Solo Sikoa and Von Wagner Take the Action Everywhere

Zach Bouvier
FiredUp Network Sports Writer


Tuesday, August 2, 2022

NXT Playback

NXT was AWESOME! 3 Title Matches! NXT North American, male and female tag titles were on the line. Kayden Carter and Katana Chance are your NEW! The Creed Brothers Retain and so does Carmelo Hayes. A bloody Heatwave summit. Solo Sikoa and Von Wagner take the action everywhere you can think of.

Kayden Carter & Katana Chance Vs Valentina Feroz & Yulisa Leon Vs Ivy Nile & Tatum Paxley Vs Toxic Attraction (NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship Match) (Elimination Match)

Carter started against Paxley but was quickly swapped out with Jayne. Jayne tagged herself in forcing Carter to step out. Dolan in avoided a dropkick from Paxley but backed into the corner where Nile tagged in. Nile and Paxley were working great together tagging in and out.

Feroz had Carter in a submission hold and double-teamed with Leon. Leon attempted a pinfall on Carter. Leon over the ropes was able to crush Carter, Chance, Nile and Paxley on the outside of the ring. Feroz off the top rope flattened Paxley for a pinfall. However, Nile got in and pinned Feroz to eliminate that team.

Paxley put Chance on the mat with a massive suplex. Nile continued the assault on Chance with a huge kick sending her to the turnbuckle. Carter slammed Paxley to the mat but did not notice a tag from Jayne. Jayne in and now Carter out allowed for Jayne to pin and eliminate Paxley and Nile.

All 4 remaining women were in the ring and toxic attraction landed big boots on Carter and Chance. Carter against Dolin, Carter kicked her in the face and went for a pin. Not enough to win. Chance and Jayne were exchanging chops. The NXT Universe was chanting this is awesome. With the help of Carter, Chance landed a 450 on Jayne to win!

Winners Kayden Carter & Katana Chance via Pinfall (NEW NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions)

Nathan Frazer Vs Carmelo Hayes (Accompanied by Trick Williams) (NXT North American Championship Match)

These two say they are living their best lives. It is Melo’s birthday, and he is offering an open challenge for his NXT North American championship. He said the next one to get in the ring gets the match. Giovanni Vinci was making his way to the ring but of course pausing for photos. While he was doing that Nathan Frazer made it into the ring!

Vinci joined commentary instead. Nathan had his foot on the gas in this match. Melo had Nathan in the ropes and crushed him with the fadeaway. Then a springboard clothesline! Melo rolled him up and almost got a 3 count. Nathan firing back sent Melo face-first into the turnbuckle and to ringside. Now a fully fired up Nathan was all over Melo. Vinci sent Nathan off the top rope because Nathan spilt Vinci’s drink. Melo was able to get out of danger and land a leg drop from the top rope to win.

Winner Carmelo Hayes via Pinfall (RETAINS)

NXT Heatwave Summit

This is between Bron Breakker and JD McDonagh. Wade Barrett is mediating it. JD wanted to talk about the future and about Heatwave not about the past. He is not afraid of Breakker but is stipulated by him. He is going to tear Breakker’s muscles off his bones. Breakker says JD is the smartest opponent he will have to face. However, when the title is on the line Breakker is an animal.

Wade wanted to have this contract signed before they talk more. JD did not want to sign first, but he wanted the champion to do it. Breakker signed with no trouble. JD followed but by signing in his blood.

Mandy Rose Vs Sarray

This match started during a commercial break. Mandy was trampling Sarray. Mandy tried many pinfall attempts but no luck on Sarray. Sarray kicked out every time. Sarray on the top rope landed a missile dropkick to take down Mandy. Mandy got a spinebuster and big kick to Sarray’s face. Mandy was able to finally complete a pinfall.

After the match Mandy was beating on Sarray with a chair. Zoey Stark came running out to stop the attack. She sent Mandy out the ring with a superkick.

Winner Mandy Rose via Pinfall

Axiom Brawls with Duke Hudson

Axiom was being interviewed when Hudson interrupted. Hudson started trash talking and landed the first shot. The brawl broke out in the backstage area. Hudson was in full control. The action spilled to ringside. Hudson drove Axiom into the ring apron! In the ring Hudson planted Axiom down and went for a microphone. He said “don’t believe in your heroes they will always let you down”. Axiom got to his feet and wanted to prove himself challenging Hudson to a match.

Axiom Vs Duke Hudson

Hudson kicked Axiom off the top rope and to ringside. In the actual match Axiom was able to rally more than before. The NXT Universe was all for Axiom. Hudson tried perhaps a buckle bomb, but Axiom turned into a hurricanrana and sent Hudson into the turnbuckle. Then he was able to roll up Hudson for the win.

Winner Axiom via Pinfall

Tony D’Angelo & Stacks Vs The Creed Brothers (NXT Tag Team Championship Match)

Tony started against Julius. Tony was playing dirty and pulling on Julius’s ear. Then Brutus on Stacks. Back to Julius and Tony. Julius tried a suplex but could not pick up Tony. Brutus launched Stacks into the air and onto the ropes and to the outside. Tony began stomping on and crushing the hand of Brutus. Stacks and Tony were isolating Brutus. Keeping him away from his brother. Julius back in it was trying to tag in Brutus, but Stacks took him off the apron. Brutus chased him in the ring and started to brawl. Lopez gave a crowbar to Tony, but a returning Santos Escobar yanked it off of him and hit him in the face with it.

Julius pinned Tony for the win. Stacks tried to stop it but Wilde and Cruz pulled him away.

Winners The Creed Brothers via Pinfall (RETAIN)

Brooks Jensen (Accompanied by Josh Briggs & Fallon Henley) Vs Joe Gacy (Accompanied by Jagger Reid & Rip Fowler)

These men started with a tie-up. Jensen started to land blows on Gacy, and dropped him with a right hand. In the corner it was a back and forth slugfest. On the outside Reid and Fowler were trying to get to Henley, but Briggs got in their faces. Pretty Deadly then came running into the ring. They did not touch Jensen, but he sent them out of the ring giving Gacy the room to land a running clothesline. That got him a pin and a win.

Winner Joe Gacy via Pinfall

Alba Fyre Vs Lash Legend

These two have been waiting for this match. Lash was playing dirty grabbing and using Alba’s hair to hurt her. She planted Alba’s face on her knee. Then took her knee to the back of her head on the ropes. Alba back in this went to the top rope, but Lash stopped her in her tracks. However used her knee to knock Lash off the ropes and jumped off, but Lash moved out of the way. Lash tried to use Alba’s bat, but Alba moved out the way to hit a superkick. Then a glory bomb and a swanton.

Winner Alba Fyre via Pinfall

Solo Sikoa Vs Von Wagner (Accompanied by Mr Stone) (Falls Count Anywhere)

Solo got the first shots with some big chops. Was even able to drop Wagner. Now out of the ring Solo landed a running senton and tried a pin in front of the announce table. Wagner drove Solo into the apron and sent him into the steel steps. Wagner then put the steps and some chairs into the ring. A chair shot to Solo’s gut and a big whack to his back! He then set up two chairs and powerslammed Solo onto them. Still not enough to win! Wagner started to take apart the announce table. Solo Samoan dropped him on the table, but it did not break. The action led to the outside where Solo shoved Carmelo into the back seats of a convertible. Wagner tossed Solo into a dumpster and shut it. Solo got right back out and started to beat the hell out of Wagner. Back in the building Solo used a fire extinguisher on Wagner, spraying him in the face. In the ring a superkick and samoan drop. Some chair shots and a slam onto the steel steps. Solo on the top rope was almost stopped by Stone, but it was Wagner who got him off. Outside the ring again Solo landed to superkicks to get Wagner on the announce table. Now on the top rope landed a splash to send Wagner through the table and pin him.

Winner Solo Sikoa via Pinfall

My choice for N(e)XT Star Moment: Main Event FIGHT!