Judgment Day: Gets a Demon but Loses Edge

Zach Bouvier
FiredUp Network Sports Writer


Monday, June 6, 2022

Raw Rewind

Cody Rhodes starts Raw. Becky Lynch tries to win the 24/7 Title. Street Profits face the Usos. Bobby Lashley talks about the future. New Judgment Day member and a new leader. Four women fight and one goes to MITB to face Bianca Belair.

HIAC Winner Cody Rhodes Speaks on Raw

Cody was not dressed to fight, but to talk. The crowd showered him in “Cody!” chants. Cody did the famous. “Welcome, to Monday Night Raw”. The WWE Universe followed up with “Thank you, Cody”. He said it is a privilege to do what he does, and he does not need the thanks. He is also officially done with Seth Rollins after fighting him in 3 matches and winning them all. Not only that, but he then spoke about Money in the Bank and wanting to win the briefcase. He may not be able to compete however due to his injury and the event is in 4 weeks.

Rollins’s music hit, and he came to the ring. Surprisingly, he gave Cody his respect. He then showed his respect by shaking hands with Cody. Rollins left the ring and Cody walked up the ramp to his music.

Out of nowhere, Rollins attacked Cody with a sledgehammer. He was attacking Cody’s injured right side. This may not be the end of their story.

Becky Lynch Vs Dana Brooke

Becky lost yesterday at HIAC when Bianca Belair defeated her and Asuka to retain her Raw Women’s Championship. While fighting, Akira Tozawa was running around the ring with his 24/7 championship. Tamina and others were chasing him, and he ran into the ring. Dana was able to roll him up and win the title.

Becky was upset about that and challenged Dana for the title. That was made official. Becky tossed Dana with a becksploder and Asuka arrived. Dana rolled up Becky off the distraction, but Becky kicked out. Dana was able to pin Becky again and Asuka held Becky’s foot down, so she could not kick out.

Winner Dana Brooke via Pinfall (RETAINS 24/7 Championship)

Miz TV: MIZ & MRS Celebration

The Miz came out with his wife Maryse to host Miz TV. This is a premiere for the MIZ & MRS airing season 3, episode 1 after Raw. They are celebrating the occasion and then Riddle interrupted.

Riddle tried to speak French to Maryse, and it was very insulting to this Québécois. Maryse also did not understand anything he said. Riddle then gave a shout-out to Randy Orton. The Miz told him to get lost. Riddle called out Roman Reigns and his title. Then they started talking about The Miz’s balls…Maryse then told Riddle to fight her husband.

The Miz declined to fight. Ciampa blindsided Riddle and walked away. More random attacks by Ciampa. The Miz then changed his mind to fight a knocked-out Riddle.

Riddle Vs The Miz (Accompanied by Maryse)

After commercial break, The Miz was fighting while in a suit. Riddle was not fully out of it and was able to defend himself. Riddle landed a body slam and a hanging DDT from the middle rope. Tried to flatten the Miz with an RKO, but the Miz ran out the ring. Riddle then ripped the Miz’s pants off. The referee was distracted and the Miz tried to hit him with Maryse’s purse, but Riddle had an RKO out of nowhere in mind instead to win.

Winner Riddle via Pinfall

Street Profits Vs The Usos (Championship Contender’s Match)

Dawkins started against Jimmy but went after Jey on the apron. Dawkins was isolating Jimmy and tagged in Montez. Montez dropped Jey with a dropkick. The Street Profits have been in control. After a commercial break, Jimmy was in control over Dawkins. Jimmy was all over him, and Jimmy on the apron even gave him a big punch to the face. Dawkins coming alive was able to fight off the Usos for a little while. Unfortunately for him, the Usos are a great team. Montez through the ropes took out Jey, then Jimmy through the ropes took out Montez, and Dawkins took out both Usos. Montez then went to the top rope and crushed Jey with a huge splash. So high he almost touched the hanging MITB briefcases. The match then ended when The Usos got counted out and Montez got back in the ring at a count of 9.

Winners The Street Profits via Count Out (EARNED A Title Match)

Bobby Lashley Talks About the Future

The WWE Universe was happy to see him. Lashley spoke about beating the two men and making MVP tap. He says making MVP tap out felt good. He was about to announce what he has planned next, but Theory interrupted.

Theory was upset that Lashley is taking his TV time. He told Lashley to get out of the ring, but first take a selfie. Lashley wanted a match against Theory. He then told Theory to put the United States Title on the line. Theory says Lashley has not earned a title shot. Lashley sent Theory out of the ring. Theory then walked up the ramp and away.

Dominik Mysterio (Accompanied by Rey) Vs Veer Maahan

Veer first fought and injured Dominik two months ago. Dominik now wants revenge. Veer started off strong with man handling Dominik. However, Dominik was able to get under Veer’s skin and have him chase him around. Dominik was looking to make Veer tired. Veer dropped Dominik and made sure Rey was watching the brutality. Veer outside the ring tossed Dominik into his father. He then kicked Rey to the ground. Dominik in the ring sent Veer headfirst into the turnbuckle. He then landed a 619 and a splash. Tried to pin, but Veer kicked out at one! Veer then almost took Dominik’s head off with a clothesline. Veer tried to but Dominik in the cervical clutch, but Rey interfered. The match ended and Rey got Veer out of the ring and walked away with his son.

Winner Veer Maahan via Disqualification

Judgment Day Welcomes New Member

Priest had the audience rise for the Judgment Day! Rhea spoke about Judgment Day’s destiny, which involves winning, and they did at HIAC.  Edge told the WWE Universe to shut their mouths. Also, how proud he is of Priest and Rhea. Edge then welcomed the newest member. The arena was silent and Finn Balor’s music played. Is he here to fight or join after losing to them at HIAC? Balor shook Edge’s hand and Balor spoke about his clarity he had. He is tired of fighting Judgment Day, and was impressed by their power yesterday. Priest then spoke about limitations and someone holding them back. He said it was Edge holding them back. Priest, Rhea and Balor all attacked the former leader. Edge tried to fight back, but they were too much for him. Priest put him through the announce table. Balor then took a piece of a chair and put it in Edge’s mouth for the Glasgow smile.

Officials tried to break it up, but Rhea held them off with a chair.

Cedric Alexander Vs Omos (Accompanied by MVP)

Cedric was told he was no longer needed by MVP yesterday and got involved in the match. That resulted in Bobby Lashley winning. Omos tonight picked up, Cedric slammed him down and pinned him.

The Dirty Dawgs came out and started to be interviewed by Kevin Patrick. Omos’s match just finished. MVP was upset by this so-called disrespect. He confronted The Dirty Dawgs and Dolph super kicked him in the face. Omos then chased them backstage.

Winner Omos via Pinfall

Ezekiel Vs Otis

Ezekiel lost yesterday against Kevin Owens. Tonight, he has a big obstacle in Otis. The tree trunk of a man. Ezekiel was able to roll up Otis to win.

Ezekiel then called out Kevin Owens, demanding a rematch next week on Raw. Owens came out and was in a good mood. Owens said he will give him a rematch if he admits he is Elias. Ezekiel then said, “I admit my name is Elias”. The rematch is official. Ezekiel then said he lied to get the match, and he’s actually Ezekiel. He then kneed Owens in the face and got out of there.

Winner Ezekiel via Pinfall

Alexa Bliss Vs Liv Morgan Vs Doudrop (Accompanied by Nikki A.S.H) Vs Rhea Ripley (Winner Gets Raw Championship Match at MITB)

Bianca Belair the champ was out first to watch this match. Rhea and Liv went right after each other. Doudrop and Bliss had each other as well. Doudrop and Rhea were left face to face. Giant against Giant. Bliss tried to land a crossbody on Rhea, but Rhea caught her. Liv then dropped kicked them both. After the commercial break, Doudrop was trying to pin Bliss. Liv attacked Doudrop and Rhea tried to get her hands on Liv.  Doudrop powerbombed Liv and went for a pin. Bliss broke it up right before 3. Liv and Bliss were rolling around in the ring in a cradle to pin after pin. Liv hit Doudrop with the double knees. Nikki got involved and Bliss attacked her. Rhea drop-kicked Doudrop and hit her with a riptide.

Winner Rhea Ripley via Pinfall (EARNED a Title Match)

My Choice for RAW-est Moment of The Night: Finn Balor is Judgment Day