BREAKING NEWS: CM Punk is injured

Breaking news coming out of the Royal Rumble from this past Saturday. Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer has reported that CM Punk has sustained a significant injury. The injury is believed to be a torn tricep. 

“His exact injury was unconfirmed by those in WWE, and many confirmed the injury, and as of right now, the plan is to have him on the show from Tampa to address the nature of the injury. Within the WWE, the speculation was a torn triceps, but nobody close enough to the situation would confirm anything more than a significant injury to be addressed on the show,” says Meltzer.

During the match on Saturday, a referee checked on Punk, and he told the ref, “My triceps.”

Punk is scheduled to be on Money Night Raw tonight. He will require surgery and will miss Wrestlemania.

Photo Credits: WWE

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