Zoey Stark Returns and Wins a Huge Battle Royal

Zach Bouvier
FiredUp Network Sports Writer


Tuesday, July 19, 2022

NXT Playback

JD McDonagh beats Cameron Grimes. Cora Jade is a complete HEEL. Tony D’Angelo’s family attacks The Creed Brothers. Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen RETAIN. Bron Breakker wants JD. Axiom debuts! Zoey Stark will face Mandy Rose.

Cameron Grimes Vs JD McDonagh

These two men do not like each other. JD went straight for Grimes’ legs. Grimes also used his legs to drop JD with a kick to the face. JD went after his legs again, and Grimes gave him another boot to the face. JD again for the legs, but this time with an ankle lock. Grimes got out and went to the top rope to land a crossbody.

Joe Gacy appeared to be watching the match from the NXT platform. His presence seemed to be more of a distraction for Grimes. JD slammed Grimes' legs on the ring post. Grimes had the NXT Universe on his side, and it gave him a boost! Grimes’ leg got stuck in the ropes and JD took advantage of that. He then planted Grimes and got the win.

Winner JD McDonagh via Pinfall

Cora Jade Says She is the Heel of NXT

She believes she is the face of NXT. The NXT Universe used to believe that too. However, she is upset when  Roxanne Perez joined NXT and got more praise than her. She even told the NXT Universe to go to hell. She also believes Roxanne only used her to get to NXT. Calling her a “Selfish Bitch”, and admitted to attacking her last week in the parking lot. She doesn’t think the NXT Women’s Tag Title means a thing to her. She tossed it in the trash.

Rodrick Strong Vs Damon Kemp

Strong is always trying to show why he is the leader of Diamond Mine by facing his teammates in the ring.

These men are wrestlers and grapplers, so it was back and forth. Kemp tossed Strong with a suplex. Strong hit back and hit Kemp in his “Tally Wacker”, Wade Barrett’s words.  The referee did not see because there was no disqualification for the low blow. Kemp fired up, hit two clotheslines and a massive spear! Then another spear and almost put things away.

Tony D’Angelo appeared on the jumbotron and was beating on The Creed Brothers. Kemp was distracted, as they are his partners. Strong got a knee to Kemp’s face and a pin.

After the match, Rodrick was backstage with the rest of Diamond Mine and said he was going to deal with Tony.

Winner Rodrick Strong via Pinfall

Pretty Deadly Vs Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen (Accompanied by Fallon Henley) (NXT UK Tag Team Championship Match)

Pretty Deadly dressed up like cowboys to mock the champions. The UK homegrown men want to make the title’s Pretty Deadly again.

Elton Prince started this match against Brooks Jensen. Jensen was all over Prince. Jensen had Prince up looking to hit a suplex, but Kit Wilson got in and hit him in the back. Josh Briggs enter the match and made it an even two on two. Briggs sent Prince out of the ring and straight into Fallon. The champions then went to check on Fallon after the accident. After a commercial, every thing was back into the ring. Pretty Deadly gained the control. They cut the ring in half and kept Jensen in their corner. Briggs managed to get into the ring and face Wilson. Prince tried to get Briggs disqualified by giving him the title during the match. Everything turned around for Pretty Deadly, and Briggs and Jensen double-teamed Wilson to win.

Winners Brooks Jensen & Josh Briggs via Pinfall (RETAIN)

Bron Breakker Looking for JD

Breakker beat Grimes at the Great American Bash two weeks ago. After that match, JD attacked Breakker from behind, now Breakker is pissed. He promises JD will pay for what he did.

JD appeared on the jumbotron. He says he studied Breakker while he was still in NXT UK. Now that JD is in NXT, he says he will dissect Breakker. Breakker was not scared of JD one bit, but is ready for anything that comes his way.

Axiom Vs Dante Chen

This is Axiom’s debut match on NXT. These are two fast-paced men. Axiom started off strong and in control for his debut. From the apron, Axiom rolled in and rolled up Chen. He went up high and flew with a crossbody! With what looked like a flying dropkick, he took out Chen.

Winner Axiom via Pinfall

Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams at the Barbershop

They spoke about Von Wagner, Solo Sikoa, Giovanni Vinci and Apollo Crews. Discussing who is worthy of a North American title match. Carmelo did not seem to think anyone is ready for him and his title. Then the discussion switched to Trick Williams and Wes Lee. Williams is ready to face Lee, but first he needs a haircut.

20 Woman Battle Royal (NXT Women’s Title Contenders Match)

Zoey Stark returned for this match! She has been absent since November. Cora Jade escaped the action and went backstage. She was not eliminated since she left through the middle rope and not the top. Everyone else was competing and brawling.

Lash Legend and Alba Fyre were eliminated at the same time! They took each other out. Wendy Choo landed on her body pillow and got back in the ring. Fallon Henley was eliminated. Tiffany Stratton eliminated former rival, Wendy Choo! Ivy Nile was eliminated and also took Katana Chance off the apron. Nikita Lyons eliminated Kayden Carter. Carter and Chance tried to attack Ivy, but Tatum Paxley eliminated herself to protect Ivy.

Last four women, Lyons, Kiana James, Stratton and Stark. Lyons eliminated James. Stratton eliminated Lyons!

Last two women, Stratton and Stark. Both women almost had each other eliminated so many times. Finally, with a forearm, Stark eliminated Stratton.

Cora Jade came back! She got back in the match and tried to get Stark out! Stark saw it coming, and she sent Cora over the ropes!

Winner Zoey Stark (NXT Women’s Title Contender!)

My choice for N(e)XT Star Moment: Zoey Stark Returns and Wins a Huge Battle Royal