Risacher #1 Pick In NBA Draft, Bronny James Will Play With His Dad, A.I. Generated Al Michaels, Jacksonville’s New Stadium


French player Zaccharie Risacher was chosen #1 in the NBA Draft by the Atlanta Hawks. Fellow Frenchman Alex Sarr went #2 to the Washington Wizards.

The Los Angeles Lakers selected LeBron James’s son, Bronny, in the second round of the draft. LeBron (39) will now get his wish to play with his 19-year-old son, making LeBron/Bronny the first father-son duo in NBA history.


This summer, NBC will use A.I. to generate broadcaster Al Michaels’s voice to create Olympic recap videos.  Many people are skeptical about how this will be received and why it’s necessary (considering Michaels is very much alive and could do this without A.I.).


The Jacksonville Jaguars and the city of Jacksonville agreed to a $1.4 billion project to rebuild their stadium and keep the franchise there. The “Stadium of the Future” will be a complete overhaul of EverBank Stadium and is projected to begin construction after the 2025 season.

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