Theory Defeats Dolph Ziggler

Zach Bouvier
FiredUp Network Sports Writer


Monday, August 15, 2022

Raw Rewind

Raw tag Semi Finals decided. Rey Msyterio takes on Judgment Day alone. Kevin Owens is a prizefighter again. Riddle is medically cleared to compete. Bobby Lashley and AJ Styles first time ever. Dexter Lumis jumped by security. Theory beats Dolph Ziggler in the main event.

Judgment Day Kicks Off Raw

All three members were out for this one. Rhea put Dominik Mysterio out of action last week. Tonight, Rhea says they run Monday night Raw. Balor said both the Mysterios will not be on Raw tonight. Priest spoke about next week’s Raw in Toronto where he will face Edge. Edge is also not on Raw tonight. Priest says he will be out alone next week against Edge. He plans on putting Edge back into retirement.

Rey Mysterio from behind dropped Priest, and Balor. Looks like Rey is on Raw after all. He was then confronted by Rhea. Balor tried to hit Rey with a chair, but Rey was able to get the chair and beat on Balor and Priest instead. That was until Rhea got in the way again. That allowed for Judgment Day to get back in control. With a chair on Rey’s chest, Balor hit a coup de grâce.

Nikki A.S.H & Doudrop Vs Alexa Bliss & Asuka (First Round Match)

Winners will move on to the semi-finals in the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship tournament. Bianca Belair is at ringside cheering on Asuka and Alexa. She will be teaming with them at Clash at the Castle. Nikki started against Asuka. Asuka quickly tagged in Alexa to double-team Nikki and then Doudrop. After a commercial break Doudrop got in and went after Alexa, however Alexa got to Asuka. Asuka sent Doudrop flying with a missile dropkick.

Doudrop crushed Alexa with a massive crossbody. Then she crushed Asuka with a michinoku driver. Alexa flattened Doudrop with a DDT and Asuka followed with double knees. Asuka then had Doudrop in a submission hold where Doudrop tapped out.

After the match while walking up the ramp the winners and Bianca were stopped by Bayley, Sky and Kai. WWE Officials stepped between them before anything could break out.

Winners Alexa Bliss & Asuka via Pinfall (ADVANCE in the Tournament)

Mustafa Ali & Cedric Alexander Vs The Miz & Ciampa

Cedric started against Ciampa. These two men were showing off their wrestling abilities, grapple after grapple. Cedric kicked Ciampa who then went into the referee. Now with a distracted referee The Miz was able to pull on Cedric’s hair.

After a commercial The Miz and Ciampa were in full control. They were isolating Cedric and switching in and out. Ali finally in this was able to take on The Miz and Ciampa. Even able to get a 2 count on the Miz. Cedric back in countered a Skull Crushing Finale and pinned the Miz. Ciampa got the Miz’s foot on the rope while at ringside. The referee stopped the count. Ali was not putting up with that and dove into Ciampa sending him over the announce table. In the ring again Ali was in control over the Miz. Ciampa tagged himself in, but Ali did not see it. Ali up high was looking to land on the Miz but instead was struck by Ciampa’s running knee. Ciampa then hit a fairy tale ending to win.

Winners The Miz & Ciampa via Pinfall

Drew McIntyre Believes he Will be the NEW Champion

Drew says he is going to defeat Roman Reigns at Clash at the Castle. He says with the titles he will be on every show and live event. That could help the issue with the USA Network, they want an active champion on Raw. Drew then named all the potential opponents he could defend the titles against. He did not name Kevin Owens, but Kevin interrupted.

When he saw Kevin he added him to the list. Kevin was not impressed by anything Drew said. Kevin called Drew fake and over acting. He says he is as real as it gets the opposite of Drew. Although Kevin says he has been missing a side of himself, the prizefighter side. He is also tired of not having a championship. He is coming for all the champions.

Drew said he has proven himself and came back after being fired. His journey back was impressive enough to have WWE call him.

Drew McIntyre Vs Kevin Owens

This match was made official during a commercial break. That was after Drew being fed up with talking to Kevin. Drew flipped Kevin over with a huge shoulder. Kevin then sent Drew into the ringpost! Followed that with a huge cannonball.

Drew fought back with a suplex, and a neck breaker. Kevin reversed a future shock DDT to hit a DDT of his own. Drew tried a superplex on the turnbuckle, but Kevin got out of it. Kevin was able to land a frog splash on a flattened Drew instead. Then back up to hit a swanton and pinned Drew. Drew was able to kick out. The WWE Universe was chanting this is awesome! Kevin went back up but took too long. Drew hit White Noise from the middle rope! Drew tried a claymore, and Kevin tried a stunner neither man could land their finishers. Now a slugfest. Drew avoided a pop-up powerbomb and was looking for a claymore.

The Usos came out and attacked Drew. Drew fought them off, but Kevin hit him with a stunner. Then told the Usos that Roman Reigns owes him one.  

Winner Drew McIntyre via Disqualification

Riddle’s Medical Update

Rollins wants to see the announcement from Riddle. He thinks it is going to be a retirement message. Then started making fun of Riddle’s IQ.

Riddle appeared on the JumboTron to give us his update. He said he is medically cleared, and it will be on when they see each other face to face. Rollins is not afraid of Riddle, but thinks he will just give him another stomp. Rollins wanted to be able to fight Riddle tonight, but said Riddle is in his mom’s basement. Turns out Riddle was just backstage with a background. So he ran out to the ring to get his revenge.

Rollins got Riddle onto the announce table and was looking to land a stomp. Riddle instead sent Rollins over the barricade with a running knee. Then chased him away.

Veer Mahaan Vs Random Local

With Triple H in charge we have seen giants taking on lots of locals. The local was able to avoid Veer a few times, and then hit him with a dropkick. However, Veer picked him up by the head and tossed him out ringside. Back in the ring Veer was crushing this man. Then a cervical clutch to make the random local tap out. It was not a complete squash match.

Winner Veer Mahaan via Submission

AJ Styles Vs Bobby Lashley (United States Championship Match)

This is the first time these men face off. First ever and it is for a title on Raw! AJ was bringing everything he has. The WWE Universe was split for this one. Bobby powerslammed AJ and sent him out of the ring. Still outside AJ went on the apron and hit Bobby with a phenomenal forearm! After a commercial break AJ was sent back first into the ringpost. Then back first into the barricade. AJ was trying to chop down Bobby but ran into a spinebuster.

Ciampa and the Miz came out clapping and trying to distract Bobby. Bobby sent AJ flying off the apron and in front of the announce table. Ciampa then went over to distract Bobby and The Miz was sneaking towards AJ. Before the Miz could do anything Dexter Lumis jumped the barricade. Security jumped him as if he was a crazed fan which seems to be the storyline here. Then it cut to a commercial break as they would if something unplanned happened.

During the break The Miz was ejected from ringside. Bobby tried to land a spear but AJ moved out of the way. AJ landed a phenomenal forearm, not enough to put Bobby away. Bobby hit a powerslam and tried to end things. Bobby then stopped a Styles Clash. AJ though put him in a calf crusher, Bobby was not going to tap. Bobby finally ended it with a spear.

Winner Bobby Lashley via Pinfall

Dakota Kai (Accompanied by Bayley & IYO SKY) Vs Dana Brooke

Kai quickly got Dana on her shoulders and went for a pin. Kai ran at Dana who was in the corner, Dana managed to get her boot up. However, Kai was able to get a running boot to Dana’s face as payback and then pinned Dana.

Winner Dakota Kai via Pinfall

Theory Vs Dolph Ziggler

Earlier in the show these men went at it backstage. Theory was beating on Ziggler while shouting ALL DAY! Theory has been aggressive throughout this one. Theory in Ziggler’s face got caught by a DDT. Ziggler got Theory into the corner and began laying down somebody shots. Ziggler went for a superplex, but Theory sent him off the ropes. Theory drop-kicked Ziggler and went for a pinfall. Ziggler got fired up and planted Theory with a neck breaker! Theory rolled in from the apron and right into a famouser. Ziggler went for a ZigZag but instead was flattened with a running clothesline. Ziggler was able to get back up and hit that ZigZag. Theory caught a famouser and turned it into a A-Town Down!

Winner Theory via Pinfall

My Choice for RAW-est Moment of The Night: Dexter Lumis jumped by Security