Chinese Swimmers Test Positive, Harbaugh Gets Tattoo, Michael Jordan’s NASCAR Team Wins


With a little over 3 months until the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, 23 Chinese swimmers all tested positive for the same banned substance (TMZ). TMZ is the same substance Russian figure skater Kamala Valieva was accused of taking. Valieva was allowed to continue to compete and win medals at the Olympics in 2021, but there is still an effort to penalize her, so it will be interesting to see what consequences there will be for the Chinese swimmers.


Former University of Michigan head coach, Jim Harbaugh, came through on his promise to get a tattoo if his team went undefeated and won the National Title (which it did!). After getting inked, Harbaugh said, “I’m impervious to pain.”


The legendary NBA champion Michael Jordan co-owns the 23XI Racing team which competes in the NASCAR Cup Series. The team’s #45 Toyota Camry XSE driven by Tyler Reddick won the GEICO 500 at Talledega Superspeedway. Previously, Jordan had been told to stay away from races because he was bad luck, but on Sunday he was there in person to celebrate the big win.

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