The NWA is driving into a new era

Gerald Bentley
FiredUp Network Sports Writer


Saturday, October 28, 2023

Samhain is the start

Tonight in Cleveland, OH, the National Wrestling Alliance drives into their new era which will see them become a much bigger part of the Wrestling universe as we enter 2024. Tonight's pay-per-view event marks a clear tipping point for the promotion. 

From a point where Billy Corgan was mocked by some for buying a set of initials to the steady rebuild that included the Documentary style 10 pounds of Gold series, to the launch of Powerr on YouTube which introduced fans to Thunder Rosa and Ricky Starks while reintroducing Eli Drake (LA Knight) and Eddie Kingston  while becoming one of the hottest shows in wrestling only to get hit by the COVID shutdowns. To their credit the NWA refocused and came out of COVID to rebuild and restablish as a key part of the Wrestling Universe.

The NWA that emerged still has the  studio feel but has built up a roster of young stars to go along with a mix of veterans who bring their own style to the promotion. A mix that Kyle Davis, COO of the NWA, told me gives something for every fan watching from established stars like Trevor Murdoch and Thom Lattimer to young Champions like Kenzie Paige and Colby Corino even characters like Magic Jake Dumas present something for everyone watching Pro Wrestling.

With Samhain tonight, NWA World Champion EC3, a former World Champion in other promotions, leads the company to his hometown and forward to that next step which will feature the return to nationally televised weekly shows and more exposure than the NWA has had since the 80's. 

What was initially the purchase of a Championship belt and initials is now ready to become one of the top-3 promotions in the country and the event tonight is a great time to get on board for the ride.