Walk With Elias on Raw

Zach Bouvier
FiredUp Network Sports Writer


Monday, June 20, 2022

Raw Rewind

Raw was Walking With Elias. (WWE) Rhea Ripley injured. Carmella facing Bianca Belair. Mr McMahon makes a surprise appearance. Omos qualifies for MITB. Elias and Ezekiel seen together! Bobby Lashley wins a gauntlet challenge to face Theory at MITB. Asuka qualifies for MITB.

Bianca Belair Has no Opponent at MITB

Rhea Ripley is not medically cleared to compete at MITB. Bianca says she will be ready for Rhea when she does come back. However, the show must go on, so tonight a fatal 5 way match to contend. (Alexa Bliss, Asuka, Liv Morgan, Carmella, and Becky Lynch) After Bianca’s announcement of the new match, Becky Lynch came out.

Becky was complaining about being put through so many obstacles to get back to the title. She does say she is going to win tonight and at MITB.

Asuka came out and started doing weird crying noises. Even calling her big time baby.

Liv Morgan also came out to call out Becky. Liv says she is ready for a fight.

Carmella came out to roast Liv. Asking her why she is a part of the match. Although she knows why everyone else is in it. She wants to make it a fatal 4 way match.

Last but not least was Alexa Bliss. Bliss did roast the hell out of Carmella. She says Carmella could never be successful on her own. Saying she always needs someone to help her win.

Bianca had enough of all the arguing and got the match ready to start.

Alexa Bliss Vs Asuka Vs Liv Morgan Vs Carmella Vs Becky Lynch (Contender’s Match)

Last week, tag partners Liv and Bliss started this match off strong. Liv and Bliss were attempting to tag each other. They were rolling in a cradle, have the referee switch the count every one second. Becky dropped Asuka outside the ring. Carmella was not fighting much, but rather trying to sneak in pinfalls off of everyone else’s work. Liv booted Carmella face-first into the turnbuckle. After a commercial break, Becky was facing off against Bliss. Carmella took out Liv and Becky. She tried to pin both of them, but Asuka broke it up. Asuka put Carmella into the Asuka lock, Bliss broke it up with double knees. Becky crushed Asuka with the manhandle slam. Bliss landed on them both from the top rope for a pin attempt. To end this match, Liv ran into a superkick from Carmella.

Winner Carmella via Pinfall (Raw Women’s Championship Match MITB)

Mr McMahon Surprise Appearance

This was not scheduled anywhere or rumoured. McMahon mentioned how Raw has been running for 1517 weeks, the longest running weekly episodic show ever. Almost 30 years, and for 20 years, John Cena has been a part of WWE. McMahon reminded the WWE Universe that John Cena returns next week for his 20-year anniversary.

Riddle Vs Omos (MITB Qualifying Match)

Before this match Riddle spoke about Randy Orton again. He also mentioned the match from last Friday against Roman Reigns. Riddle lost to Roman in that match. He says he let Orton down by losing. However, he says he will win the MITB and cash in on Roman.

MVP and Omos arrived. MVP called Riddle delusional and made fun of his smoking habits. He says Riddle will get high tonight, but only because Omos is going to pick him up and toss him around.

Riddle fired off on Omos fast to start. Omos though was crushing Riddle and tossing him from turnbuckle to turnbuckle. Riddle has injured ribs and is wrapped up. Riddle did not give up and started punching Omos in the chest. Omos picked him up and began squeezing his ribs and lungs. Omos was looking for a choke slam, but Riddle kneed Omos in the face. Riddle tried an RKO, but Omos stopped him and slammed him to the mat.

After the match Seth Rollins came out. Riddle was still flat on the mat. Riddle got to his feet and Rollins attacked him and sent him out the ring. Rollins grabbed a microphone and called Riddle a loser. Rollins then said he is going to win MITB and win against Roman Reigns as he has done before. Riddle tried to attack Rollins, but it did not work. Rollins crushed Riddle with a stomp.

Winner Omos via Pinfall (ENTERS MITB Match)

Theory Poses Alone

Last week, Theory and Bobby Lashley ended the show with a Pose Off. Lashley won and Theory attacked Lashley. Theory spoke about how great he is. Even making reference to replacing John Cena. Theory said he could not do all his poses last week, so he is doing them now. He rubbed some baby oil on and started posing. He kept saying he is better than Lashley. Lashely was behind him, flexing as well. Theory had no clue that Lashley was there. Theory took a selfie and saw Lashley in the background. Lashley sprayed him with baby oil and speared him out of the ring. Lashley told Theory the title is going home with him.

Backstage Theory says Lashley doesn’t deserve anything. He has to earn his opportunity in a gauntlet match later tonight.

Angelo Dawkins (Accompanied by Montez Ford) Vs Jey Uso (Accompanied by Jimmy)

The Undisputed tag team champions (The Usos) were talking about how they hold all the gold. They say they will defeat the Street Profits at MITB. The Street Profits don’t plan on losing at MITB. They say their plans are to have gold around their waists.

Dawkins says he is ready to take on Jey. Jey got the first shots in this match. Dawkins though sent Jey into the turnbuckle and flattened him. Jey took the action to the outside of the ring and sent Dawkins over the barricade. Dawkins landed into the timekeepers area. After a commercial break, Dawkins was in control of the match for some time. Jey was able to land a neck breaker midair and go for a pin. Dawkins landed his own neck breaker right after. Jey superkicked him and went to the top rope. Dawkins reversed the top rope move into a powerbomb and a pin.

Winner Angelo Dawkins via Pinfall

Elias RETURNS to for a Concert

The men were backstage in a pre-recorded clip. With some great editing, it seemed like the two were actually together. Of course, the characters are played by the same person and Ezekiel does not have a beard, so it seems when playing Elias it may be a fake beard.

Elias explained he has been touring, writing songs, and playing songs. He also said he has changed and does not talk bad about cities anymore. He says he is proud to perform in Nebraska. He also said his famous WALK WITH ELIAS catchphrase. Elias gave Ezekiel some advice to focus on what’s in front of him. Elias also said he has to tune his guitar before going out to perform. To have Elias play live, he will have to be out alone because it is impossible for them to both be out there live. (They fist bumped each other, but it missed the mark. The fists did not touch)

After a commercial break, Elias was in the center of the ring. He started with his “Hello, I am Elias” and was nice to the people of Nebraska. He dedicated his song to his brother… Kevin Owens interrupted before the song could start. Owens called him a liar. Owens says he is not fooled by the video footage. Ezekiel appeared on the titantron, and Owens looked shocked. Elias then started his song, calling Kevin Owens a liar in his song. Owens threw his guitar away and Elias kneed him in the face. Elias grabbed a new guitar and broke it over Owens’s back.

Owens backstage says he is not an idiot and Ezekiel pre-recorded the titantron video. He also said Elias probably glued the beard to his face. Somehow, Ezekiel came face to face with Owens and accepted to face Owens. Owens seemed shocked again, since that would be a very fast change of attire and costume.

Bobby Lashley Vs Chad Gable (Accompanied by Otis) (Gauntlet Match 1)

Lashley has to win 3 matches in a row. This is match one, if he wins he goes to match 2. Lashley did not start this firing on all cylinders, instead he was putting Gable into holds. Gable chopped Lashley and told him to Shoooosh. Lashley sent Gable into the commentary table and off the apron. Then face-first into the ring post. Sounded like it hurt! Lashley tried to end this with a spear, but Gable reversed into an ankle lock. Otis was screaming at Lashley to tap out. Gable on the top rope landed a huge moonsault. Lashley’s ankle is looking hurt now. However, Lashley put Gable into the hurt lock to make him tap out.

Winner Bobby Lashley via Submission

Bobby Lashley Vs Otis (Gauntlet Match 2)

Match 2 of 3 if he can win. Otis attacked Lashley as soon as Lashley won the previous match. Otis took Lashley outside of the ring and tossed him all around. Otis was 2 seconds away from a count out victory, but he decided to go back out to attack him some more. After a commercial, Otis clotheslined Lashley in the middle of the ring. Lashley was able to spear Otis and pin. Gable though got in to break up the pin. That got Otis disqualified, and The Alpha Academy attacked Lashley after the match.

Winner Bobby Lashley via Disqualification

Bobby Lashley Vs Theory (Gauntlet Match 3)

This is the final match. Theory started this match strong since he had so much help. Theory looked for A-Town Down, but Lashley reversed into a cradle pinfall to win.

Winner Bobby Lashley via Pinfall (United States Title Match MITB)

Miz TV: Special Guest AJ Styles

The Miz says he wants to know what is going on with his guest and welcomed AJ to the ring. The Miz was not distracted yet. The Miz mentioned the Judgment Day/Edge/Finn Balor, Seth Rollins beating him last week, and Omos winning his qualifying match. Omos being his former partner. The Miz then called AJ a failure. AJ made fun of The Miz’s balls, which happens every week now. The WWE Universe started chanting “Tiny Balls”. The Miz started bragging about his success and plugged Miz & Mrs. AJ, instead of arguing, punched the Miz in the face. Ciampa out of nowhere knocked AJ out of the ring.

AJ Styles Vs Ciampa

The Miz was on commentary for this match. This was made official during a commercial break. These men were back and forth. Ciampa has been looking great on Raw. Ciampa hit AJ with a neck breaker and went for a pin. AJ hit chop after chop and a clothesline to drop Ciampa. Then, AJ took out Ciampa with a phenomenal forearm. AJ got the pin.

After the match The Miz tried to do something on AJ but AJ stopped him. AJ then left him flat in the ring after hitting him with a Styles Clash.

Winner AJ Styles via Pinfall

Becky Lynch Vs Asuka (MITB Qualifying Match)

Becky was already in the ring, when Asuka was coming out. Becky attacked Asuka at the top of the ramp before the match could start. In the ring, Becky tried to put her in the Disarmher. Asuka did not let that happen. Becky on her knees was being chopped down with kicks from Asuka. Asuka also took down Becky with a hip attack. That was not enough to win. Becky put Asuka into an Asuka lock. Asuka rolled through to put her into an ankle lock. Becky sent her face-first into the turnbuckle. Both women were almost counted out, but got back in the ring at a count of nine. Asuka dropped Becky with a huge kick to the face. A kick that could be heard around the world. Asuka then pinned Becky.

Becky started to break apart the Raw commentary table.

Winner Asuka via Pinfall (ENTERS MITB Match)

My Choice for RAW-est Moment of The Night: Elias Returns to Raw