Wrestlemania Moments: The Undertaker returns as The Deadman

Mark Freitas
FiredUp Network Sports Writer


Monday, March 13, 2023

Wrestlemania is the biggest show of the year to many wrestling fans worldwide. It is the time of the year that all the WWE superstars look forward to because it is their time to get a Wrestlemania moment. 

For over 30+ years, superstars such as Randy Savage, The Undertaker, The Rock The Ultimate Warrior, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart and Eddie Guerrero have had matches and moments they competed in at the Showcase of the Immortals.

Leading up to the Grandest Stage of Them All, I will be looking at some of my favourite Wrestlemania moments, starting with The Undertaker's return at Wrestlemania 20. 

On November 16th, 2003, The Undertaker took on Mr. McMahon in a buried alive match at Survivor Series. It wasn't a wrestling match; it was just Undertaker beating up McMahon. Mr. McMahon was such a great heel at this time, as you could not stand his actions.

The Undertaker wasted no time as he busted Vince open early with a punch to the face. From here, the Undertaker destroys McMahon with anything he can find at ringside. Vince throws dirt in the Undertaker's eyes to gain the upper hand, then takes a blow to the head with a shovel. Still, Vince isn't able to capitalize long enough and eventually, the chairman is dragged into the grave Taker jumps into a dump truck set on the side of the grave, but a massive explosion occurs, and his brother Kane shows up. Kane then puts the Undertaker into the grave, allowing Vince McMahon to win the match.

The following SmackDown, Kane arrived to give a eulogy for his brother and calls him a fraud. Kane would go on to say that his brother is dead.

Two months later, Kane entered the match at the Royal Rumble and dominated the match early. The countdown for the next entry came up, and when the clock hit zero, the buzzer went off, and we got two gongs. That was the first message sent by Undertaker since getting buried alive.

As weeks led up to Wrestlemania, Undertaker left messages for Kane saying that "The Dead Will Rise" and that Kane would "Rest in Peace."

At Wrestlemania, everything came full circle as The Undertaker returned as the Deadman went back to his original roots. Not only did we get the return of The Undertaker, but we also got the return of Paul Bearer. The Undertaker would defeat his brother again at Wrestlemania and be 12-0. This was one of the best moments in Wrestlemania history. It was supposed to be a one-off, and Undertaker would have gone back to his "Big Evil" gimmick, but the fans loved The Deadman character return, and he kept that gimmick until his final match at Wrestlemania 36.


Photo Credits: WWE.com