WWE Smackdown Update: September 2, 2022

Martina Barnett
FiredUp Network Sports Writer


Saturday, September 3, 2022

All Eyes on Roman Reigns & Drew McIntrye at The Castle Go-Home Show

Tonight's episode of SmackDown created an air of intense anticipation leading up to Clash at the Castle tomorrow (Saturday, September 3rd @1pm in Cardiff, Wales).  This episode of the blue brand was taped last week due to the international premium live event being the next day.

 WWE SmackDown Breakdown

The Viking Raiders vs. The New Day

The Viking Raiders kicked off the show with an exciting new entrance that included a massive Viking ship surrounding the ring.  As they made their way to the ring for the Viking Rules Match, it was announced that this match is essentially an "anything goes" match with "no rules". 

The two tags team battled it out, but in the end, The Viking Raiders emerged victorious after putting Xavier Woods through tables with a massive double chokeslam.

Winner: The Viking Raiders

Karrion Kross vs. Drew Gulak

This was a quick one.  In fact, Kross’s cinematic entrance with Scarlett was longer than the actual match.  This was Drew’s return to in-ring action after serving as a WWE Official for the past several months. Kross landed a big boot to the face before tapping Drew out with a Kirura Lock. 

Winner: Karrion Kross

Hit Row vs. Maximum Male Models (MMM)

The tensions between these factions and The Streets Profits have been building steadily.  B-Fab accompanied Top Dolla and Thee Adonis, with Max and Maxxiine Dupri accompanying Mansoor and Mace. Los Lotharios interrupted early in the match, but Hit Row attacked them and took them out. Later on, Los Lotharios and MMM ended up double-teaming Hit Row, but the Street Profits came out to save the day.

Winner: Hit Row

Happy Corbin Issues Open Challenge; Shinsuke Nakamura Answers

After a backstage segment with Corbin proclaiming himself to be the best man in the locker room, Corbin made his entrance to crowd jeers of “Bum Corbin”, emphatically supported by rival commentator Pat McAfee.  Baron issues an open challenge, leaving viewers wondering who would answer the call.  After a few moments of tense waiting, Shinsuke’s music hits and the crowd goes wild.

Hoping for an easy victory, Corbin goes for an early cover after a Deep Six but Shinsuke kicks out.  Shinsuke later executed a Kinshasa for a clean 3 count.

After the match, a despondent Corbin is shown heading backstage when a familiar limo with horns on the hood pulls up! We know this to be JBL, who then rolls down the window and asks Corbin “What happened to you?  Get in!”. This segment ends with Corbin getting in the limo and it driving away.

Winner: Shinksuke Nakamura

Butch Vs. Ludwig Kaiser

This was an extremely physical match.  Both men fought ferociously, complete with throat chops, vicious slams, and fingers being bent back.   Both men serve as partners to equally as fierce competitors, Sheamus and Intercontinental Champion Gunther respectively who have a title match tomorrow at Clash at the Castle.

This match showed both men in peak form and with incredible in-ring abilities.  It wouldn’t be surprising to see both men emerge eventually into title contenders themselves.  However, Butch emerges victorious with the Bitter End and a savage finger bend on Kaiser.

Winner: Butch

Seeds of Discord Growing within The Bloodline

Throughout the show, we are shown several segments showing Jimmy and Jey Uso alongside Honorary Uce Sami Zayn, who is decked out in a red and black jacquard print blazer and a high man bun for the occasion.  It is becoming increasingly evident that Jey and Sami do not get along, and Jimmy frequently has to calm Jey down from jumping down Sami’s throat. 

For the last segment, The Usos finally make their way to a fully decorated ring, complete with large, printed pictures on easels from Roman Reign’s historic 2 year run as champion.  Sami passive-aggressively says that he will do the talking, if that’s ok, to which Jey Uso is visibly irritated. 

Roman's Entrance and The Ensuing Chaos

Jey eventually takes over the speaking duties to fire up the crowd, reminding us that Roman is The Tribal Chief, The Head of the Table, and The Undisputed Champion.  The Titantron shows Roman pulling up into the parking lot, but immediately upon exiting the vehicle, he is summarily attacked with a savage blow to the face which knocks him to the ground.  The camera pans, and we see the attacker is none other than Drew McIntyre. 

Drew makes his way to the ring, leaving Jey, Jimmy, and Sami scrambling to figure out what’s going on.  The camera shows Drew’s back, which is still heavily bruised and scraped up from The Bloodline’s attack on him last week.  Clearly, this is payback.

Sami bravely runs out to face Drew but is immediately knocked out and rendered useless.  Drew enters the ring and proceeds to take out both Jimmy and Jey out, putting Jey through the announcer’s table, and Jimmy through the barricade. Drew re-enters the ring and declares that he will kick Roman’s head off tomorrow at Clash at the Castle, and become the new Undisputed Champion.

Stand Out Match: Butch vs. Ludwig Kaiser for its sheer intensity

Stand Out Moment: Drew ruining Roman’s 2 Year Championship Celebration

Predictions: Clash at The Castle will be quite the show! There are many outstanding matches to look forward to.