Aron Stevens is in conversations with Wise Men

Fans of Pro Wrestling have known Aron Stevens as one of the most cerebral men in the world of Pro Wrestling for years and now people outside of the world of Pro Wrestling are getting to hear his thoughts on Fox News Radio’s new show Tyrus and the Wise Men.

Aron is one of the Wise Men that are in conversation with former NWA World’s Champion and Fox News Contributor Tyrus on the show that deals with the real world issues that the Men deal with in the life outside of the Wrestling Ring. The new show came about from their experiences together and how they learned about each other while traveling the roads in the National Wrestling Alliance. “The real conversations happen in the car,” Stevens said. “We ended up traveling in the car together for quite a while.”

Then in the NWA Locker Room, Tyrus, Aron, former NWA World Champion Trevor Murdock an BLK Jeez ended up spending a lot of time together and that continued the conversations. “The Podcast/Program was born out of that.”

“We just had a different level of understanding because we were going through the same stuff,” Stevens said about their understanding of each other. Their relationship is similar to that of many people with their co-workers it’s just that they have a very unique job competing in the rings of the NWA. “You just form bonds with people. I realized with Tyrus and Trevor it’s all about integrity.”

Aron always has an analogy ready and he compared forming a relationship to panning for gold saying that you start with a pan of dirt and water and after shaking and sifting it you’re left with the real stuff, the Gold. Which is really relatable to everyone as you go through many encounters to find your true friends.

Having been a guest on Gutfeld on Fox News on multiple occasions Stevens likes the conversational aspect of that show and they bring that to Tyrus and the Wise Men. “That’s very translatable…It naturally comes across.”
It’s a show that really speaks to America today as Stevens said, “Look at Tyrus, myself, Trevor and Jeez we don’t look like each other and we come from different backgrounds…we all have the same set of problems no mater where we’re at and we’re all dealing with our stuff.” It’s finding the common ground and answers to problems and challenges that brings the friendship and the problem solving to the forefront.

A recent episode dealt with Trevor Murdock’s son who is a high-level Baseball and after a series of challenges he ended up getting a College Scholarship from Central Methodist University. The conversation between them was very natural and enlightening as they talked through the doubt, struggle and eventual victory for Tervor’s son.

To check out the conversations for yourself just search for Tyrus and Wisemen wherever you get your Podcasts. Of course to see Aron Stevens leading the NWA World Tag Team Champions Blunt Force Trauma just tune into NWA Powerr on the CW App with new episodes dropping every Tuesday morning.

Part 2 of the Interview will be here on the FiredUP Network site next week focusing on the Crockett Cup Signature Live Event for the NWA.

NWA Crockett Cup

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