Aaron Stevens guiding Champions

Creating moments in the ring

Since the beginning of this era of the NWA Aaron Stevens has been one of the most compelling parts of the promotion from holding the National Title while practicing Mongrovian Karate to being a Love Interest and a Leading Man he has owned the screen when given the chance.  Now he has moved into a new era of his career as the Manager of NWA World Tag Team Champions Blunt Force Trauma. He told me it’s “about creating moments for everyone.” Which is a great starting point.

“It’s been an interesting year, doing something I never saw myself doing, which is being involved in the Wrestling business in a non wrestling capacity.” Stevens said. “I never had any aspirations to anything other than perform in Spandex as far as the Wrestling Industry goes.” While Stevens is still in shape and according to him in some of the best condition of his career and still able to compete. He grabbed hold of the opportunity to manage. 

The foundation of his career and his understanding of the valuable commodity of TV Time helped him decide to pursue the Managerial role. “It’s a TV show and the most valuable thing you can ever have is the TV time.” In the interview and Promo segments Stevens can own the screen. While it was hard to put on the hat of a Manager he feels blessed to with the team Blunt Force Trauma, Carnage and Damage as they have a shared mindset and goal. 

“The thing I love the most about being a Manager is that you’re able to help create moments for the people in the ring” said Stevens. “You can set things up to where all parties involved are highlighted in the best way possible.”

In only a year as a Manager, Stevens has drawn comparisons to some of the all-time great Managers including Bobby “the Brain” Heenan, Captain Lou Albano and from his days in OVW Jim Cornette. Stevens has been able to create stories with his team and the help of his glove and jacket which is a great throwback to the old school psychology while still being in line with today’s wrestling.

The response is good in that Stevens is loving it, “I’ve had more fun this last year than I’ve ever had in my career period.” “I can’t stress this enough working with the tag team I manage Blunt Force Trauma working with professionals I can assure those two men are absolute professionals.”

Of course the clothes also make the man and in Stevens case the Jacket makes the Manager. His custom jacket is his favorite piece of clothing he’s ever owned and it comes from Toronto’s own Dom Calabretta at Calabretta.com if you’re looking to dress like the Manager of Champions.

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