Seth Rollins Qualifies for the MITB

Zach Bouvier
FiredUp Network Sports Writer


Monday, June 13, 2022

Raw Rewind

Raw was jam packed. MIZ TV to start. Seth Rollins versus AJ Styles! Becky Lynch has a meltdown. MITB qualifying matches. Ezekiel says Elias will be on Raw next week. Veer makes Rey Mysterio tap out. Bobby Lashley & Theory have a pose off.

MIZ TV: Paul Heyman (Guest)

The Miz tried to introduce Paul Heyman, but of course Heyman did it himself. The Miz spoke about MITB and all the perks of winning. Then referred to how the winner would most likely cash in on Roman Reigns. Heyman says whoever does cash in will lose the match. Heyman also mentioned the match happening on Friday between Riddle and Roman. The match is for Roman’s championship.

Riddle came out and roasted Heyman. The Miz demanded respect for himself and Heyman. Riddle does not care about whatever stipulation Roman picks for the match. He says Roman will have to kill him to stop him from winning. Riddle has to win Friday, if he doesn’t, he will never get a title shot again. Heyman then told the Usos to come out. The Street Profits came out to stand behind Riddle.

Jimmy Uso Vs Montez Ford

These men were going at it right off the bat. Jimmy was showing again why he is a part of the Bloodline. It is not just because he is Roman’s cousin. The Usos have to put up or shut up. Montez however, started to fight back. Dawkins ringside was hyping up his partner to give him a boost. Montez landed a huge spinebuster and attempted a pinfall. Then the men started to battle on the apron. Jimmy went straight into the ring post. Off the top rope, Montez tried to land a splash, but Jimmy put his knees-up. Jimmy then rolled up Montez to win.

Winner Jimmy Uso via Pinfall

Seth Rollins Talks About Cody Rhodes

Rollins is sitting down to do an interview about Cody Rhodes. First time talking about Cody after injuring him and attacking him after the fact. He is being interviewed by Kevin Patrick. Rollins was laughing, and Patrick asked if he had any remorse. Rollins says he meant the words of respect before attacking Cody, but called him a virus. Saying he was plaguing WWE and putting the WWE in danger. He also had a sledgehammer in his hands during the interview. He wants to be in the MITB and win. He fights AJ Styles later tonight to qualify. Rollins then threatened to injure Styles later. Styles attacked Rollins and claimed that attack was for Cody Rhodes.

Becky Lynch Vs Dana Brooke (24/7 Championship Match)

This is a rematch from last week. Lynch lost the match and Dana Brooke kept her title. The people who chase the 24/7 champion around ruined the match, and Dana won. Hence, why Lynch wants a rematch and thinks she will win tonight. Lynch attacked Dana before the match to officially start. She did not stop the attack, the referee tried to gain some control to start the match.

Lynch then took a microphone and said she has a lot of anger in her. She screamed she is being disrespected week after week. She also referenced the last time she was in a MITB match she was robbed, but not this year.

She put down the mic and went after Dana again. Asuka came out to defend Dana and brawl with Lynch. These women can not stand one another. Asuka put Lynch in her place and got her retreating.

Liv Morgan & Alexa Bliss Vs Doudrop & Nikki A.S.H (MITB Qualifying Match)

The winners of this match will be added to the MITB match. If your partner gets pinned you lose the opportunity as well but the other way around if your partner scores the win. Can be a good thing or a bad thing. Nikki and Bliss started the action. Bliss was the better of the two, but then Doudrop got in the match. Doudrop dropped Bliss and tried to get an early victory. Liv in it was able to put Doudrop on her back with a dropkick. Very impressive.  It was Bliss who hit Nikki with a spiked DDT to win.

Winners Liv Morgan & Alexa Bliss via Pinfall (ENTER MITB Match)

Kevin Owens Vs Ezekiel

The saga continues. Owens has a one on one win against Ezekiel. Tonight, Ezekiel looks to even the score. Owens started fast and furious. Superkicked Ezekiel into the turnbuckle and crushed him with a cannonball. Ezekiel kicked out of a pinfall at 2. Ezekiel landed a spinebuster and tried to pin as well. Then it was reversal after reversal. Ezekiel tried a suplex and Owens tried a stunner. Owens and Ezekiel were fighting out of the ring. Ezekiel got back in the ring. Commentary more specifically Byron Saxton kept saying Ezekiel, and Owens got mad. Owens started to destroy the commentary table and got counted out.

Ezekiel then said his older brother Elias will be coming to Raw next week. He says he is older but still looks great. Wonder if Elias will now have someone else playing him? Or will the brothers never be seen at the same time.

Winner Ezekiel via Count-Out

MVP (Accompanied by Omos) Vs Cedric Alexander

Before the match, MVP spoke down to Cedric and the WWE Universe. Once MVP wins, he says he and Omos will be focusing on the future going forward. That future includes the MITB match for Omos. Cedric got the first shots in this one. Though Omos distracted Cedric, and MVP hit him with a clothesline.

Omos threw Cedric outside the ring after the match.

Winner MVP via Pinfall

Aj Styles Vs Seth Rollins (MITB Qualifying Match)

Styles landed two roll up covers quick. Rollins kicked out of both. Styles had Rollins outside the ring and crushed him with a phenomenal forearm. Back in the ring, Rollins was in control. Tossed Styles onto the ropes and out of the ring. Then a suicide dive. Returned to the ring, they were exchanging right hands! Rollins superkicked Styles and covered him. Styles sent Rollins into the turnbuckle with a massive suplex! It looked over, but Rollins got out the pin. Rollins hit the bucklebomb and a frog splash, but Styles evaded the splash. A Styles Clash was then reversed into a sunset flip pin. Rollins got the three count.

Winner Seth Rollins via Pinfall (ENTERS MITB Match)

Riddle Vs Ciampa

The Miz was on commentary to watch this match. Riddle put Ciampa in a submission hold, but Ciampa was able to reverse and carry Riddle. Then it was right hand after right hand. Ciampa landed a DDT and tried a pin. Riddle gained momentum and was fired up. WWE Universe was behind Riddle as well. Riddle crushed Ciampa with a floating Bro and landed an RKO!

Winner Riddle via Pinfall

Bianca Belair Is Excited for Rhea Ripley

Bianca says she is excited to face Rhea at MITB. She has respect for Rhea. However, she says she no longer recognizes her. No longer, because Rhea has since joined Judgment Day and has lost her soul, according to Bianca.

Rhea appeared on the jumbo tron and got Bianca’s attention. Then it turned into a Judgment Day promo. Explaining why they cut Edge, because he was not treating them equally. Rhea says she will win at MITB to be Raw Women’s Champion.

Mustafa Ali Vs Chad Gable (Accompanied by Otis)

Ali has had a lot of challenges thrown his way since returning to Raw. Gable looks to stand in his way as well. Ali though was able to get two arm drags on Gable. He even SHHHH-ed Gable, taste of his own medicine. Gable was able to hit the American Automatic to pin Ali.

Winner Chad Gable via Pinfall

Rey Mysterio (Accompanied by Dominik) Vs Veer

Last week, Veer took on Dominik. Tonight, he takes on the father and legend that is Rey. This surely should not be a squash match. Veer did start the hits. Rey tried to go fast, but Veer is able to stop him in his tracks. Veer is like a brick wall. Rey was able to send Veer head first into the turnbuckle. Veer outside the ring attacked Dominik. He then sent him over the barricade. Veer crushed Rey sternum first on his knee. Then put him in the cervical clutch to win. Rey tapped out almost immediately.

Winner Veer via Submission

Pose Down Challenge: Theory Vs Bobby Lashley

This is not a match, but a pose down challenge, whatever that is. It seems these men will pose off, see who can pose the best? Adam Pearce is officiating this, but the WWE Universe is judging. They had to do the double bicep, side chest and most muscular. Bobby won… Theory squirted baby oil in his face and drop-kicked him.

My Choice for RAW-est Moment of The Night: AJ Styles Vs Seth Rollins