Smackdown of Champions

Zach Bouvier
FiredUp Network Sports Writer


Friday, June 3, 2022

Smackdown Update

It was a Smackdown of Champions! The New Day & Drew McIntyre fight the Brawling Brutes again. Shanky is still dancing. Natalya will face Ronda Rousey. Madcap returns! The Usos retain thanks to a special someone.

The New Day Kickoff the Show

Last Friday, the New Day beat the Brawling Brutes. Tonight they poked fun at the name. They also thanked Drew McIntyre for the assist in winning the match last week. He was their mystery partner to make it a 3 on 3 fight.

McIntyre came out to join them in the celebrations. McIntyre gave a shoutout to injured New Day member Big E. He then called himself Big D… Kofi gave McIntyre a gift inside a box. He opened it to reveal a gym towel with Big D on it.

The Brawling Brutes interrupted after the reveal. Sheamus said last week’s win was luck and that if they had time to prepare, they would win. Butch ran to the ring and tried to fight 3 men, but they tossed him out of the ring.

The New Day & Drew McIntyre Vs The Brawling Brutes

This 6 man tag was made official during a commercial break. A rematch to last week, and hopefully the Brawling Brutes consider this to be enough time to be prepared. Woods started against Butch, a man he has pinned before. Ridge was able to take down Woods with a big shoulder tackle. Kofi against Sheamus looked better for the New Day because he took out Ridge and Butch. Kofi was looking to end things on Sheamus, but Butch grabbed Kofi’s legs to stop him from moving. Sheamus from the top rope landed a big knee on Kofi’s chest. McIntyre and Ridge were tagged in off of hot tags. McIntyre tossed Ridge around with a belly to belly. On the outside of the ring, Sheamus dropped McIntyre with a brogue kick and Butch pinned Woods in the ring.

Winners The Brawling Brutes via Pinfall

Humberto (Accompanied by Angel) Vs Jinder Mahal (Accompanied by Shanky)

Shanky was dancing backstage and Jinder yelled at him. Shanky continued to dance behind Jinder coming down the ramp, but every time Jinder turned around, he stopped. Could Shanky the giant become a joke character? Jinder threw Humberto for a huge backdrop! Followed that with a kick right to Humberto’s face. Shanky was dancing, but Jinder got distracted by it, and Humberto rolled him up. Luckily, Shanky distracted the referee and Jinder rolled up Humberto for the win.

Shanky tried to get Jinder to dance after the match, but he did not budge.

Winner Jinder Mahal via Pinfall

Raquel Rodriguez Vs Shotzi Vs Aliyah Vs Shayna Baszler Vs Natalya Vs Xia Li (Smackdown Women’s Championship Contenders Match)

Aliyah was locked in the women’s locker room. Michael Cole said officials were trying to unlock the door. The referee wanted to wait for Aliyah, but Shotzi told him to ring the bell. Aliyah made it to the ring before the bell rang. She took out Shotzi. Raquel went after Natalya and Xia. Shayna tried to take her out with a kirifuda clutch. Natalya went for the sharpshooter on Xia, but she broke out. Shotzi knocked Shayna out with a DDT. Natalya went after the giant Raquel. Raquel knocked her on her back and tossed Shotzi onto Natalya. Raquel again proving her dominance. From the second rope, she landed on them both with a spinning corkscrew splash. Shayna jumped her with a kirifuda clutch again and Natalya rolled up Shotzi for the win.

Winner Natalya via Pinfall (Future Title Match)

Madcap Moss Returns

He no longer has suspenders or jokes. He is wearing black trunks. His name is also just Madcap now. 3 weeks ago he was injured by Happy Corbin. He says he buried Madcap Moss to be just Madcap. He has changed as a person. He then called out Corbin.

Corbin actually came out. He stayed at the top of the ramp, though. He says Madcap misses him. Madcap said he just wants to knock his teeth down his throat. Corbin said he is not fighting tonight because it is a bad idea.

Adam Pearce disagreed and made the match official.

Madcap Vs Happy Corbin

Corbin took his time to get in the ring.  The referee kept calling Corbin into the ring. Once the bell did ring, Corbin rolled right back out. Seemed like Sami Zayn 2.0. He then used the ref as a human shield and hit Madcap. Madcap attacked him and took him all around the ring. Tossing him into ring post after ring post. Corbin tried to hit him with a chair, but Madcap stopped him and hit him instead. Madcap got disqualified for the chair shot.

After the match, Madcap continued with the chair and steel steps. He put the chair on Corbin’s neck and tried to slam the steel steps on him. WWE Officials came out and stopped it before he could do anything.

Adam Pearce made it a Hell In A Cell premium live event match. No Holds Barred match.

Winner Happy Corbin via Disqualification

Shinsuke Nakamura & Riddle Vs The Usos (Undisputed Tag Team Championship Match)

Shinsuke started against Jey. He quickly took him to the corner and tagged in Riddle. Riddle fighting Jey did not see a tag from Jimmy. The Usos are the more experienced team. They have more chemistry than Riddle and Shinsuke. Jey and Shinsuke now in because of hot tags. Shinsuke delivered a knee to Jey’s mid-section. He was firing on all cylinders. Riddle on the top rope was knocked down by Jimmy.  The Usos were then targeting Shinsuke’s knee outside the ring. Knee first into the steps and a huge kick to the back of his knee. Trainers were taking him away from the ring and backstage.

A fired up Riddle cleared the ring of the Usos. The Usos injured Randy Orton and now Shinsuke. Back from commercial break, The Usos were all over Riddle. Jimmy even tried to pin, but Riddle kicked out. They threw him into the turnbuckle, he landed hard. Jey was mocking Orton and Riddle dropped him with a running knee. On the apron off the second rope, Riddle landed the floating bro on Jimmy outside the ring. Riddle tried to hit an RKO on Jimmy, but her reversed. Jimmy landed a pop-up Samoan drop. Riddle wanted to land a super RKO off the top rope on Jimmy, but took his time off a distraction. Roman Reigns’s music played. Riddle landed the super RKO poorly. Jey however tagged himself in and landed a splash on Riddle for the win.

It was revealed that Sami Zayn cued the music to play. Roman was never there.

Winners The Usos (RETAIN Titles)

My Choice for The Smacking Down Moment: The Usos Retained Thanks to Sami Zayn!