WWE Raw: October 3, 2022

Martina Barnett
FiredUp Network Sports Writer


Monday, October 3, 2022

Last RAW before Extreme Rules, More White Rabbit QR Codes

Judgement Day defeats A.J. Styles and Rey Mysterio (again)

Judgement Day to Open the show, with Finn Balor swearing that he’s going to make Edge say “I quit!”. AJ Styles and Rey Mysterio come out, interrupting their promo. 


After the match, AJ Styles turned on Rey, pushing him down in frustration of losing again to Judgement Day.


Jey Uso Remains Unamused by Jimmy and Sami’s Friendship; Solo Sikoa Remains Neutral 


The next backstage segment finds us coming in during an in-progress inside joke telling between Sami Zayn and Jey Uso.  As the two howl in laughter, the camera pans out to show Solo Sikoa next to them looking on unamused but neutral.  Predictably, an irritated Jey Uso comes in to break up the laughter and remind The Bloodline to focus, as they are there to hype up Roman’s return.  The other members agree, but as they walk off, the Street Profits appear and begin to throw out insults. 


Ever the enforcer, Solo Sikoa steps up to remind Montez and Angelo that they haven’t faced him yet, Dawkins will later in the evening.  


Bobby Lashley defeats Mustafa Ali


During a backstage segment with Bobby Lashley, Mustafa Ali shows up and demands a title match with him for the United States title. This is the first time we’ve seen Ali on TV in quite some time. 


Though Ali gave a great fight, he ultimately comes up short and 

Lashley defeats him to retain the United States title.  However, it should be noted that Ali did not get pinned or submit, but instead passed out after a prolonged Hurt Lock hold.  This match made Ali look strong as a main event contender.


After the match, Seth Rollins runs into the ring and curb stomps Lashley twice.  He then makes his way to to the ramp where Ali is trying to make his way out and curb stomps him too.


Rollins has a growing list of enemies, as we see him in a heated confrontation with Matt Riddle next.  This segment featured the usually verbal spars from Rollins, but Riddle came back harder than usual this time, asking Rollins “When’s the last time you held a title”?.  This line of questioning led to the reminder that Rollins has remained unable to dethrone Roman Reigns or regain any titles in recent months. 


In the midst of this verbal altercation, special guest referee UFC Hall of Famer Daniel Cormier appears on the Titantron to remind both men to stop bickering and instead train to hash it out in the ring at Extreme Rules on Saturday.


Dexter Lumis Continues Stalking The Miz


The Miz is on the phone preparing for his birthday party, but as the camera pans out, we see Dexter Lumis in the corner watching him. 


Dakota Kai defeats Candice LeRae


In the first of several appearances from Damage CTRL on tonight’s show, Dakota Kai benefitted from the sneaky interference of her stable mates to defeat Candice LeRae.


Otis defeats Johnny Gargano


This match featured a flurry of clotheslines, backbreakers and dives before Gargano caught Austin Theory’s Money in the Bank briefcase to the back. This distraction allowed Otis to pick up the win.


Alpha Academy and Theory ganged up on Gargano, but Braun Strowman came out to make the save.


Braun Strowman defeats Chad Gable


The size difference between these two athletes is visually stunning.  This match started during a commercial break, but in a shocking display of strength, Gable suplexed the much larger Strowman with relative ease.  This wasn’t enough to put him away though.  Strowman hit a vicious powerbomb on Gable to secure the win. 


Bianca Belair and Bayley Contract Signing


This segment really allowed both ladies to shine in their promo skills.  Bayley maintains that Bianca was “chosen” and handed her success, whereas she had to “climb the ladder” and earn hers.  


Bianca counters saying that fans connect with her because she is authentic, while Bayley is just playing a character to get people to like her. Bayley maintains that Bianca is wrong, and brings up that Bianca will need someone to have her back.  


The camera then cuts backstage, where we see Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky beating down Asuka and Alexa Bliss.  Bianca runs backstage to help them, and Alexa Bills declares that this is not over, challenging Iyo Sky to a match later in the evening. 


Solo Sikoa defeats Angelo Dawkins

With The Bloodline by his side, Solo had to be stopped from bringing a chair into the ring after Dawkins hit a dropkick eary on in the match. The growing discord within the Bloodline ranks was evident when arguing slowed the ref’s count and prevented Solo from getting the win.  This distraction allowed Dawkins to hit a dive, taking out all members of The Bloodline. 


Solo was later able to regain control and secured a win with the Spinning Solo.


We Hear from Edge


Edge appears on the Titantron and cuts a deeply personal promo directed at Finn Balor and their upcoming “I Quit” Match. He discusses how as a family man, it’s now selfish for him to still be in the ring.  However, he says, there’s nothing Finn Balor can do to hurt him enough to make him say “I quit”.


The main event. Iyo Sky defeats Alexa Bliss 

Iyo Sky dominated this match, nailing dropkicks, big boots, and backbreakers.  Alexa hit a DDT and even her signature Twisted Bliss, but Bayley’s interference allowed Iyo to win with a moonsault. 


After the match, Damage Ctrl continued to dominate, breathing down Alexa and Bianca with ladders.  Asuka limps down to the ring with a kendo stick and attacks Dakota, but Damage Ctrl quickly lives up to their name, beating down both Alexa and Asuka with ladders. 


The show ends with Damage Control posing atop the ladder, each woman with a title in hand.  Bayley stands at the very top, proudly displaying the Raw Women’s Championship she plans to win from Bianca at Extreme Rules.