Clark #1 To Indiana Fever, Reese #7 To Chicago Sky, NBA Play-In, Gronk’s First Pitch


To no one’s surprise, the Indiana Fever selected Caitlin Clark with the #1 pick in the WNBA draft. Clark’s rival Angel Reese will head to Chicago after the Sky selected her with the #7 pick. The draft drew a whopping 2.446 million viewers shattering the previous record of 601,000 in 2004.

The NBA regular season is over with the 16-team playoffs beginning on Saturday. So far in this week’s play-in games, Sacramento ended the Golden State Warriors playoff chances, while the Los Angeles Lakers edged out the New Orleans Pelicans. Click here for the full schedule. 


New England Patriots legend Rob Gronkowski threw out the first pitch for the Boston Red Sox on Monday, and in typical Gronk style made a splash. Instead of attempting to throw a regular pitch, he spiked the ball just like he used to spike the ball after scoring a touchdown. 

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