NEW Intercontinental Champion: Gunther

Zach Bouvier
FiredUp Network Sports Writer


Friday, June 10, 2022

Smackdown Update

Intense Smackdown tonight! Drew McIntyre & Sheamus end the match in no contest. Lacy Evans wins first match back. Shotzi faces Ronda Rousey. Gunther NEW Intercontinental Champion! Riddle puts everything on the line for a match against Roman.

Drew McIntyre Vs Sheamus (Accompanied by Butch) (MITB Qualifying Match)

Sheamus got the first shots in and big ones. McIntyre got into the match after landing a huge clothesline. McIntyre also hit Sheamus with 10 beats to the chest. A move Sheamus loves to use. Sheamus however was able to hit McIntyre with White Noise on the apron! After commercial break, McIntyre got Sheamus in a jack knife cover after hitting a spinebuster. Sheamus then took a page out of McIntyre’s playbook with a future shock DDT. McIntyre took a move from Sheamus by landing White Noise from the top rope! He then went for a Claymore, but Sheamus reversed with a running knee to the face. These men were back and forth the whole match! Both men then took chairs and wacked each other at the same time.

The referee had to end the match. Making it a double disqualification. They then started to brawl around the outside of the ring. Officials came out to separate them, and they brought the fight into the WWE Universe.

Later in the show, McIntyre TOLD Adam Pearce to put him in the MITB. Pearce said he has a lot to think about.

Sheamus also demanded to be in the match.


Lacy Evans Vs Xia Li (MITB Qualifying Match)

This is Evans's first match in over a year. With her new character story, will she be pushed to win. Xia was the first to land an attack, sending Evans face-first into the mat. Evans was able to land a flying European uppercut on Xia. Xia was trying to hit Evans with something, but Evans reversed with a Women’s Right to win.

Winner Lacy Evans via Pinfall (SPOT in the MITB Match)

Ronda Rousey Addresses Natalya

Natalya won the qualifying match to face Ronda at MITB. Ronda tonight started to insult Natalya, calling her Sharpshooter a cheap imitation of Bret Hart’s. Then she was interrupted by…Shotzi.

Shotzi told her to shut up. She then challenged her to a match on the spot. Ronda asked the WWE Universe if she should fight for the title tonight. The WWE Universe wanted it and Ronda agreed.

Shotzi Vs Ronda Rousey (Smackdown Women’s Title Contender’s Match)

This match was made official during the commercial break. Ronda called it a title match, but it turned out to be a contender's match. Ronda rolled her up for a pin, but Shotzi kicked out. Ronda then powerslammed her. Shotzi had Ronda wrapped up in the ropes, the referee was counting to five. Ronda reversed and turned it into an ankle lock in the ropes. Shotzi crushed Ronda with a DDT from the apron to the ground. Shotzi could have left Ronda out of the ring for a count out, but tried to win via pinfall. Ronda kicked out of her attempt. Shotzi slapped Ronda and that pissed her off. Ronda landed the baddest slam and some arm drags. Then a pipers pit and an arm bar to win.

Natalya after the match attacked Ronda and put her into a Sharpshooter. Officials pleaded with Natalya to break the hold.

Winner Ronda Rousey via Pinfall

Gunther (Accompanied by Ludwig Kaiser) Vs Ricochet (Intercontinental Title Match)

Gunther tossed Ricochet across the ring in the first five seconds. Later, a huge chop that knocked Ricochet on his back. Ricochet was able to flip Gunther into a powerbomb and a pin. He then started to chop down Gunther with kicks to his legs. Ricochet went to the top rope and jumped off, but Gunther caught him into a sleeper hold. Ricochet got out of it, and Gunther then turned him inside out with a lariat. Gunther drop-kicked Ricochet and then powerbombed him to win.

Winner Gunther via Pinfall (NEW Intercontinental Champion)

Sami Zayn Vs Riddle (Riddle Loses: Barred from Smackdown. Riddle Wins: Title Match Against Roman Reigns)

Riddle has a lot on the line in this match. Zayn also has some things on the line. Before the match, Paul Heyman spoke to Zayn about what will happen if he wins or loses. If he wins, Heyman will tell Roman that Zayn should join the Bloodline. If he loses… Well, Heyman could not finish what would happen to him. Riddle was in control to start this match. After some time, in became more back and forth. Zayn was slamming Riddle on the announce table. After a commercial break, Zayn was stomping on Riddle’s head. Zayn was on the top rope. Riddle tried to get him off, but Zayn hit him with a headbutt. Zayn then jumped off and Riddle hit him with a knee. Zayn then had Riddle down and out, but instead of pinning, decided to mock Riddle. Riddle hit him with a running knee and a flying bro. Now he was looking for an RKO, but Zayn reversed into a blue thunder bomb. Zayn was then able to get an RKO out of nowhere to win.

The Usos attacked Riddle after the match. Riddle fought back with a kendo stick!

Winner Riddle via Pinfall (Title Match Next Friday)

My Choice for The Smacking Down Moment: New Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER!