Jeff Jarrett Will Be Guest Referee at SummerSlam

Zach Bouvier
FiredUp Network Sports Writer


Friday, July 15, 2022

Smackdown Update

Pat McAfee calls out Bumass Corbin! Liv Morgan beats Natalya. The New Day dresses up as the Viking Raiders. Lacy Evans walks out of a match again. Sheamus  gets out of facing Drew McIntyre again. Theory gets disqualified. Jeff Jarrett will be the Guest Referee at SummerSlam!

Pat McAfee Summons Bumass Corbin

Michael Cole introduced McAfee to the ring. The crowd was excited to see McAfee in the ring. He apologized for missing last week's show, since he was injured by Happy Corbin. He kept calling him bumass Corbin throughout the segment. However, he did say Corbin used to be humble before he stepped foot in the WWE. He also promised to smack the hell out of him and making him humble again.

Corbin interrupted via the jumbotron. He said it was easy to drop McAfee at MITB because he is a fighter and McAfee isn’t. Corbin did not come out face to face because he has some sort of infection or something.

Liv Morgan Vs Natalya (Smackdown Women’s Championship Contender’s Match)

Natalya took the fight to Liv very quickly. Natalya feels it was because of her that Liv won the title. Liv with a running dropkick sent Natalya to the apron. Liv rolled up Natalya and Natalya rolled up Liv. No one could get the 3 count. Liv then went up high to land a missile dropkick to send Natalya across the ring. She followed that with a step-up enziguri. Natalya would fight back with a German suplex and a pinfall attempt. She then planted Liv with a powerbomb and turned it into an ankle lock. Liv did not tap out, but instead hit the oblivion to win.

Winner Liv Morgan via Pinfall

The New Raid!

The New Day dressed up as the Viking Raiders. They were out here to mock the Viking Raiders who made a return a few weeks ago. Since that return, they have been attacking the New Day.

The Viking Raiders were not sitting through this for long. They came to the top of the ramp and threatened to beat up the New Day. The New Day called them ugly and that was the last straw. They approached the ring to attack but Shanky and Jinder Mahal attacked them! Jinder, Shanky and the New Day planned this attack on the Raiders.

Aliyah Vs Lacy Evans

Last week they were supposed to team together, but Lacy backed out. Lacy did appreciate the WWE Universe and then confronted her partner. The match never happened.

Tonight, she went straight to the ring and went for the microphone. She spoke about how important and great she is again. The WWE Universe chanted, “You Suck!” She told them to go to hell, and left the ring.


Drew McIntyre Vs Ridge Holland

The graphic said Sheamus was competing. The ring announcer announced his opponent as Ridge Holland. Sheamus let one of his teammates fight his match again, as he did last week.

McIntyre went right after Holland, well the bell rang! He got him on the apron and gave him 10 punches to his chest, a move Sheamus does. Holland in the center of the ring powerslammed McIntyre and went for a pin. McIntyre went for a Claymore, but Butch distracted him. Holland hit McIntyre with a headbutt. McIntyre followed back with his own in the Glasgow Kiss. Then hit Sheamus’s move, White Noise. McIntyre landed a Claymore to end the match.

Winner Drew McIntyre via Pinfall

Madcap Moss Vs Theory

These two are rising young stars. The WWE Universe was split on this one. These men were very much back and forth. Madcap gained some momentum with a huge fall away slam! Theory tried to slam Madcap’s head on the turnbuckle one too many times. Madcap was able to reverse and send Theory to ringside. Theory jumped out of the way and Madcap went right into the steel steps. Back in the ring, Madcap was able to hit Theory with a massive shoulder tackle. Then an even bigger clothesline! Madcap tried to end it with a spinebuster. Theory tried an A-Town Down, but Madcap got out of it. Madcap then hit Theory off the apron and straight to the outside.

Theory lost it and began beating Madcap with the MITB briefcase. This got him disqualified.

Sami Zayn came out to defend Roman Reigns after Theory said he was going to cash in at SummerSlam. Zayn asked for an apology. Theory was not afraid of Zayn and his one arm since his other is injured. The Usos came out instead. Theory retreated all the way back to ringside and Madcap got his hands on him.

Winner Madcap Moss via Disqualification

Jimmy Uso (Accompanied by Jey Uso) Vs Angelo Dawkins (Accompanied by Montez Ford)

Sami Zayn joined the commentary desk for this match. We will also find out who will be the guest referee at SummerSlam for the tag match.

Dawkins started off strong against Jimmy. Jimmy was able to land a Samoan drop to flattened Dawkins. On the outside of the ring, Dawkins sent Jimmy into the timekeeper’s area! After the commercial, Jimmy was in control. Dawkins got to his feet and hit Jimmy with a massive right hand to stun him. Jimmy accidentally knocked the official over and out. Dawkins rolled up Jimmy, but there was no referee. Then Jimmy superkicked Dawkins and tried his own pin attempt. Still no referee for that. Dawkins then hit the skyhigh and got a 3 count because the referee was conscious again. Jimmy’s shoulder was up, but the referee did not see it.

The same thing happened at MITB, but it was on Montez Ford. Adam Pearce came out and said we need a guest referee for SummerSlam to call the match right. He announced the Guest Referee as Jeff Jarrett.

Then the two teams began brawling in the ring. Officials came out to separate these men.

Winner Angelo Dawkins via Pinfall

My Choice for The Smacking Down Moment: Theory Vs Madcap Moss!