NXT Spring Breakin

Zach Bouvier
FiredUp Network Sports Writer


Tuesday, May 3, 2022

NXT Playback

Tonight, was not just NXT, but NXT Spring Breakin’. This is still NXT 2.0 but back to its roots because it was full of gold! Gold being the North American Title and the NXT title! Cameron Grimes Retains. Nathan Frazer debuts! The Viking Raiders don’t raid! Bron Breakker Retains!

Carmelo Hayes (Accompanied by Trick Williams) Vs Solo Sikoa Vs Cameron Grimes (NXT North American Title Match)

Grimes, the champ going into this match, does have some tough competition. The NXT Universe was chanting for Solo before the match even started. Melo pushed Solo away as if he doesn’t belong in this match. Solo and Grimes continued to knock Melo out of the ring. However, when Melo got in the ring, he made his presence felt. Knocking everyone out and dodging anything thrown his way. Fans were loving this match so much, screaming “holy shit!” (That usually gets the audio cut!) These men drained were in a triangle just chopping away at one another. Solo came out on top from that encounter. He placed the two men in the corner and crashed into them both. Grimes tried to get the win off a poison rana, but Melo kicked out. He then tried to send him straight to the moon, but Melo reversed into a pin. Grimes kicked out! Solo from the top rope landed a splash on Grimes but could not pin. Solo had Melo on his shoulders, but Grimes drop-kicked them from the top rope. Grimes was able to get the win over Solo.

Winner Cameron Grimes via Pinfall (RETAINS)

Grayson Waller Vs Nathan Frazer

This is Nathan’s debut match. He was supposed to debut last week, but Waller ruined that. Waller has been trash talking on Twitter, but now they are face to face. Nathan moves very fast and proving to be impressive. Waller did not take anything sitting down and fought back.  Waller dropped Nathan with a powerbomb. He went for the pin, but Nathan kicked out. Nathan landed two superkicks and looked to finish it, but Waller grabbed the ropes. Chase U was at ringside and intervened in this match. Waller on the top rope was distracted and fell off because of an air horn. Nathan then hit the phoenix splash to win.

Winner Nathan Frazer via Pinfall

Tony D’Angelo Meets with Santos Escobar

These men met at a restaurant to have a meeting. The meeting was called by D’Angelo. He wants to settle things like businessmen. Santos doesn’t see any trust in D’Angelo. Santos offered to lead a partnership, but D’Angelo was upset because he is the godfather of NXT. They however came to a peace agreement.

Natalya & Lash Legend Vs Cora Jade & Nikita Lyons

Jade started against Lash. Lash was showing off her strength and her expertise. She was quick to get Natalya in the ring. Jade got Natalya in a headlock and brought her to the corner to tag in Lyons. Natalya went for a roll up pin, but Lyons kicked out at 2. Lash also got her hands on Lyons. Lyons has had Lash’s number in the past weeks, but Lash has a legend on her side tonight! Lash was also woman handling Jade. Lyons back in was very close to putting Natalya away. Off a miscommunication, Natalya superkicked Lash. Jade off the top rope got a pinfall on Lash.

Winners Cora Jade & Nikita Lyons via Pinfall

The Creed Brothers Vs The Viking Raiders

The Creeds have to show their ability to Rodrick Strong. Tough challenge against the Raiders. The Raiders double-teamed Julius and almost put this match away in minutes! Brutus though was man handling Erik! Julius back in the ring was able to prove himself, taking the Raiders out. Brutus reversed a double team move, but not a powerbomb from Ivar.  Rodrick Strong did come to the aid of the Creed Brothers, and they won!

They were upset, however, not needing the extra help.

Winners The Creed Brothers via Pinfall

Joe Gacy Vs Bron Breakker (NXT Title Match)

This has been a growing and personal rivalry! Gacy says things will not end well if he doesn’t win tonight. There doesn’t seem like there is a chance Breakker will go easy on him. This matched spilled out the ring very quickly. Breakker started this very much intimidating Gacy, but Gacy did not let that last long. He showed us why we all think he is a creep. Mid-match, Gacy’s followers seemed to appear in the NXT Universe.  Breakker got back in this, but Gacy was relentless! Breakker ended it with a huge spear out of nowhere!

Winner Bron Breakker via Pinfall (RETAINS)


My choice for N(e)XT Star Moment: North American Triple Threat Match!