Russell Wilson Signed By Steelers, Barkley To Eagles, Falcons Grab Cousins, Aaron Rodgers/Jesse Ventura VP Candidates


Free agent highlights:

Former Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He was able to sign a one year contract for as little as the league minimum of $1.2 million because the Broncos are still paying him the bulk of his $37.8 million salary.

Former NY Giants running back Saquon Barkley signed a three-year $37.75 million deal with the Philadelphia Eagles, the Giants NFC East rival.

The Atlanta Falcons grabbed quarterback Kirk Cousins off the free agent market for a huge four-year $180 million contract ($100 million guaranteed).

Presidential candidate running as an Independent, Robert Kennedy Jr., reportedly approached NY Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers and former wrestler/Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura as possible running mates.

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