Ronda Rousey Issues Open Challenge

Zach Bouvier
FiredUp Network Sports Writer


Friday, May 13, 2022

Smackdown Update

Smackdown had a Raw start with RK-Bro. Sami Zayn is a part of the Bloodline? Ronda issues an open challenge. Women’s Tag Titles on the line as well. Madcap hospitalized. Tag Title Unification next week!

Raw Tag Champs Start SmackDown

Not something you see every day, but they are on a mission. They were initially supposed to have a title unification match at WrestleMania Backlash, instead it was a 6-man tag. RK-Bro was upset that The Usos always get saved by Roman Reigns. Orton called out Roman, but Sami Zayn came out. He was wearing a Bloodline shirt! Zayn said no one wants this title match. Zayn suggested they go back to Raw and not to come back. He then went on about how he is the locker room leader. Orton asked the leader to make a match: Riddle Vs Zayn. If Riddle wins, RK-Bro gets the title match. Zayn agreed but said it’s too complicated to make it tonight.

Adam Pearce came out. He did not make it with a stipulation, but Riddle will face Zayn tonight.

Sami Zayn Vs Riddle (Accompanied by Randy Orton)

Zayn tried to avoid as many attacks as he could. Riddle put him in a bromission, but he got to the ropes. Finally, done avoiding, Zayn started to fight! He was all over Riddle for some time. Orton outside the ring was able to fire up Riddle! Riddle landed a fisherman suplex but not much else because Zayn reversed. Zayn on the top rope couldn’t do anything because Riddle reversed with a knee to the face! Then a running Zayn was powerslammed (Vintage Orton done by Riddle). Zayn knocked Riddle outside the ring and tried to win by count out, but Riddle got back in at 9. With a Broderick Riddle won.

Winner Riddle via Pinfall

Baddest Women’s Champion

Ronda Rousey came out as Smackdown Women’s Champion after winning Sunday. She broke Charlotte Flair’s arm and made her quit to win. Ronda looked very happy tonight. Ronda was also meaning business by issuing an open challenge.

Raquel Rodriguez came out to accept that challenge. She claims she’ll be making history tonight.

Raquel Rodriguez Vs Ronda Rousey (Smackdown Women’s Title Match)

Raquel landed the first move. Woman-Handling the champion!  Fall-Away slam after slam. She was looking really good. Win or lose, this is a push for Raquel. Ronda finally reversed and went for an arm bar, but Raquel reversed her.  Off a vertical suplex Raquel got a two count very close to three! Ronda tried to pick Raquel up on her shoulders but could not. Ronda also tried to make her tap in many different ways. Raquel always reversed. Ronda got a win from a roll up pin.

They shook hands after the match.

Winner Ronda Rousey via Pinfall (RETAINS Title)

Madcap Moss Gets His Laugh

Kayla Braxton welcomed Madcap to the ring. His Andre the Giant trophy was at ringside. They spoke about the biggest win of Madcap’s career. (WrestleMania Backlash) He explained how he beat the Big Bad Wolf. He also has lots of plans for the future. Including winning Money in the Bank.

Happy Corbin showed up with a chair and attacked Madcap. He put Madcap’s head in a chair and slammed the trophy on it, crushing his neck. Madcap was stretchered out of the ring/arena.

Natalya & Shayna Baszler Vs Naomi & Sasha Banks (Women’s Tag Title Match)

This is a title match, Shayna and Natalya want to be new champs. Shayna started against Naomi. Shayna quickly went for Naomi’s arm. Also, quickly, Naomi went for a tag and double-teamed with Sasha. Sasha now against Natalya was looking good for her team. Landing a meteora and trying to pin. After commercial break, Shayna was in control over Sasha. Naomi broke things up and asked for a tag. Shayna tried to tag Naomi, but the referee caught Natalya helping. Naomi dropped Natalya with a springboard knee to the face. Naomi and Sasha double-teamed Natalya and tried to pin. Shayna broke that up. Natalya went for a sharpshooter on Naomi, but Naomi rolled up into a pin.

Winners Naomi & Sasha Banks via Pinfall (RETAIN Titles)

Kofi Kingston (Accompanied by Xavier Woods) Vs Butch (Accompanied by Ridge Holland & Sheamus)

These teams have been going at it for the longest time! Tonight, another variation of them face off. Butch returned last week during the table match. Butch always full of energy went crazy on Kofi. Like a rabid dog, wouldn’t be surprised if he foamed at the mouth. Kofi after the commercial break tried to end the match with the SOS. Sheamus was fighting with Xavier outside the ring. Kofi was distracted by the fight and Butch knocked him out and pinned.

Winner Butch via Pinfall

The Usos Address RK-Bro

The Bloodline came out all together, however it was advertised as the Usos. Roman Reigns looks to speak for his cousins about this Title match challenge. Roman said there is no one next in line for the tribal chief. He said the Usos have a challenge, so he handed the mic to Jimmy.

RK-Bro interrupted before Jimmy could speak. Orton and Riddle joined them in the ring. Riddle said the unification title match needs to happen. The WWE Universe wanted it, and Jimmy and Jey accepted. The match is supposed to take place next Friday. Riddle kneed Roman and RK-Bro rolled out the ring.

My Choice for The Smacking Down Moment: Riddle Knees Roman Reigns in the Face