Sheamus & Drew McIntyre Steal the Show

Zach Bouvier
FiredUp Network Sports Writer


Friday, July 29, 2022

Smackdown Update

Drew McIntyre and Sheamus steal the show in a DonnyBrook Match. Corbin hits a low blow on Pat McAfee. Aliyah finally competes in a match. Ronda Rousey and Liv Morgan team up. Jeff Jarrett gets superkicked by Jey Uso. Brock Lesnar destroys Theory again.

Drew McIntyre Vs Sheamus (Good Old-Fashioned DonnyBrook Match) (Winner Faces WWE Undisputed Universal Champion at Clash at the Castle)

Drew was making his way to the ring and Sheamus came out and attacked him from behind. When both men got into the ring, the bell rang! Sheamus tried to use a shillelagh, but Drew was able to take it off of him. On the outside Sheamus was in control sending Drew into the steel steps. Sheamus finally got to use a shillelagh and tried to take Drew’s eye out. Sheamus attempt a suplex on Drew onto a table, but Drew got out of it. Drew sent Sheamus head first into a pile of barrels. He then brought 6 chairs into the ring. Sheamus used one chair and threw it right into the face of Drew. Sheamus attempted white noise on a stack of chairs but Drew changed it into a future shock DDT. Ridge Holland saved Sheamus by breaking a shillelagh over the back of Drew. Too bad for Ridge because Drew sent him through a table. Now Drew sent Sheamus into a wheelie bar table. Butch jumped off barrels and onto Drew for a crossbody. Sheamus landed white noise from the top rope but still could not end things. Drew dropped Butch with a claymore and Sheamus dropped Drew with a brogue kick. Sheamus tried for another but Drew popped him up and through a table. Followed that with a claymore and the win!

Theory attacked Drew with the MITB briefcase after the match.

Winner Drew McIntyre via Pinfall (Headlines Clash at the Castle)

Bumass Corbin Taunts McAfee

Corbin bought a ticket to sit right behind commentary. He started to poke fun and taught Pat McAfee. Michael Cole had to tell McAfee to leave it alone since he is a spectator. They will face each other tomorrow.  Corbin continued to harass McAfee and kept speaking over him. Even throwing popcorn on him. Corbin jumped the rail and WWE officials had to break it up. While officials were in between them Corbin kicked McAfee in the balls.

Shotzi Vs Aliyah

Supposed to be Aliyah versus Lacy Evans, but Evans is out with an injury. At least Aliyah will actually have a match this week. Everytime she has been scheduled to face Evans, Evans would just leave before it could start.

Shotzi tried to make Aliyah tap early with a Boston Crab. Aliyah got out of it and gave Shotzi some lefts and rights. Outside the ring Aliyah was able to jump off the apron and take Shotzi down. Back in the ring Shotzi planted Aliyah with Never Wake Up and got the win.

Shotzi stayed in the ring and Ronda came out and sent her out of the ring.

Winner Shotzi via Pinfall

Ronda Rousey & Liv Morgan Vs Sonya Deville & Natalya

Ronda started against Natalya. These women faced each other at MITB where Ronda beat Natalya. Liv and Ronda were working well together to take on the two evils. Natalya and Sonya were also working well together. Natalya sent Liv outside the ring and suplexed her as well. Sonya was smashing Liv’s head against the turnbuckle. In the corner Liv had to fight off Sonya and Natalya. She needed to tag in Ronda. Multiple times Liv decided to not tag in Ronda. Each time Liv put herself in danger. Ronda had to tag herself in and destroy Sonya. She tried to put her in an armbar, but Natalya got involved. Liv helped her partner and Ronda used an ankle lock instead. Sonya tapped out.

Winners Liv Morgan & Ronda Rousey via Submission

Jeff Jarrett Explains the Rules

Jeff says he will take his job very seriously. The Usos poked fun and asked questions to insult the Street Profits. It did not seem to be going the way Jeff saw this going. The Street Profits did the same. Jeff says he will let them run wild and his only job is to count when someone’s shoulders are on the mat. He then stirred the pot and let them go at it. A brawl broke loose and Jey accidentally superkicked Jeff. Jeff seemed pissed about that kick.

The New Day Vs The Viking Raiders

These teams have been going at it for weeks. Xavier started against Erik. Kofi tagged in landed a crossbody on Erik. During a commercial the Vikings were in control. Ivar was all over Kofi. However, Kofi was able to hit an SOS on Ivar and tag in Xavier. Ivar also tagged in Erik. Kofi landed a splash on Erik’s back and tried to pin. Ivar stopped the count. Ivar in the match powerbombed Kofi with Erik to get the win.

After the match the Vikings used their shields and chairs to attack Xavier’s leg. A leg that has been injured in the past. Xavier looked to be in devastating pain.

Winners The Viking Raiders via Pinfall

Special Counsel: Special Address

Paul Heyman of course introduced himself. He bragged about his Tribal Chief and his reign as champion. He said Brock Lesnar will end Roman’s reign over Heyman’s dead body. Heyman says tomorrow we will be done with Lesnar for once and for all.

Brock Lesnar made his entrance. He got in Heyman’s face. Heyman was scared against the turnbuckle, and Theory attacked Lesnar with the briefcase. Lesnar fought back and destroyed Theory with many suplexes. Theory escaped but was claymore kicked by Drew on the ramp. Drew then stared down Lesnar.

My Choice for The Smacking Down Moment: Drew McIntyre Vs Sheamus!