ups. Asuka tried the Asuka Lock, but Bianca stopped it. Becky put out Asuka with the man handle slam! Tried to pin, but Bianca threw Becky off Asuka and out of the ring. Bianca then pinned Asuka herself!

Winner Bianca Belair via Pinfall (RETAINS)

Bobby Lashley Vs MVP & Omos (Handicap Match)

MVP started for his side. Although, he tagged Omos in before MVP could be touched. Bobby tried to hit him with a clothesline, but Omos did not budge. Bobby was able to trick Omos and get a few shots in. Though, Bobby stopped any momentum by going after MVP, who was on the apron. Omos attacked Bobby and tagged MVP in. MVP trash talked and Bobby fought back. Omos back in was not good for Bobby. He tried to land a suplex on the giant but couldn’t. Omos put Bobby in the corner and crushed him a few times before MVP tagged himself in. Still in the corner, MVP kicked Bobby so hard he flew out the ring. Omos then sent Bobby through the barricade. Bobby slid back in the ring at the count of 9. MVP then got on top of Bobby to start pummelling him. Bobby knocked Omos off the apron and speared MVP for a pin attempt. Cedric Alexander tried to get involved, but Omos sent him out of the ring. Omos was then speared out of the ring. Bobby put MVP in the hurtlock, and he tapped out!

Winner Bobby Lashley via Submission

Kevin Owens Vs Ezekiel

This rivalry started two months ago when Ezekiel first came to Raw. Owens thinks he is a liar, and Ezekiel says it is all the truth. He wants to shut Owens up tonight. Owens started this match by calling Ezekiel a damn liar. Ezekiel hit Owens with a huge knee to the chin and a top rope elbow. Tried to get a pin, but Owens kicked out at 2. Owens was able to send Ezekiel into a ring post on the outside of the ring. Inside, he crushed Ezekiel with a senton and a DDT. Followed all that with an incredible moonsault. Ezekiel was busted open on the ring post. Owens kept screaming, “It’s Elias!” If Ezekiel is Elias, he has become way more athletic. Off a spinebuster he tried to get the win. Owens tried a stunner, but Ezekiel reversed, but Owens instead hit a pop-up powerbomb. Elias flat in the corner was hit with a cannonball. Then Owens finally landed a stunner for the win. Looked into the camera and said, “Elias!”

Winner Kevin Owens via Pinfall

AJ Styles & Finn Balor & Liv Morgan Vs Edge & Damian Priest & Rhea Ripley (6 Person Tag Match)

Former partners Liv versus Rhea started this. Before they could get their hands on each other, the men joined in to have a brawl. Liv tossed Rhea with a hurricanrana. Rhea hit back with a headbutt. Liv tagged in AJ and Priest entered for the other side. AJ landed a Pelé kick and tagged in Balor. Edge distracted Balor and Priest took advantage. Edge in the match began attacking Balor outside the ring. Tossing him into the announce table. Judgement Day isolated Balor in their corner. Balor was able to fight his way out of the enemy corner, but Edge stopped him from tagging. Hot tags allowed Edge and AJ to enter the fight. AJ was full of momentum and clotheslined Edge. AJ flattened Edge with the phenomenal forearm. Rhea slammed Liv on the mat and tried to pin. She went for a riptide, but Liv reversed. AJ, Balor and Liv all dived outside the ring taking out everyone in Judgment Day. AJ crushed Priest with a phenomenal forearm and Edge sent AJ out the ring. Edge tried to spear Balor, but he rolled him up. Balor went to the top rope, but Rhea stopped him from flying off it. Liv took out Rhea, but Edge speared Balor. Edge pinned Balor.

Winners Judgment Day via Pinfall

Madcap Vs Happy Corbin (No Holds Barred Match)

The new Madcap showed his new aggression on Smackdown. Madcap landed the first shots. The action rolled out the ring and to the top of the ramp. Corbin sent him into the tron. Corbin then sent Madcap over the announce table. Madcap used Corey Graves’s chair as a weapon. Then tried to use the steel steps, but Corbin escaped to the WWE Universe. Corbin then choke slammed Madcap in the ring. Corbin did not use any weapons until now. He took a chair from underneath the ring and attacked Madcap’s neck. His neck that has been previously injured. Madcap sent Corbin headfirst into the chair with a drop toe hold. Corbin got up and landed a deep six, but Madcap got out. Madcap fired away chair shots on Corbin and then attacked him in the corner. With a chair around Madcap’s neck, Corbin sent him into the announce table headfirst. The WWE Universe chanted for “tables” instead Corbin took steel steps. Madcap sent Corbin into the steps with a fall away slam and landed the punchline. Madcap put the chair around Corbin’s neck and slam the steel steps down on it. Madcap then pinned him.

Corbin was stretchered out of the arena.

Winner Madcap via Pinfall

Mustafa Ali Vs Theory (United States Championship Match)

Theory before the match was taking selfies. Theory was also dressed in United States colours. Mustafa, however, is fighting in his hometown. “Ali” chants rained down in the All-State Arena. Mustafa landed a heavy chop on Theory. After that chop, Theory rolled out the ring. Mustafa followed that up with a hurricanrana and multiple arm drags. Theory kept escaping to the outside. Theory tossed Mustafa into the ring post shoulder first. The WWE Universe wanted Theory to know he sucks. On the top rope, Mustafa was sent flying out the ring by Theory. Mustafa landed hard on his elbow. Theory tried to cover Mustafa three times in a row without getting the win. Mustafa off the second rope hit a tornado DDT. Theory tried the A-Town Down, but Mustafa got out of it. Mustafa then put Theory into the STF. Theory made it to the bottom rope. Mustafa went to the top rope but crashed and burned. Theory finally hit the A-Town Down to retain.

Winner Theory via Pinfall (RETAINS)

Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins (Hell in a Cell)

Cody Rhodes suffered an injury Monday while brawling with Rollins. He pushed through it, but on Friday it got worse during a workout. Rhodes agreed to still fight tonight, however rumours suggest the match will be shorter than intended. Rollins was wearing Dusty Rhodes’s famous polka dots tonight. Something he must know will get under Rhodes’s skin. You don’t mock a man’s late father. Rhodes landed the first shot to Rollins’s face. Cody Cutter taking Rollins out! Rhodes now tried to get into the figure four. Rollins grabbed onto the ropes, but no rope break in this. Rollins took a Kendo stick from under the ring and beat on Rhodes to break it up. Rollins was poking the stick into Rhodes’s bruised torso. Rollins continued to target his right side, the injured side. These men were slamming each other all over the steel cage. Rollins took the steel steps to Rhodes’s right side! Rollins then put on Rhodes’s gear and started to whip him with a weight belt. The belt was polka-dotted to add insult to injury. Now Rollins is bringing a table into the ring. The WWE Universe was happy to see the table, even thanking Rollins. Rhodes tried to powerbomb Rollins through the table, but Rollins got out of it. Rollins put Rhodes on the table and went for a frog splash. Rhodes moved out the way and Rollins went straight through the table. Under the ring, Rhodes pulled out a bull bell/rope. Both men put a side of the rope on one hand. Rhodes turned this into a bull rope match up. He dinged the bell off of Rollins’s head. Tried to pin and win, but Rollins kicked out at two. Rollins brought in another table. Rollins tried to put Rhodes through the table again, but Rhodes reversed into the cross Rhodes. Rhodes was put through the table by a powerbomb. Rollins attempted a pin and Rhodes kicked out! Now Rollins has a sledgehammer, like his mentor Triple H. Rollins could not use, and Rhodes hit a pedigree on Rollins. Rhodes was the one to send a message through Triple H. Rhodes picked up the sledgehammer and followed Rollins in and out of the ring. Rollins then curb stomped Rhodes. Still not enough to end this match! Rollins landed a cross Rhodes and Cody did the same! Both men laid out on the mat. Rhodes followed that with two cross Rhodes back to back. He then smashed Rollins in the face with the sledgehammer to win!

Winner Cody Rhodes via Pinfall

The Hell Raising Moment: Cody Rhodes Goes Through Hell to Win!