Santos Escobar Betrays the Don of NXT

Zach Bouvier
FiredUp Network Sports Writer


Tuesday, June 21, 2022

NXT Playback

NXT is nonstop action! Grayson Waller defeats Solo Sikoa. Kayden Chance and Carter win a match and brawl with Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez. Wes Lee gets called out by Trick Williams. Two Dimes ruins a match for Del Toro and Wilde. Toxic Attraction is still toxic! Carmelo retains thanks to Santos Escobar. 

Solo Sikoa Vs Grayson Waller

Waller came out talking trash towards Solo and hyping himself up. He says he has been censoring himself and will no longer do so. He went to speak his mind until Solo attacked him at the top of the ramp.

They got the action into the ring and the bell rang. Solo continued to control Waller and dominate. He tried to land a Samoan drop on Waller, but Waller grabbed onto the turnbuckle. Waller ended up ripping the cushioning off the turnbuckle that may come back to haunt him later. Waller was able to gain some momentum and play dirty. Solo after commercial break was slugging Waller. Waller though dropped Solo with a DDT and went for a pinfall. Waller then stood on the ropes but was too focused on the NXT Universe, so Solo knocked him out of the ring. Solo landed a Samoan drop and went to the top rope for, but Waller rolled out the way. Waller then dropped Solo with a rolling stunner to win.

Winner Grayson Waller via Pinfall

 Kayden Carter & Katana Chance Vs Yulisa Leon & Valentina Feroz

Carter started against Leon. Leon was dancing and got drop-kicked! Leon was able to fight back and get Valentina in the match. They double-teamed on Carter. Chance was able to get in and use her speed against Leon. Leon picked up Chance, who snuck a tag to Carter. Carter was able to sneak up on Leon and take her out. Carter tried to stop Leon from tagging in Valentina, but Leon was able to kick her in the face. Valentina in this speared Carter and went for a pin.  Carter and Chance double-teamed on Valentina, and it looked like the end, but Leon broke up a pin. However, Chance from the top rope was able to land a splash on Valentina for the win.

Winners Kayden Carter & Katana Chance via Pinfall

Wes Lee Addresses the NXT Universe

Lee looks to finally speak to the NXT Universe directly since his former tag partner was fired. He says he is blessed to still be here. “You deserve it” chants filled the arena. He spoke about how is best friend was let go, and he lost the NXT tag titles. His singles matches that he has competed in recently were to prove himself, he says.

Trick Williams came out and told Lee to shut up. Claiming Lee abandoned his friend. Lee snapped on Williams. Lee said Williams hypes up Carmelo Hayes so much, he isn’t sure if he has any hype for himself. Lee wanted a match, but Williams says he works on his time.

Rodrick Strong & Damon Kemp Vs Joaquin Wilde & Cruz Del Toro (Accompanied by Two Dimes & Stacks)

Strong and Kemp are representing Diamond Mine. Wilde and Toro are representing The D’Angelo Family. Strong started off tough against Wilde. He was able to get Wilde to the mat and tried to injure his fingers. Toro and Wilde double-teamed Strong, and he tagged in Kemp. Kemp was not looking good, so Strong yelled at him and gave him a big chop. That fired up Kemp, and he took out Toro and Wilde. Wilde tried to do the same and take on Kemp and Strong, but Strong used a backbreaker to stop him. Kemp then put him in a headlock. Toro and Strong were both tagged in off of hot tags. Toro had the upper hand and used his speed to slow down Strong. Toro was able to plant Strong with a flying drop-kick. Two Dimes “accidentally” tripped Toro with a crowbar, and Strong capitalized to get a pin.

Winners Rodrick Strong & Damon Kemp via Pinfall

Toxic Attraction Trolls Roxanne Perez

The NXT Women’s Champ and Tag Champs were here to speak. Rose went straight for Roxanne Perez and her friends. (Cora Jade & Indi Hartwell) Saying them winning last week was a fluke win. Gigi reminded Perez she is not on their level and not in a video game. Jacy told Perez to go back home and hang up posters of Toxic Attraction.

Perez came out with Cora. Rose told Perez she is not getting a title match, and that she does not want to cash in her contract for a match. Perez says she will one day be NXT Women’s Champion, but for now she wants to be a tag champ with Cora.

Carter and Chance came out because they not like the sound of that. Carter says the line starts behind them. Cora doesn’t agree with that. Chance says no cutting in line because you are the flavour of the month. Cora said Carter and Chance are done, and that started a brawl. Officials came out to break out the two teams.

Cameron Grimes Vs Edris Enofe (Accompanied by Malik Blade)

Grimes took Edris to the mat very fast. Edris however was able to show off his althetisism and drop-kick Grimes. He was quickening the pace of this match. Grimes, keeping up with the speed, went to the top rope and landed a cross body. Edris gained a bit of control with a running uppercut and flying outside the ring and onto Grimes. In the ring, Grimes chanted to the moon and landed the cave in on Edris to win.

Grimes did show both me a sign of respect with hand shakes.

Winner Cameron Grimes via Pinfall

Von Wagner Vs Brooks Jensen (No One Allowed at Ringside)

Jensen is back to action after being injured. His hand is still wrapped up, but he is finally in a match. Wagner does not care, started clubbing Jensen. Jensen was able to drop Wagner with a spinning heel kick. Wagner has been targeting Jensen’s left hand and arm. Jensen dropped Wagner with a big clothesline. Then both men began slugging away at one another. Wagner flattened Jensen and got a pinfall.

Winner Von Wagner via Pinfall

Alba Fyre Vs Lash Legend

Lash was talking trash in Alba’s face. Alba did not take it and quickly going after Lash. Alba is here to fight and not talk. Lash did start to fight and stopped talking. Lash was dropped by a DDT. Alba superkicked Lash in the face and landed a gory bomb. Alba tried a top rope move, but Lash rolled out the ring and out the way. Lash then took Alba’s bat and hit her with it.

Winner Alba Fyre via Disqualification

Tony D’Angelo (Accompanied by the D’Angelo Family) Vs Carmelo Hayes (Accompanied by Trick Williams) (NXT North American Championship Match)

Carmelo is looking to stay the A-Champ and D’Angelo looks to be the Don with gold. D’Angelo started this match with lots of trash talk to Carmelo and Santos. Santos is a part of the D’Angelo Family, but D’Angelo does not seem to like him. Williams got on the apron and to counter that, so did all of the D’Angelo Family. Carmelo told Williams to get off the apron. Carmelo clotheslined D’Angelo and got in the face of the whole family. After the commercial break, Carmelo was chopping D’Angelo. He tried to pin the Don, but D’Angelo kicked out. Carmelo caught D’Angelo with double knees and almost ended things again. D’Angelo lifted up Carmelo and tossed him across the ring. Stacks distracted the referee, and Santos was supposed to give brass knuckles to D’Angelo. Instead, he slid it to Carmelo, who used them to get the win.

Winner Carmelo Hayes via Pinfall (RETAINS)

My choice for N(e)XT Star Moment: Santos Betrays Tony D’Angelo