The Miz Will Face Logan Paul at SummerSlam

Zach Bouvier
FiredUp Network Sports Writer


Monday, July 18, 2022

Raw Rewind

Becky Lynch faces Bianca Belair at SummerSlam. Kevin Owens gets Riddle mad. Dominik Mysterio almost joined Judgment Day. Dolph Ziggler gets involved in another Theory match. 24/7 Title changes hands a lot tonight. The Miz accepts Logan Pauls’ challenge.

Global Ambassador Titus O’Neal

Titus O’Neal started the show. He was not introduced as a WWE Superstar. He however is very proud of his role as an ambassador. He said this world needs more good will. Then he spoke about the good will that WWE provides and what place WWE is. Calling it a safe haven and that there is no politics or religion in WWE.

The Little Engine That Could: Becky Lynch

She compared her career as the little engine that could. But saying she is the Big Time Becks Express. She understands that every journey has its stations it must stop at. Becky now says the WWE Universe will need to get off at appreciation station when she is Raw Women’s Champion. She believes she will have the title because she will face the champ at SummerSlam. Tonight, Bianca Belair will defend her title against Carmella, and the winner will face Becky.

The champ herself came out to speak. Bianca said this is not the WrestleMania Becky comeback story, but it’s her comeback story from last year's SummerSlam. She said she will beat Carmella tonight and send Becky back to Ireland.

Carmella had to get her voice into this one. She said she will be money and the new Raw Women’s champion. Carmella and Becky attacked Bianca. Bianca tried to fight them off, but was flattened by a man handle slam.

Carmella Vs Bianca Belair (Raw Women’s Championship Match)

Becky joined commentary for this match. Carmella can win by count out, as she did last week. Tonight if she does win via count out she will hold the title.

Carmella was on top of Bianca to start this match. Bianca was able to get up and bounce back. She got Carmella to the mat and Carmella rolled out of the ring. Bianca was on the apron and Becky started distracting her. Carmella dumped Bianca to the timekeepers area, and she was almost counted out again. Back in the ring, Carmella went high risk and Bianca caught her to land a suplex. Soon after was a KOD to end it all.

Becky took the title after the match and threw it at Bianca’s feet.

Winner Bianca Belair via Pinfall (RETAINS)

KO Show with Riddle

The Owens show is back, since he has been off TV for some time. His first guest back is Riddle! Owens says he was gone because he was too obsessed with Ezekiel and Elias. Now he says he no longer cares about them because he reflected on a nature retreat. He wanted Riddle to be his guest because he is interested in Riddle’s match against Seth Rollins at SummerSlam.

Owens wants to be in Riddle’s corner since Randy Orton is injured and no longer teaming with Riddle. He suggested the team Bro-KO. Riddle does not really trust him. Owens says he has changed and Riddle has already trusted the biggest snake, AKA Orton. That upset Riddle, who got in the face of Owens. Rollins’s music hit, and he attacked Riddle from behind. Owens says he had nothing to do with that and walked off. Rollins stomped Riddle 2 times!

Backstage, Ezekiel was angry over what Rollins did. Rollins told him to stay out of his business.

Rey Mysterio (Accompanied by Dominik) Vs Damian Priest (Accompanied by Finn Balor)

Before the match, Damian Priest demanded everyone rise for them. Priest also guarantees that Dominik Mysterio will join the faction.

The match started after a commercial break. During the break, Rey was in charge, but after the break Damian gained control. After a few counters, Rey was back in the match. Off a springboard crossbody he flattened Damian. Finn on the apron was intercepted by Dominik and then dropped off the apron by a dropkick by Rey. His attention back on Damian, Rey dialed up a 619. He tried to go up high, but Damian stopped whatever Rey was going for. Damian captured the victory.

The match was over, but the action was not. Judgment Day put a chair under Rey’s head and threatened to do damage. The only way they would stop is if Dominik would join them. Dominik agreed to join, but they rejected him and attack Dom with a chair.

Later on in the show, Judgment Day said Dom failed the test. He was not just supposed to save his father, but attack him too.

Winner Damian Priest via Pinfall

Seth Rollins Vs Ezekiel

We know Zeke likes to speak, and that’s how he got himself into this match. Rollins was bringing the fight to Ezekiel.  He sent Ezekiel to the outside and tried a suicide dive, but was stopped. Ezekiel tried to get some air from the top rope, but Rollins got up there and drove his knee into the back of Zeke’s head. After a commercial, it was Ezekiel landing a spinebuster on Rollins in the middle of the ring. Later it was Zeke hitting a powerbomb and stacking Rollins for a pin. Rollins tried a springboard elbow perhaps but was caught in midair with a knee to his face!

Zeke now went up high again and was stopped again. This time, Rollins was able to get up there and land a superplex. Off the superplex Rollins hit the falcon arrow but was not enough. Finally, Rollins landed a stomp and put this match away.

Winner Seth Rollins via Pinfall

Omos (Accompanied by MVP) Vs Angelo Dawkins (Accompanied by Montez Ford)

The Usos sat at ringside to watch this match. Montez at ringside kept trying to distract Omos with chants and bird calls. Omos however was not distracted and was able to toss Dawkins around. Dawkins started to fight back, but not for long.

MVP tripped Dawkins and got Omos disqualified.

Winner Angelo Dawkins via Disqualification

The Street Profits Vs Omos & MVP

Adam Pearce came out after the ending of the previous match and made this one official. Omos flattened Dawkins very quickly while starting this fresh match. MVP tagged in was actually throwing hands with Dawkins. He did solely rely on Omos. Dawkins was able to drop him with an uppercut. Dawkisn tagged in Montez and MVP tagged in Omos. Montez went high risk, but Omos caught him. Omos flattened Montez with a big boot and went for a pin. Dawkins stopped the pin. MVP threw Dawkins to ringside. Dawkins then tossed MVP onto the Usos. The Usos tried to get Dawkins, but the referee stopped them.

With a distracted referee, the Street Profits took out Omos together. Montez went up high and landed a frog splash to only get a 1 count pin. Montez went up high again but Jey Uso got his hands on him which led to a disqualification. Omos flattened the Street Profits. The Usos were happy with the results.

Winners The Street Profits via Disqualification

Theory Vs AJ Styles

Beefore the match Theory had some things to say. He says it will be the biggest SummerSlam of all time. All because he predicts he will beat Bobby Lashley for the United States championship, and cash in on Roman Reigns or Brock Lesnar. That would make him Undisputed WWE Universal Champion and United States Champion. He did mention the fact Dolph Ziggler superkicked him last week, but no reasoning on why.

AJ finally arrived and with a microphone as well. AJ promises that after SummerSlam he will take whatever Theory has from him. He also punched Theory in the face, sending him out of the ring.

Dolph Ziggler walked down the ramp and sat at ringside in a suit again.

The match now begins. These men were back and forth. Theory sent AJ out of the ring. AJ got back in and Theory got in Ziggler’s face. Theory then shoved Ziggler to the ground and got back in the ring. Once he was in the ring, AJ just sent him back out. Back from a commercial meant back in the ring. Theory sent AJ flying with a back body drop. AJ then had Theory with a calf crusher, but Theory got to the bottom rope and rolled outside. The referee was focused on AJ in the ring, and Ziggler superkicked Theory on the outside. Theory was counted out.

After the match, Theory was complaining in the ring and was hit with a Styles Clash.

Winner AJ Styles via Count Out

Alexa Bliss & Asuka & Dana Brooke Vs Nikki ASH & Doudrop & Tamina

This is a 6 woman tag match. Good versus evil. Asuka starts against Nikki. Nikki quickly got Asuka in the ring skirt and had all her team members attack her. Dana went high and took out both Tamina and Doudrop.

Reggie appeared at ringside and Dana was upset. Akira Tozowa also appeared and pinned Dana with his own official to become 24/7 champion. Then Nikki pinned Dana… Alexa pinned Dana and Doudrop pinned Alexa. The 24/7 championship was not on hold for this match. Tamina then attacked her own partner to win the title. Dana then pinned Tamina to get her title back and rolled away.

Back to the real match, Asuka dropped Nikki and made her tap. The referee of the match called that, and it was over.

Winners Alexa Bliss & Asuka & Dana Brooke via Submission

MIZ TV with Logan Paul

This is the second talk show of the night. The Miz introduced Logan Paul right away. Logan also straight to the point asked for an answer for a SummerSlam match. The Miz did not answer. He gave Logan a bunch of compliments and said Logan won because of his help at WrestleMania. He also said Logan is not ready for a one on one match and has not earned a match against the Miz.

Logan said he has been told no before and has always made it through. He gave examples with his social media accounts and boxing career. He says next week he will host his own talk show. The Miz rejected the challenge, even if he keeps trying to do things better than the Miz. The Miz tried to attack Logan, but Logan fought back and sent him outside the ring. Ciampa came out and attacked Logan from behind. Logan fought off Ciampa and the Miz to escape the ring. The match was accepted after all for SummerSlam.

My Choice for RAW-est Moment of The Night: Seth Rollins Vs Ezekiel