Toxic Attraction Loses 6 Woman Tag Match

Zach Bouvier
FiredUp Network Sports Writer


Tuesday, June 14, 2022

NXT Playback

NXT tag titles defended! Joe Gacy’s hooded men have a match. Wendy Choo cost Tiffany Stratton a win. The D’Angelo Family shows some cracks. Giovanni Vinci debuts. Duke Hudson faces Bron Breakker for the title. Toxic Attraction loses in a 6 woman tag match.

Edris Enofe & Malik Blade Vs The Creed Brothers (NXT Tag Team Championship Match)

A huge way to start off the show. The Creeds defend for the first time since winning the titles. Brutus started against Blade. Brutus sent Blade into the turnbuckle with a huge shoulder tackle. Julius then got in the match to take on Edris. The Creeds have been in control for most of the match. Edris however was aable to get a northern lights suplex on Brutus for a pin attempt. Blade got back in and was being double-teamed by the Creeds. Edris and Blade then turned the tables and teamed on Brutus. Julius back in was tossing around everyone and being a one-man wrecking crew. He is often the better Creed Brother. That being said, it was Brutus who landed a sliding clothesline on Blade to win.

Winners The Creed Brothers via Pinfall (RETAIN)

Tiffany Stratton Vs Fallon Henley (Accompanied by Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen)

Fallon was fired up! She was giving Tiffany a whooping! Tiffany did play dirty and trapped Fallon in the apron skirt. Tiffany was also fired up with anger. She double stomped Fallon and tried to pin. Tiffany gained some control, but Wendy Choo showed up. She arrived on a space hopper and popped confetti in Tiffany’s face.  Fallon used an inside cradle to get the win off the distraction.

Winner Fallon Henley via Pinfall

Wes Lee Vs Xyon Quinn

These men face off once again. Lee went for a quick pinfall but no luck, Quinn kicked out. Quinn then tried to crush Lee with his huge boot. He kept pushing it on the chest of Lee.  Lee went to the top rope and landed what looked like a spinning something! Commentary did not even know what to call the move, but the move did win him the match!

Winner Wes Lee via Pinfall

The Dyad (Accompanied by Joe Gacy) Vs Dante Chen & Javier Bernal

The Dyad is the name of the duo who work for Gacy. The two hooded men are being called the Dyad. Hard to write about this match and describe the hooded men. Hooded man one attacked Javier out of nowhere. Javier did not take it though and tagged in Dante to team up on the man. Hooded man two tagged in, teamed up with his partner to take out Dante. Sending him face-first into the turnbuckle. Gacy looked proud of his nameless men. The men then teamed on Javier and almost got disqualified for being in the ring at the same time. However, one hooded man pinned Javier to win.

Winners The Dyad via Pinfall

Tony D’Angelo and The D’Angelo Family

Two Dimes is still a part of the faction as WWE taped episodes of NXT for Tonight and next week. He was let go by the company during the weekend for violating a policy. However, until these two episodes are done he will still be in the faction, no official news of what will happen to his character.

D’Angelo spoke about how proud he is of Two Dimes and Stacks. Saying they have stepped up and sacrificed lots for the family. He also announced they are now soldiers of the family and not just associates. He then gave them some expensive watches. Del Toro and Wilde were told they follow D’Angelo and not Santos anymore. D’Angelo then said he needs A championship, and that’s when the A champion came out.

Carmelo Hayes called out D’Angelo for speaking about his title. Two Dimes and Stacks will face Melo and Trick Williams later on.

Duke Hudson Vs Bron Breakker (NXT Championship Match)

Duke has defeated Bron in a non-title match, which may have earned him this match. He is looking to win the gold tonight. Duke attacked the champ before the bell rang. Well, when the bell did ring, Bron sent Duke for a ride! Followed that with a spear and a pin to win.

Cameron Grimes came out and got in the champ's face. Grimes said Bron only has the title because of his father. He said Bron gets everything because of his father. He did say he respects Bron, but Bron doesn’t have the heart of Grimes. Grimes then challenged him at the Great American Bash for the title. Bron agreed to the match.

Winner Bron Breakker via Pinfall (RETAINS)

Giovanni Vinci Vs Guru Raaj

This is the debut of Vinci. He is this model material superstar. Came out posing for photos. However, that stopped when he got in the ring. He was all over Raaj. He has the ability to fight. He landed a springboard crossbody! Very impressive. Vinci won off a powerbomb into a pinfall.

Winner Giovanni Vinci via Pinfall

Two Dimes & Stacks (Accompanied by the D’Angelo Family) Vs Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams

Two Dimes started against Williams and quickly tagged in Stacks. Stacks against Williams turned into a slug fest. Surprisingly, Two Dimes and Stacks were even able to team on Melo. Williams was fighting Two Dimes, and Wilde distracted the referee. Then Del Toro tried to land a crossbody on Williams but hit Two Dimes. Then Melo landed a top rope scissor kick on Two Dimes and covered him.

Santos Escobar was laughing after the loss. D’Angelo may not be happy with the new members of his family.

Winners Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams via Pinfall

Indi Hartwell & Cora Jade & Roxanne Perez Vs Toxic Attraction

Rose started against Cora. No one got any moves in before Rose tagged in Jacy. Cora rolled up Jacy for a quick pinfall, but Jacy kicked out. Rose back in was tossed with an arm drag from Cora. Then Indi got in to get her hands on Rose. All six women then entered the ring, but Indi, Cora and Perez were left standing.  After the commercial break, Jacy was trying to injure Perez’s back. She then landed a senton and tried to pin. Rose crushed Cora with a spinebuster. Gigi tried to break Cora’s arm and make her tap out. Cora then took out Gigi and Perez came in and got the pin.

Winners Indi Hartwell & Cora Jade & Roxanne Perez via Pinfall

My choice for N(e)XT Star Moment: 6-Woman Tag Match!